dely Co., Ltd. / Krasil Renewal of the popular advertising menu Launch of the set menu “Kurasil Delivery B oost Package” to be distributed to the “Kurasil” SNS and app with a total of 5.8 million followers

Dely Co., Ltd.
[Renewal of popular advertising menu] Launch of set menu “Kurasil Delivery Boost Package” delivered to “Kurasil” SNS and apps with a total of 5.8 million followers
Significant increase in video views by adding Instagram reel distribution to the conventional “Kurasil SNS distribution package”
Japan’s No. 1 recipe platform “Kurasil” (* 1) will start offering “Kurasil Delivery Boost Package” as a new advertising plan. The “Kurasil Delivery Boost Package” is an advertisement menu that renews the conventional “Kurasil SNS Delivery Package”. It is an
advertisement menu that achieves 10,000 video playbacks. By utilizing SNS with a total of 5.8 million followers, it is possible to maximize reach and gain product recognition.
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-Background of the offer-
“Kurasil” surpassed 10 million total followers on SNS in April 2022, becoming the No. 1 recipe platform in Japan for total SNS followers. The number of app downloads has exceeded 37 million, making it possible to reach a large number of users. In order to meet the challenges faced by clients, such as promoting product recognition and product feature understanding, we have updated it to reach a wider range. .
-What we offer-
■ Advertising distribution
– Krasil app top surface
– Krasil official Instagram account: Instagram reel side
– Krasil Official Twitter Account: Timeline
– Krasil Official Facebook Account: Timeline
■ Delivery content
– movie
-Case study-
As a promotion for Hagoromo Foods Co., Ltd.’s “Carboff”, from September 15th to September 29th, 2022, we will distribute
advertisements using the top distribution of the Krasil app, Instagram reels, and Twitter timelines. .
*”Carboff” is a registered trademark of Hagoromo Foods Co., Ltd. [Image 2d19382-293-1ddad8f6b19cdd69a674-1.jpg&s3=19382-293-0c8c6d8de5e722d534a34f2a63b7ad3c-1200x628.jpg
■ Results
The total number of video views exceeded 1.19 million, and in particular, the Instagram reel distribution achieved 910,000 video views and 830,000 reach. In addition, the number of likes and saves on Instagram increased compared to conventional advertising packages. By distributing advertisement packages that utilize Instagram reels, we were able to promote awareness of product features and product usage among more users.
“Kurasil” will continue to realize promotions that connect consumers with the products of various clients, such as food manufacturers and food and beverage related organizations, through various advertising menus.
In addition, Krasil offers a variety of advertising lineups. It is possible to flexibly develop and adjust the advertisement menu according to the customer’s problem, so please consider it.
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