Declare “Japan’s easiest ski resort to make a snowboard debut”! 4,000 debuted last year! Started a new debut support at Ryuoo Ski Park in Nagano Prefecture

Nippon Ski Resort Development Co., Ltd.
Declare “Japan’s easiest ski resort to make a snowboard debut”! 4,000 debuted last year! Started a new debut support at Ryuoo Ski Park in Nagano Prefecture
Supervised by the former Japan national team! Free lessons every day! ! In addition, all visitors can borrow helmets for free!

Ryuo Ski Park operated by Kitashiga Ryuo Co., Ltd. (Location: Yamanouchi-cho, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture, President: Masashi Nishiguchi) has declared that it is the “best ski resort in Japan for snowboarding debut” last season and started snowboarding. We support the first step of people and promote entry to snowy mountains. Continuing the free snowboarding lessons that have been held since last season, this season we will start “free helmet rental” as a further initiative! ! We support safe and secure snowboard debuts. [Image 1

Declare “Japan’s easiest ski resort to make a snowboard debut”! [Safe even for the first time! Snowboarding debut lesson is free every day】 Ryuoo Ski Park, which has many gentle slopes that are friendly to beginners, is visited by many people who are making their “snowboard debut”. I think there are quite a few people who were invited by their friends and came to the snowy mountains with courage, but were frustrated because they couldn’t ski well. We believe that the feeling of “I want to do it again!” after the first experience is an important factor to continue. At Ryuoo Ski Park, we want as many people as possible to know the fun of running through the snowy mountains on a snowboard, so we are holding a “snowboard debut lesson” every day for free so that you can start snowboarding with confidence! About 4,000 people made their snowboard debut last season at Ryuoo Ski Park.
[Image 2

Basic skidding is also a lesson
[Image 3

The staff will also teach you how to get on and off the lift, so you can rest assured even if it’s your first time.
– Supervised by former Japan representative!
The lessons are supervised by Michiyo Hashimoto, who has experience representing Japan in the halfpipe at the 2002 Winter Olympics! We will carefully teach you how to put on a snowboard, get on and off the lift, and how to slide. Unlike general lessons, you practice in an area where staff resides, so you can practice until you are satisfied with no time limit.
You can practice uneasy getting on and off the lift with a practice lift that is a modified version of the actual lift, and work on relieving your anxiety.
[Image 4

Michiyo Hashimoto Pro
[Image 5

Contents of the free snowboarding debut lesson
Putting on and taking off, skating / Side slip (how to stop) / Getting on and off the lift (lift simulation machine) / The secret of progress with a smile.
* Even beginners who are on their 2nd or 3rd time can participate! Schedule: December 28th (Wednesday) to March 12th (Sunday), 2022 8:00-14:00 *Scheduled
Location: Immediately after getting off the moving walkway next to the information center *Reservations not required
[Safe and secure snowboarding debut! Free helmet rental every day】 Declare “Japan’s easiest ski resort to make a snowboard debut”! As a further initiative, we will newly provide “free helmet rental” to all visitors. Beginner snowboarders are more likely to fall and get injured during practice.
[Image 6

Information center rental location image
Schedule: Saturday, December 24, 2022 to Sunday, March 19, 8:00-17:00 *planned Location/Information Center 2F *First 200
●Helmet wearing status during snow sports
19.1% of snowboarders were wearing helmets at the time of injury, which is more than 25% lower than that of skiers. In addition, the percentage of those who are suspected of having hit their head hard is 13-15% for both skiing and snowboarding, so it is strongly recommended to wear a helmet when participating in winter sports.
The helmet wearing rate in Japan is far below the 80% of the helmet wearing rate in Europe and the United States.Ryuoo Ski Park will take the lead in spreading helmets during snow sports and expanding the winter sports population to enjoy snow sports safely. .
[Image 7

Whether or not a helmet was worn at the time of injury
[Image 8

suspected of hitting his head
National Ski Safety Council. “2021/2022 Season Ski Resort Injury Report” (Reference 2022.11.16)
● Use “bern” for free helmet rental
Helmets from “bern” are used for free helmet rental. In 2004, the American helmet brand “bern” was born in the suburbs of Boston. We are particular about our own technology, and we are developing premium products that are not only safe but also have excellent design and fitting as one of fashion. In addition, it is also a big point that it is equipped with a removable inner so that it can be worn according to each scene and can be used comfortably all year round.
[Image 9

