Dell Technologies Co., Ltd. Dell Technologies Announces Innovations in “Dell PowerEdge” Servers and “Dell APEX” – Realizing Advancements in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dell Technologies, Inc.
Dell Technologies Unveils Innovations in Dell PowerEdge Servers and Dell APEX – Enabling Advanced High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

News summary
New models in the Dell PowerEdge server portfolio deliver faster high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) results
– Dell APEX High Performance Computing runs resource-intensive workloads through an as-a-service environment
The Dell Quantum Computing Solution integrates hybrid quantum computing into the existing classical computing ecosystem
・”Dell Validated Design for HPC – Risk Assessment” analyzes large data sets to speed up credit matching according to risk levels at financial institutions
This document is an abridged version of the press release announced in the United States on November 14, 2022.
Original US release:
computing–and–ai-with-dell-poweredge-servers-and-dell-apex-innovation.htm#/filter-on/Country:en-us NOVEMBER 14, 2022 FROM ROUND ROCK, TX:
Dell Technologies expands its High Performance Computing (HPC) portfolio with powerful solutions that enable customers to innovate with confidence and speed. Dell Technologies offers a broad range of new solutions to help customers optimize their most demanding applications while making HPC more accessible to enterprises. Dell PowerEdge servers support advanced modeling and datasets New PowerEdge servers help customers drive AI and HPC initiatives to drive smarter outcomes faster. A series of new systems built in collaboration with Intel and NVIDIA, Smart Cooling
( We use technology to enable AI for model training, HPC modeling and simulation, core-to-edge inference, and data visualization.
Dell PowerEdge XE9680 – Dell Technologies’ first high-performance 8-GPU server offering maximum performance with 8 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs or NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs in an air-cooled design. The server combines two upcoming 4th Generation Intel(R) Xeon(R) Scalable processors with eight NVIDIA GPUs to deliver maximum performance for AI workloads.
• Dell PowerEdge XE9640 – A next-generation 4-GPU PowerEdge server that maximizes performance in a 2U rack. Offers a combination of Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors and Intel(R) Data Center GPU Max series, designed to increase rack density utilization and reduce energy costs with full direct liquid cooling .
‘Dell PowerEdge XE8640’ – Air-cooled 4U 4 GPU server for maximum performance. Powered by four NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink technology and two upcoming 4th Generation Intel(R) Xeon(R) Scalable processors. It is built to help enterprises develop, train, and deploy machine learning models to accelerate and automate analytics.
Dell APEX High Performance Computing Accelerates Innovation and Discovery HPC drives growth and new insights in every industry, but it often faces challenges such as time, budget and skill constraints. “Dell APEX High Performance Computing
(” provides Customer with a fully managed subscription You can run large-scale, compute-intensive HPC workloads as-a-service in your base environment. You can also choose solutions for life sciences and manufacturing workloads.
Dell APEX High Performance Computing provides everything you need to run a variety of HPC workloads, including an HPC cluster manager, container orchestrator, workload manager, and underlying HPC-optimized hardware configurations. The service offers the flexible capacity and security you need to meet your changing workload requirements and get the most out of your HPC investment while delivering faster results at 1, 3 or 5 years. Offered as a yearly subscription.
Easier introduction of quantum technology into existing infrastructure The Dell Quantum Computing Solution
( makes it easy to get started and take advantage of high-speed computing with quantum technology. increase. The solution enables rapid definition of algorithmic approaches to complex use cases, accelerating simulations such as chemistry and materials, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning.
This highly scalable hybrid classical quantum platform uses Dell Technologies’ classical quantum simulator built on PowerEdge servers. Combined with quantum technology from IonQ
(, this solution Integrate quantum computing into your current classical computing infrastructure. The fully integrated Qiskit Dell Runtime ( and IonQ Aria software enable quantum workloads to run on-premises or with cloud-based quantum acceleration.
HPC enables faster, more accurate risk assessment
The fast-paced global financial industry needs technology that delivers measurable ROI. The new Dell Validated Design for HPC – Risk Assessment uses GPU-accelerated Dell PowerEdge servers and HPC systems with Red Hat(R) Enterprise Linux(R) and NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager(R) software to Leverage large amounts of historical and real-time data to analyze risk and return with high accuracy by running intensive simulations.
This validated design provides financial institutions with optimal configurations for system performance and efficiency, ensuring more accurate risk assessments. These configurations were designed, validated and tuned by HPC engineers and workload experts at Dell Technologies for specific financial institution use cases. The result is modular IT building blocks that allow for simplified design, configuration and ordering that can be quickly ordered through a single point of contact for service.
About the time of provision
・The Dell PowerEdge XE9680, XE8640, and XE9640 will be available worldwide in the first half of 2023.
・”Dell APEX High Performance Computing” is already available in the US. ・”Dell Quantum Computing Solution” is already available in the United States and Canada.
・”Dell Validated Design for HPC – Risk Assessment” is already available worldwide.
About Dell Technologies
Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) helps businesses and people build their digital future and transform the way they work and live. The company provides customers with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative portfolio of technology and services for the data age. # # #
*1. Dell Technologies Smart Cooling Technology: Innovative cooling technology for modern IT (using published data available as of June 2022)
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