Defined SALES GO “Sales DX” and formulated corporate philosophy, and fully renewed the corporate website

SALES GO Co., Ltd.
Defined SALES GO “Sales DX” and formulated corporate philosophy, and fully renewed the corporate website

SALES GO Co., Ltd. (Sales Go / Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / President: Yuki Uchiyama / hereinafter SALES GO), a company that creates a sales system that utilizes data and inside sales, is the concept of “sales DX” that SALES GO thinks. We have formulated a definition and corporate identity (corporate philosophy), and renewed our corporate website on November 28.
◆ New corporate site:
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SALES GO’s definition of “Sales DX”
◆Sales DX = “Business style based on FACT centered on data” = “Mechanism to sell”
Since our establishment in July 2022, we have thought through the mission of SALES GO and have come to the conclusion that we will bring a “sales mechanism (= realization of sales DX)” to all Japanese companies aiming for growth. However, the definition of “DX” currently used in the world varies depending on people and situations. Therefore, we first defined the “sales DX” that SALES GO thinks of, and based on that content, we came up with a written and formulated corporate philosophy such as purpose, mission, and value.
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What is the improvement of the quality of people and work?
・Facts that were not visible by converting activities into data become visible, and the order of priority of activities changes.
・The division of labor in sales operations is realized, and the right personnel can focus on the most efficient activities.
・ Activities can be analyzed with data, and improvement measures based on FACT can be constructed more quickly.
◆ What is improvement in business efficiency?
・Reduce wasteful “temporary sales” by approaching sales targets that should be targeted based on data
・Eliminates analog work such as double data entry/paper management, making reporting and data aggregation easier
・Become a sales team that eliminates individuality and acts based on rules SALES GO Corporate Identity (Corporate Philosophy)
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DNA our core
Create a wonderful future that is not here now
Business Purpose Worldview realized by our services
Create a system that sells and create a Japanese company that can be active in the world
Through sales management based on data and inside sales
Build a sales platform where everyone can succeed
VALUE Promised value/strength
We create “optimal leads” with data-driven inside sales
We will create an “optimal sales system” from lead acquisition to order receipt. Realize “Optimal DX” that connects digital and real sales activities Please see the “ABOUT US” page on our corporate website for other philosophies. ◆ ABOUT US:
Comment from Yuki Uchiyama, CEO of SALES GO
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I hate sales, so I want to revitalize sales in Japan by realizing sales DX! When I was a student, sales was the last job I wanted to do. Because I had only an image of being chased by quotas and pressure. That thought hasn’t changed, and I’ve been thinking about how to automate sales somehow.
I used to hate sales, but when I realized it, “sales support” became my vocation, and I was able to help more than 1,000 companies. The answer I found was that with strategy and tools, sales can be simpler and more efficient.
If the sales staff can revitalize, Japan should become even more energized. We aim to create a sales society where pipelines and customer data naturally accumulate, and discussion of improvements based on facts is commonplace. And I want to make everyone involved in sales smile. SALES GO Co., Ltd.
With the slogan of “realizing a data-driven sales style”, we developed a new concept sales management tool “SALES GO ISM” that manages business negotiations with customers starting from inside sales, and sales strategy design and sales that “create a sales system”. We are developing businesses that support collaboration between sales and management, such as DX construction support and inside sales operation consulting. Established on the premise that all employees are fully remote, we are implementing work style reforms using digital such as regional migration and workation.
Representative Director and President: Yuki Uchiyama
Head office location: Glass Cube Shinagawa, 4-13-14 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Established on July 1, 2022 by transferring the SaaS product and IT solution business of SALES ROBOTICS Co., Ltd.
July 20, 2022 Broadleaf Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime 3673) Group participation

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