Delicious news from “Hokkaido food heritage”

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Delicious news from “Hokkaido food heritage”
A project to connect Hokkaido’s “delicious taste” to the future develops new products

It has been loved by the people of Hokkaido for about 50 years. Sesame Soba Yakumo Soba Tsuyu “I’m Soba”
A popular restaurant in Sapporo frequented by curry lovers. “Kuroiwa Curry Hotel Black Spicy Curry”
In order to connect the taste of delicious restaurants in Hokkaido to the future, the project “Food Hokkaido Heritage”, which has
commercialized various “delicious flavors”, will announce a new product. One is the commercialization of “Soba Tsuyu” of “Goma Soba Yakumo”, which has been loved by the people of Hokkaido for a long time since 1974. The product name was decided to be “Soba ni Iru yo” with the idea of ​​”for soba in various dishes”, “for soba at home”, and “for soba for people of Hokkaido”. The other is a retort curry with a high degree of reproducibility. Both products are sure to be loved by the people of Hokkaido, just like the store.
【Product Summary】
1. Sesame Soba Yakumo “I’m by your side”
A dish that faithfully reproduces the fragrant shop soba soup used in Goma Soba Yakumo as much as possible. A special sauce that can be used not only as it is, but also as a flavoring for rice bowls and tamagoyaki.
[Image 1

◼︎Product name: “Soba ni Iruyo”
◼︎Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 498 yen
◼︎By type Name: Tsuyu (concentrated type)
◼︎ Contents: 360ml
[Image 2

2. Kuroiwa Curry Hotel “Kuroiwa Curry Restaurant Black Spicy Curry” The black curry has a perfect balance of spiciness, sweetness, sourness, and spice, and the more you take a spoonful of it, the more the flavor spreads in your mouth. In addition to rice, it is also perfect for arranged dishes such as pasta.
[Image 3

◼︎Product name: “Kuroiwa Curry Hotel Black Spicy Curry”
◼︎Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 548 yen
◼︎By Type Name: Curry
◼︎ Contents: 180g
[Image 4

[What is Hokkaido food heritage? ]
I want to leave the “taste of famous stores” in Hokkaido to the future. A project that makes that dream a reality. For details on the products we have developed so far, please see the following website. Hokkaido Food Heritage Official Website: ●First step
North Continent hamburger ingredients
Croque beef curry
Hotei’s Zangi curry fried rice mix
●Second edition
Miraku curry made by mother
UNBALLON chicken leg soup curry

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