Detail Co., Ltd. DETAIL’s official mail order site “DETAIL ONLINE STORE”, which handles interior goods from around the world, will open on Monday, November 21!

Detail Co., Ltd.
DETAIL’s official mail order site “DETAIL ONLINE STORE”, which handles interior goods from around the world, will open on November 21st (Monday)!
More than 1,500 carefully selected interior goods from over 30 manufacturers around the world, including original brands such as “DETAIL”, “HERE”, and “karin”, including “KIKKERLAND”, “THOR”, and “DOIY”!

Detail Co., Ltd. (Location: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Terutaka Ozawa) will launch the official mail order site “DETAIL ONLINE STORE” ( on November 21, 2022 (Monday). /) will be opened.
■What is DETAIL?
[Image 1d111781-1-e257f25737aa4bbf1da9-15.jpg&s3=111781-1-32ade217f2d5a1bdf98147e8d58a4ac8-3900x1597.jpg
Founded in 1990 as an importer of miscellaneous goods.
At that time, we started as an import wholesaler of light furniture and miscellaneous goods, and have provided a large number of original items that enrich lifestyles without being bound by genre or taste, as well as carefully selected products from around the world, to retailers all over Japan and countries around the world. .
■DETAIL ONLINE STORE Trigger for opening
It was the customer’s voice that triggered the opening of the official mail order site this time.
Since the products we handle are carefully selected from more than 30 manufacturers around the world, with more than 1,500 items, we have received many requests to purchase directly, as we have not had the opportunity to see all the products in one place. It is. Therefore, we devised a site structure that allows you to see products by category and brands handled so that you can always find new discoveries and attractive products when you visit this site.
You can enjoy a rich lineup of various categories and tastes, from interior items such as objects, watches, and kitchen tools, to key rings and outdoor gear that are popular with men.
■ Handling brands
[Image 2d111781-1-57e4f08e200ecadd31f9-12.jpg&s3=111781-1-59633be0e0bc7503ce7bd483e72450c7-1080x1080.jpg
Founded in 1990, DETAIL has various “faces” that go beyond one taste by experiencing various trends. We are developing original products that express interiors such as objects and rugs from a unique perspective.
[Image 3d111781-1-8728490782ea6b7e0bdf-10.jpg&s3=111781-1-1ebef4cf2fdf118bfe88b9e75f618082-1080x1080.jpg
Daily necessities that tickle your heart. A more comfortable shape, an idea that can reach the itch. We propose original items that update the lives of people who enjoy their days lightly, regardless of gender or age.
[Image 4d111781-1-e581d114f7fd35d2e212-11.jpg&s3=111781-1-fb577040bf76bf60e46e4c787f4d9390-1080x1080.jpg
”DECORATE THE FLOWERS IT’S A GOOD HABIT” We are developing original products that decorate the space with the theme of “Decorating plants is a good habit”.
[Image 5d111781-1-2eeb6765835a417f594a-13.jpg&s3=111781-1-03bf491b2b841d325c715b574c768ff9-2190x2190.jpg
KIKKERLAND company based in New York, where DETAIL is an authorized domestic distributor. Since its founding in 1992, it has released many products with ideas that stimulate curiosity. It is developed mainly in stores and museum shops around the world and is popular all over the world.
[Image 6d111781-1-65f97be6f8942522526f-14.jpg&s3=111781-1-55fdcd18d47589844c1746ff0c99f429-3900x3900.jpg
With its rugged design and durability, the THOR series comes in handy not only indoors but also outdoors. Trust, which develops THOR, has earned a high reputation for quality from its experience in production for a major cleaning manufacturer in the USA, and currently provides professional cleaning and kitchen supplies to more than 60 countries. [Image 7d111781-1-3c8584cc1636863d6433-9.jpg&s3=111781-1-8b0b651a9d2ad01d7010b607891852bb-528x528.jpg
Founded in Spain in 2008. The original design is like a fairy tale, and it will make you smile and surprise you. Behind this is a passion for fashion and design, an inquisitive mind, and creativity, which are the driving forces behind becoming a global brand.
Irregular release of limited products that can only be obtained from the DETAIL ONLINE STORE
[Image 8d111781-1-02549c68461f6569a357-1.jpg&s3=111781-1-1db00d6983fb55171a8be731c77f84cc-1920x640.jpg
As the first step, we will release a limited number of bespoke models of the “THOR” series of container boxes, which are popular in the outdoor scene, with a rugged design and durability.
■ Site opening commemorative benefits
Usually free shipping for purchases over ¥5,500, free shipping regardless of purchase amount during the period from 11/21 to 12/26 During the period from 11/21 to 12/26, 500 points gift that can be used immediately by registering as a new member
■ EC site benefits
Get 1 point for every ¥100 spent on a single purchase
[Image 9d111781-1-2a3da361fc14bd040922-0.jpg&s3=111781-1-63051d6d9f1e0806f48489a8473062c7-1920x640.jpg
Representative Ozawa is enthusiastic, saying, “There is no other mail order site that has such a large selection of imported miscellaneous goods. We hope you will enjoy the shopping experience at home.” You’re sure to come across miscellaneous goods that will grab your heart! ■DETAIL ONLINE STORE
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