[New center house on the slopes]
A new center house will appear on the slopes. Inside the building, there is a ticket window and restrooms, a café in the morning, a hamburger in the afternoon, and a bar at night called “Spirits Grill.” There are counter seats where you can see the scenery, luxurious sofa seats, and a kids space on the 2nd floor. You can also use it for cafe breaks and lunches, and you can spend a relaxing time in the calm store.
[Image 10

interior image
[A superb view terrace and a stylish cafe restaurant at the top of the mountain] After a 10-minute walk in the air on the world’s largest ropeway, which can accommodate 166 people, there is an observation terrace “SORA terrace” where you can enjoy a superb view. You can overlook the Northern Alps and the Sea of ​​Japan, and if the conditions are right, you can also meet the sea of ​​clouds. The adjoining SORA terrace cafe has a fireplace and a stylish space that makes you think it’s a ski resort. You can take a break from skiing or snowboarding and enjoy the view of the snow outside while relaxing in the warm interior. [Image 12

SORA terrace
At SORA terrace cafe, we offer original meals that can only be tasted here, such as “Unkai Pie Wrapped Soup” and “Kumo no Ue no Omurice”. “SORA coffee” with cloud-shaped marshmallows floating on SORA terrace’s original blended coffee is perfect for photos.
[Image 13

SORA terrace cafe
[Image 14

SORA coffee with sea of ​​clouds marshmallows
[Even if it’s your first time, you can ski in the mountaintop area with a superb view & fluffy snow]
Because the summit of Ryuoo Ski Park is located at an altitude of 1,930m, the snow quality is fluffy powder! Even in the summit area, the beginner course is the main course, and you can experience skiing in a different space unique to the summit. Even if you have just started snowboarding, you can feel at ease and experience an extraordinary world.
[Image 15

Extraordinary space of fluffy powder snow
[Park & ​​Grand Trial Debut at Ryuo]
In addition to snowboarding debuts, “snowboarding” comes with various debuts such as park debuts and gratifying debuts. At Ryuoo Ski Park, we will hold a park & ​​grad school with a lesson professional team led by Japan’s leading professional snowboarder “Retsuo Takahashi” who has achieved excellent results in numerous contests.
[Image 16

Professional Retsuo Takahashi
There are various lesson programs such as how to slide using walls and topography, as well as parks and grappling. There is also a luxurious lesson program that professional Takahashi Atsuo teaches directly. This is a perfect school not only for those who want to make a debut in Guratori & Park, but also for intermediate and advanced students who want to step up a notch under the guidance of the professional lesson team.
Schedule: Saturday, December 17, 2022 to Sunday, April 2, 2022 *Scheduled
[Image 17

All-you-can-slide at 10 ski resorts!
*Applications are limited to the web. Please note.
*Season tickets can only be used by registered children.
* Even those who registered last year will need to register as a new member when applying.
●Application for NSD Kids Program
[Image 19

Deadline is November 30, 2022
5 locations in Nagano Prefecture (Happo-One Ski Resort, Kashimayari Ski Resort, Tsugaike Mountain Resort, Ryuoo Ski Park, Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort) 1 location in Shiga Prefecture (Biwako Valley Ski Resort), 1 location in Gifu Prefecture (Meiho Ski Resort), Niigata It can be used at 1 prefecture (Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort), 1 Gunma Prefecture (Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort), and 1 Miyagi Prefecture (Miyagi Zao Eboshi Resort) for a total of 10 ski resorts!
[Ryuoo Ski Park business information]
Business period / Scheduled for December 3, 2022 (Sat) to April 2, 2023 (Sun) Business hours / 8: 00-17: 00
Night game/Weekdays until 20:00 Saturdays until 21:00 *Night games are closed on Sundays
1-day ticket price: 5,200 yen for adults, 2,200 yen for children Access/Car: About 30 minutes from Shinshu-Nakano IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway Train: Free shuttle bus from Nagano Electric Railway Shinshu-Yudanaka Station
Ryuoo Ski Park is a ski resort of Nippon Ski Resort Development Co., Ltd. group. Details about this release:


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