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December 8th Don’t end with just “cognition”! Forefront of the heated senior market ~From mass/offline measures to the use of smartphones~

Eyes Co., Ltd.
[December 8th] Don’t end with just “cognition”! Forefront of the heated senior market ~From mass/offline measures to the use of smartphones~

The No. 1 * media material portal site “Media Radar” operated by Eyes Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriyuki Fukushima) will hold the 8th marketing seminar event on Thursday, December 8th. At Media Radar EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK 2022 winter, we will hold “Don’t end with just ‘recognition’! The front line of the heated senior market-From mass and offline measures to smartphone utilization-“. An online seminar featuring senior marketing experts, and registration is free.
* Survey contractor: Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd. Survey period: September 2022
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Seminar overview
Seniors have fewer digital contacts than younger people.
Therefore, it can be said that SNS advertisements and Internet advertisements, which can be said to be the modern royal road promotion methods, are not compatible and have a high degree of difficulty in appealing.
Now that we can see the end of Corona, we will thoroughly explain the marketing methods for seniors that you should know!
This time, it is a seminar for greedy marketers who can learn “marketing for seniors” broadly and deeply in a short time.
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Seminar details
▼Date and time
December 8, 2022 (Thursday) 13:00-
▼Session program (random order)
・ “[Digital × Offline] What is the after-corona marketing strategy that evokes a moving experience (PX) for seniors?”
S-Pool Sales Support Co., Ltd. Media Consultant Toshiki Yoneda [Image 2d5365-150-bca3aa00967885aa833d-1.png&s3=5365-150-36cbb5e2d4932c2d55b998fd7fa4362e-233x233.png
Joined S-Pool Sales Support Co., Ltd. as a new graduate.
Engaged in planning and development, sales and operation work from the launch of “Senior Palette” as a new business of the company to the present.
By partnering with more than 20,000 customer-attracting facilities nationwide, we have realized product appeal that utilizes facilities in the customer’s daily activities.
From major national manufacturers to SMEs and venture companies, We offer advertising measures that match the needs of our clients. ・”How to use ‘TV’ in promotions for seniors and managers”
Me-Tele (Nagoya Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) Business Producer, Sales Solution Department, Business Promotion Department Osamu Ito [Image 3d5365-150-15ab0c43835eda9da45b-2.jpg&s3=5365-150-e1e75f5bb08b6a60e17978b2987a0a9b-319x319.jpg
In 2007, joined Nagoya Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Responsible for mail-order commercials and merchandise for seniors as a sales in-house employee. After that, he produced several TV programs as a production department director and producer. Currently, as a business producer who draws up advertising plans to solve client problems using television, he is in charge of promotion planning that combines various media such as signage and web advertising, mainly TV commercials, and programs for management. He is also the producer of the content “Mirai Cast”.
・”Digital Advertising Strategy for Seniors ~ Efficient Promotion for Seniors Based on Data~”
Nozomi Akiyama, Ad Sales & Consulting Group, Senior Platform Project Section, Business Incubation Department, Rakuten Mobile, Inc. [Image 4d5365-150-5945e53d5282c90e6c66-3.jpg&s3=5365-150-0ada84268ee0ac568f202d0e14c7d6dd-346x346.jpg
After joining Rakuten Group Co., Ltd., he mainly engaged in Sales & Consulting at Incubation Service, supporting companies in various industries.
The Platform Project Section for Seniors, Business Incubation Department, Rakuten Mobile Co., Ltd. proposes and supports promotions for seniors.
He is also in charge of smartphone classroom operation management and local government alliances, and has opportunities to directly interact with senior users.
We continue to make proposals based on that experience.
・”User Insights on Successful Cases of Developing the Senior Market -Introducing Specific Examples of Camera Kitamura, Kadoya, etc.-” Omelette Co., Ltd. Executive Officer Anri Kusumi
[Image 5d5365-150-bd729c62d4ed48c3cf54-4.png&s3=5365-150-424f4b35e91014c96bacc9e886443c7d-330x330.png
After experiencing business development at the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, he worked as an organization improvement consultant at Recruit, and experienced the establishment of a general incorporated
association and the founding of a venture company. Since 2019, he has been engaged in media business development of “Raku-Raku Community” as a strategic advisor, making use of his knowledge of content
construction such as media operation and event holding practices. As a pioneer of digital marketing for seniors, we support senior marketing for various companies.
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▼ About the 8th Media Radar EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK 2022 Winter ▼Information on recruitment for “MEDIA RADAR EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK” ・About media radar
Media Radar is a search site for the advertising industry that connects marketing personnel/advertising agencies and media companies. By registering as a member, you can view advertisements, marketing materials, and videos published by publishers on Media Radar for free, and apply for free seminars for the advertising industry. In addition, since the posting company can obtain the member information of those who have downloaded materials and watched videos, and the applicant information of seminars, it can be used as a means of acquiring prospective customers.
[Image 6d5365-150-90b1ff6eb7f2e8c8da18-5.jpg&s3=5365-150-ccebb731969dc16ef02eb76e5cf61560-400x80.jpg
・ About Eyes Co., Ltd.
A marketing company established in 2007 that develops multiple unique services. We operate Japan’s largest* word-of-mouth marketing “Toramy” and Japan’s No. 1 media material portal site “Media Radar”.
*Based on our research as of February 2022
Eyes Co., Ltd.
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