Deel has partnered with “SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT” operated by Shibuya Ward! Multifaceted support for global expansion in the remote-first era, including labor, legal affairs, payroll, and working places

Deal Inc.
Deel has partnered with “SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT” operated by Shibuya Ward! Multifaceted support for global expansion in the remote-first era, including labor, legal affairs, payroll, and working places Deel, a SaaS company that has grown to a different dimension in about three years since its establishment and has become a unicorn company, strongly supports cross-border business by making full use of FinTech and HR Tech.

Enhance the resilience of Japanese society! “From Shibuya to the world, from the world to Shibuya”
Deel Inc. (Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA, CEO: Alex Bouaziz, Official website:, below), a unicorn company from the United States, developing rapidly growing global HR solutions. Deal) has signed an agreement to cooperate and collaborate with “SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT”, an initiative to support startup companies operated by Shibuya Ward.
“SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT” is an initiative that invites domestic and foreign startup businesses to Shibuya and aims to grow together in the city of Shibuya. Deel is a start-up company that has just been established, and is a SaaS provider that operates in 150 countries with a focus on “Work from Anywhere.” We will strongly support the startup companies that receive it.
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[Purpose and background of the business alliance and details of support from Deal]- More than 10,000 introduction results and utilization of employment data of more than 100,000 people-
In recent years, young entrepreneurs have emerged one after another in Japan as well. It can be said that the activities of professional managers and entrepreneurial groups who are able to assemble and oversee businesses at borders are not as active in Japan as they are in other countries. In this alliance, “SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT” will take advantage of the employment and labor management know-how for global human resources strategy cultivated by Deal and the network of more than 200 legal / accounting specialist partners around the world. It is possible to procure remote workers from all over the world and support overseas expansion at low cost and in a short period of time for the startup companies that we support. In addition, by providing insights on salary and compensation levels in each country based on the implementation results of more than 10,000 companies and employment data of more than 100,000 people, we can also support the cost performance optimization of organizations. I guess. Through this initiative, we will contribute to the further growth of Shibuya, a cultural center that attracts people of all ages from all over the world with its diversity and dynamism.
Details of support from Deal 1.
When an overseas startup company that wishes to start a business in Japan launches a business in Japan, a domestic recruitment agency that can respond bilingually introduces a deal partner such as a
professional. We provide a system to employ and manage human resources as a team, and provide free coaching for entering the Japanese market. -Expected medium- to long-term synergistic effects-
By inviting business executives from overseas, such as start-up companies with a strong sense of challenge and entrepreneurs and management groups, to accelerate the diversified regional growth that Shibuya City is aiming for, exchanges with Japanese companies and entrepreneurs It can be a global stimulus from various perspectives, such as fusion and internship experience in a global environment for students who are going to fly into society. Jobs will be created for the local community, and the working environment of foreign-affiliated companies will increase while staying in Japan, making it possible to integrate overseas working cultures in the city of Shibuya. In addition, as the number of global companies that set up HQs
(headquarters, headquarters) in Japan has decreased in recent years, we can help to reacquire and maintain the positioning of “Tokyo, an economic city”.
Details of support from Deal 2.
We provide a system that allows Japanese startup companies with business bases in Shibuya Ward to expand their business overseas without establishing a local subsidiary. In addition, we support the automatic creation of employment contracts that comply with local labor laws, the automatic calculation and remittance of salaries that reflect local tax systems, and the creation of compliance documents. Insights and employee cost comparison trial calculation data are smoothly provided free of charge.
-Expected medium- to long-term synergistic effects-
In the past, when Japanese companies were looking for overseas expansion, it was a big business hurdle, such as setting up a local subsidiary, hiring local human resources, labor management after employment, and cooperation, contracts, and exchanges with various professionals. By completing the barriers of the office with a single platform of Deel, more Japanese startups will expand their horizons from domestic to overseas, making it easier to formulate and execute business development on the world stage.
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Comment from Ken Hasebe, mayor of Shibuya Ward
“Partnering with Deel will allow startups to recruit the talent they want from around the world without being restricted by geography. While aiming for further growth as a hub city, we will accelerate support for entrepreneurs.”
Deel Inc. Japan Country Manager Takayuki Nakajima Comment
“We are honored to partner with Shibuya Ward, one of Japan’s leading startup clusters.Deel will help attract foreign companies to Shibuya Ward and support Japanese companies based in Shibuya Ward in their remote employment of overseas talent. By doing so, we will support the creation of a borderless organization and business development, and the creation of a foundation for a borderless job change market, contributing to the fostering of an innovative culture and the promotion of diversity. I would be happy if I could help create new winds and business creation opportunities for local governments.” ■About Deal Inc.
Company name: Deel Inc.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Representative: CEO Alex Bouaziz
Founded in 2019, Deel helps companies hire talent from anyone, anywhere through global payments management and compliance solutions. Landed in Japan in December 2021. Deal enables businesses of all types and sizes to compliantly hire contractors and employees in minutes in over 150 countries. Create, sign and send compliant and localized agreements in 120+ currencies with one click from templates prepared by Deel, a partner of 200+ legal, accounting and tax professionals. payment can be made. Deel is valued at $5.5 billion by Series D in 2021. Currently, Deel has local subsidiaries in more than 90 countries, and more than 1,400 people from all over the world participate as Deel members.
■ About Shibuya Startup Support
Shibuya Ward will play a central role in inviting domestic and foreign startup businesses to Shibuya, where they will go on adventures and grow together. Shibuya Ward is a cultural center that continues to lead the Japanese art, music and fashion scene. It is also the center of Japanese technology, with over 2,000 startup offices and over 100 startup coworking spaces. We support the start-up and growth of businesses with the diversity and dynamism unique to Shibuya Ward.
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