“DERTA HUB”, which connects Niigata creators and businesses with topical SaaS through “experience”, has started. For the first time, we invited STUDIO Co., Ltd. and held a practical event.

DERTA Co., Ltd.
“DERTA HUB”, which connects Niigata creators and businesses with topical SaaS through “experience”, has started. For the first time, we invited STUDIO Co., Ltd. and held a practical event.

DERTA Co., Ltd. (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, CEO: Shun Sakai, hereinafter referred to as DERTA) is an event “DERTA HUB” that connects Niigata creators and businesses with SaaS (Software as a Service), which is attracting attention. )” was started.
At the first “DERTA HUB” held at the share space MOYORe: (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture) on Saturday, November 19, 2022, STUDIO Co., Ltd., which operates the no-code website creation tool “STUDIO”. We invited them and held a hands-on event.
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Background of the launch of DERTA HUB
DERTA, which solves problems unique to local companies and regions with the power of co-creative communities where entrepreneurs and creators belong, aims to solve regional problems and update Niigata, and holds two face-to-face events every month in the city directly connected to Niigata Station. It is held at the shared space MOYORe:. ・”DERTA JAM with BEECL”, an interactive event aimed at instilling design thinking and service design in local communities
・”DERTA GIG”, a project aimed at fostering future CTO human resources by considering their own career perspectives.
While aiming to update Niigata through these events, one of the differences between the Tokyo metropolitan area and local companies is the low rate of recognition and introduction of new services. Therefore, we have started “DERTA HUB”, inviting a notable SaaS company to Niigata and experiencing cutting-edge services through hands-on experience.
DERTA will become a hub (connecting point) between Niigata and SaaS companies, and will serve as a bridge not only for creators but also for businesses facing issues such as lack of human resources and improving operational efficiency. In Niigata Prefecture, there is no end to the number of companies that give up on business continuity due to lack of successors and human resources. In order to change such a situation, we need the power of IT solutions that have not yet spread to rural areas.
I would like to improve the current situation in which local creativity is undermined by ignorance. DERTA will continue to create a sustainable future for Niigata by providing “the value of being able to experience the cutting edge in Niigata”.
Invited STUDIO Co., Ltd. to hold a hands-on event at the first “DERTA HUB” [Image 2

“STUDIO (https://studio.design/en)” is a popular no-code website creation tool that allows you to easily create high-quality websites. You can create a website intuitively without the knowledge of the code required to create a website, so you can keep costs down and have a high-quality website with limited resources.
On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Mr. Takanori Sugawara, a design engineer and scrum master at STUDIO Co., Ltd., will be invited as a lecturer to give a lecture on how to use “STUDIO” and case studies, and an event to create a sample site. hold. More than 20 people participated on the day, and a wide range of people, including web engineers, public relations and marketers, managers and students, were exposed to “STUDIO” and deepened their learning.
-Participant’s voice (excerpt)-
・Web production that was struggling with html and css. I learned that “STUDIO” can be created with intuitive operations, and I learned its convenience.
・Since I had stopped at creating an account (of STUDIO), what I learned gave me an image of actual use.
・I was able to hear directly from them, and I was able to deepen my understanding of the functions of “STUDIO” that I hadn’t understood before.
DERTA HUB will continue to take up SaaS that leads to solving problems in daily work such as web production, design, and task management, and plan as a practical event where you can experience the service while listening to the voice of the developer company.
To SaaS companies interested in DERTA HUB
DERTA welcomes inquiries from the following SaaS companies.
・ I’m worried about how to develop my company’s service in rural areas ・ I want to convey the appeal of the service to company affiliations and freelance directors, designers, and engineers
・I want to increase the appeal of services through hands-on events Please feel free to contact us using the form below.
Contact form: https://derta.co.jp/contact
[About DERTA Co., Ltd.]
DERTA Co., Ltd. is a company that solves problems rooted in local companies and communities with the power of “digital”, “design”, and “co-creation communities” where entrepreneurs and creators belong. Established on January 4, 2022, with the aim of becoming a hub for entrepreneurs, creators, companies, local governments, universities and research institutes with a passion for the region through the operation of the “co-creation community”.
The goal is to gather members with diverse backgrounds and become a social device that nurtures people and companies in the region. [Overview of DERTA Co., Ltd.]
Name: DERTA Co., Ltd.
Address: 〒951-8061 Niigata Prefecture Niigata City Chuo Ward Nishibori 2-cho 778 Nishibori Charme Room 201 (prototype cafe)
Representative Director: Shun Sakai
Date of establishment: January 2022
Business: Co-creation community business, service design business, startup support business
URL: https://derta.co.jp/

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