December 6th I definitely want to hold it! Summary of SNS marketing in 2022 ~ Operation without relying on buzz and short video know-how ~

Eyes Co., Ltd.
[December 6th] I definitely want to hold it! Summary of SNS marketing in 2022 ~ Operation without relying on buzz and short video know-how ~
The No. 1 * media material portal site “Media Radar” operated by Eyes Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriyuki Fukushima) will hold the 8th marketing seminar event on Tuesday, December 6th. At Media Radar EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK 2022 winter, we will hold a
“Must-hold! SNS marketing summary for 2022-operations that do not rely on buzz and short-length video know-how-”. An online seminar where experts on social media marketing will be on stage, and the
application for participation is free.
* Survey contractor: Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd. Survey period: September 2022
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[Image 1

Seminar overview
These days, promotions using SNS have become commonplace.
As 2022 draws to a close, SNS continues to change day by day, creating new trends.
It’s an advertising method that has a lot of fads, but are you all able to ride the wave of the times?
In this seminar, you can learn widely and deeply about “the latest SNS marketing” for 2023 next year in a short time.
It is a seminar for greedy marketers.
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Seminar details
▼Date and time
December 6, 2022 (Tuesday) 15:00-
▼Session program (random order)
・“Increase recognition by 200% with limited resources! Twitter operation know-how seminar”
Kohei Ishii Manager, Promotion Department, Solution Business Division, CINC Co., Ltd.
[Image 2

Joined Pasona Inc. as a new graduate in 2012.
As a human resources service sales representative, he is in charge of business partners, mainly major companies in the industry, and is also engaged in project leaders for public projects.
Since 2017, he has been in charge of organizational management in charge of the jurisdiction area as the Shonan branch manager of the company.
Joined CINC Co., Ltd. in 2021 and is promoting product sales expansion and organizational education as a sales manager of the SaaS business. ・”Explained by an SNS professional! The latest information on SNS and communication strategies that do not rely on buzz”
Comnico Co., Ltd.
Business Development Department Sales Enablement Team Evangelist Also Certified Lecturer of SNS Experts Association
Ruiki Kitamura
[Image 3

Joined Comnico Co., Ltd. in 2016.
Engaged in SNS marketing support for many companies such as major beverage manufacturers, food manufacturers, finance, and local governments as an SNS consultant.
Currently, as an evangelist, he has given many seminars on SNS marketing both inside and outside the company. Utilizing the knowledge cultivated at comnico,
He is also active as a certified lecturer of the SNS Expert
Association, a general incorporated association.
Focusing on developing human resources with correct knowledge of SNS. ・“SNS professionals teach! ~ CVR 50% improvement! 7 points for successful video advertising learned from successful cases ~” Shuttle Rock Japan Co., Ltd. Video Division Sales Yuma Nishimura [Image 4

After joining Shuttle Rock Japan, from video creative planning, Involved in production.
Currently, in addition to video creative production services, we support customers’ SNS marketing from a wide range of perspectives, such as proposing the latest creatives such as AR and 3D modeling, and planning and managing campaigns using SNS.
Based on over 75,500 video production achievements, we are engaged in directing video advertisement production that meets the objectives and requests of each client.
・”[For beginners] ‘What you should do’ and ‘What you shouldn’t do’ with Twitter ad distribution”
Quartet Communications Co., Ltd. Consulting Department Account Executive Hiroto Tatara
[Image 5d5365-161-c2b979ff6531b33f7759-4.jpg&s3=5365-161-d74320fc15afc07accda26bf29c690b4-1191x1191.jpg
Joined in April 2017. As a specialist in the head office advertising operation department,
Involved in the operation of a wide range of clients with advertising budgets ranging from tens of thousands of yen to tens of millions of yen.
In addition, on behalf of the operator, technical collaboration with media companies,
Participated in the development of the reporting tool Lisket.

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▼ About the 8th Media Radar EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK 2022 Winter ▼Information on recruitment for “MEDIA RADAR EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK” ・About media radar
Media Radar is a search site for the advertising industry that connects marketing personnel/advertising agencies and media companies. By registering as a member, you can view advertisements, marketing materials, and videos published by publishers on Media Radar for free, and apply for free seminars for the advertising industry. In addition, since the posting company can obtain the member information of those who have downloaded materials and watched videos, and the applicant information of seminars, it can be used as a means of acquiring prospective customers.
[Image 6d5365-161-b2e49357642642073198-5.jpg&s3=5365-161-1f5ee87143d7b34f446c763c27975717-400x80.jpg
・ About Eyes Co., Ltd.
A marketing company established in 2007 that develops multiple unique services. We operate Japan’s largest* word-of-mouth marketing “Toramy” and Japan’s No. 1 media material portal site “Media Radar”.
*Based on our research as of February 2022
Eyes Co., Ltd.
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