Denhichi Co., Ltd. Exhibition and consultation on housing in Saga City “Sumitomo no Jack-in-the-Box SAGA 2022” held by 30 housing equipment manufacturers, local construction companies, and renovation companies

Denhichi Co., Ltd.
[Exhibition and consultation meeting for housing in Saga city] “Sumitomo no Jack-in-the-Box SAGA 2022” held by 30 housing equipment manufacturers, local construction companies, and renovation companies ~Two days where there may be new discoveries in housing~

Denhichi Co., Ltd. Saga Main Store (Hyogo-cho, Saga-shi /
Headquarters: Kitakyushu-shi / President: Shinichiro Yoshida) is holding a housing exhibition consultation meeting “Sumai” together with major domestic housing equipment manufacturers and 30 local construction companies and renovation companies. Jack-in-the-Box” will be held at the Saga City Cultural Center on December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun), 2022.
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A large collection of popular products and popular housing equipment on SNS!  The point when considering new construction or renovation is to see and compare the actual products. However, it is difficult to visit the manufacturer showrooms one by one. At this event, 21 housing equipment manufacturers gathered together to showcase the latest kitchens, baths, and toilets, entrance doors that can be completed in one day, window shutters for crime prevention and windproofing, and an electricity supply system that allows electricity to be used indoors even in the event of a power outage. , We will display various products such as fashionable and highly functional showers that are trending on SNS like a showroom.
Up to 600,000 yen subsidy for renovation “Children’s Mirai Housing Support Project”
This project aims to reduce the burden of housing acquisition for households raising children and young married couples, and subsidizes the acquisition of new housing with high energy-saving performance and energy-saving renovation of housing. A subsidy of up to 600,000 yen will be issued for households raising children or young couples who purchase and renovate existing homes. Furthermore, for general households other than child-rearing households and young couple households, for example, if you combine renovations such as installing entrance doors and water-saving toilets, replacing bathtubs with high insulation, installing dishwashers, etc. A subsidy of up to 300,000 yen will be provided. At the venue, you can also see the target products of this project, so please consider this opportunity. Relief even for the first reform! Local construction companies and renovation companies will support you!
If you are worried about “How should I choose a product for the first time in a renovation?” or “How much will the construction cost?” Construction companies and remodeling companies that are active in the area who know the local characteristics will participate, and they will answer questions and questions, from product selection to construction, and support housing development with their abundant experience and wide knowledge.
Denhichi Co., Ltd. supports the creation of new customers and business opportunities for housing equipment manufacturers, local construction companies, and renovation companies. We will contribute to
-Last year at the same venue-
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“Housing Jack-in-the-Box SAGA2022 ~Two days with new discoveries about housing~” ■Date and time: December 3, 2022 (Sat) 10:00-17:00 December 4 (Sun) 10:00-16:00 ■ Venue: Saga City Cultural Center (1-21-10 Hinode, Saga City) ■ Exhibiting companies / housing equipment manufacturers, construction companies, renovation companies 30 companies
■ Admission / Free
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住まいのびっくり箱 SAGA2022 開催!

*The event will be held with measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
*If the event is canceled due to a cancellation request from an administrative agency, etc., we will notify you on our website. [Company Profile] Denhichi Co., Ltd.
Location: 19-15 Tsukijicho, Yahatanishi Ward, Kitakyushu City Representative: Shinichiro Yoshida, President and CEO
Founded 139 years ago. Founded in 1883 (Meiji 16) at Wakamatsu Port, Onga District (currently Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City) as a general merchandise dealer dealing in rough goods and kerosene. In 1933, the second president, Denhichi, narrowed down the products handled to cement and building materials and expanded the trade area throughout Kyushu. The company name = Denhichi is derived from the second generation Denshichi, and the current president is the fifth generation. Currently, we have grown into a housing equipment wholesale trading company with products from more than 300 housing equipment manufacturers. In 2018, we welcomed Daiwa Co., Ltd. to the Denhichi Group, specializing in air conditioner products, and are developing 1 store in Kagoshima and 6 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture as a wholesaler specializing in professional craftsmen such as electrical materials and tool materials. In addition, the website “Riho” ( was opened as a place where general customers can consult with local builders and renovation professionals about their housing concerns. It also serves as a liaison between general customers and local builders.
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