December 3rd (Sat) Tokyo Net assets of 400 million! Learning from Mr. Takashi Sawa “How to stabilize rental management”

Sanwa Holdings Co., Ltd.
[December 3rd (Sat) Tokyo] Net assets of 400 million! Learning from Mr. Takashi Sawa “How to stabilize rental management”
[Free seminar with special benefits] Sanwa Estate Asset Formation Seminar
Sanwa Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Representative Director: Seigo Ishii) will hold a free seminar on December 3, 2022 (Saturday) entitled “How to stabilize rental management”. We are planning to hold an offline Tokyo venue and an online parallel event. You can feel free to watch it on Zoom, so please join us.
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Seminar overview
[Lecture content] How to stabilize rental management learned from Mr. Takashi Sawa, who has a net worth of 400 million
[Date and time] Saturday, December 3, 2022 10:30-12:30
[Lecturer] Takashi Sawa
[Participation fee] Free
[Venue] 1. AP Shimbashi [1-12-9 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shimbashi Place 4F / Room F] (Capacity 30 people)
2. Zoom online (capacity 100 people)
[Benefits] 1. Free invitation to a round-table discussion with Takashi Sawa after the seminar (limited to visitors)
*The round-table discussion is scheduled to last about 30 minutes. 2. Book gift by guest lecturer Takashi Sawa
“Real estate investment image training for success (Chikuma Shobo)” *Limited to seminar participants and survey respondents
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Lecturer introduction
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[Takashi Sawa]
He has been active in a wide range of fields as a treasurer real estate seminar leader.
After quitting his job, he started running a convenience store, but in four months he closed the business and lost all his savings of 10 million yen. After that, he became a salaried worker in the
manufacturing industry and tried to revive the situation, and also started real estate investment as a side business. The investment that started with a small amount of money has expanded to a total of 2.7 billion yen in 23 years, and now the annual rental income is 150 million yen. From the “Treasure Real Estate Seminar” that he presides over, he has produced many charismatic real estate investors who are currently active at the forefront.
He is the author of the best-selling book “Becoming Rich with Treasure Real Estate” (Chikuma Shobo), “Real Estate Investment Image Training for Success” (Chikuma Shobo) and many others.

Company Profile
The way we think about how to increase happiness is the “optimal method” and its future that consists of “optimal judgment” at the “optimal time”, looking at each problem, the situation that forms it, and the customer’s future. “Asset optimization” that leads to And then there is the “maximization of assets” generated by profitable real estate. Our professional staff will respond professionally, and we will strive to be a good partner that can pursue long-lasting happiness together with our customers, rather than temporary gains and losses.
Company name: Sanwa Estate Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-6-9 Hakata Station South, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City Sanwa Building 3F
Representative: Seigo Ishii
Established: 1987
Business: Rental management business, sales brokerage business, asset consulting business, real estate revitalization business, rental brokerage business,
Inheritance support business, investment apartment business, housing business URL:
We are a member of Sanwa group company that serves everyone in Fukuoka! #Sanwa Group Fukuoka
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