Development of DX human resources in Sado City miracleave announces establishment of Sado development base

miracleave Co., Ltd.
miracleave Announces Establishment of Sado Development Base

miracleave Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Masahiro Matsumoto; hereafter miracleave) announces that it has established a technology development base (hereafter, Sado development base) in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture.
■ miracleave Sado Project
“Sado City” selected as an SDGs future city
As a business operator adopted by Sado City, miracleave
Starting from Sado, in order to develop DX human resources and revitalize the region,
We will train human resources who can be active as DX human resources in the future by having them receive training to become engineers in Sado.
There are many challenges in promoting regional revitalization on Sado. [Image

for example,
there are few jobs available
Small population, few young people
empty house problem
And so on, there are a lot of problems to be solved.
What we can do is create employment in cooperation with local people, promote UI turn and create an environment where remote work can be done, use SNS and IT to disseminate the attractive island of Sado, and increase the number of people. We encourage people to visit the island and contribute to regional revitalization. Learning program training and DX conversion at our company, and educating young people on the island to prevent children and young people who want to become programmers from leaving Sado. For the sake of the island, I believe that it will eventually lead to the revitalization of Japan as a whole from the local areas.
[Why do it in Sado]
Collaborate with companies in Sado City to share knowledge and lead to regional revitalization
By forming business partnerships with local companies and combining culture that is not found in the city center with the latest technology, we will develop a business model that cannot be found in the city center, thereby drawing attention to the region and promoting regional revitalization.
IT companies and web-based ventures gather in Sado City, making it a base for startups
Sado City, which is attracting attention as an SDGs future city, will contribute to regional revitalization by establishing a position similar to Japan’s Silicon Valley and disseminating its activities from the region while collaborating with other startup companies. Participating in the island community leads to the promotion of communication Improve the quality of life on Sado, which is rich in nature, and work in a state of physical and mental health through regular living. [Outline of this project]
Employ inexperienced IT personnel as miracleave employees and receive the curriculum prepared by miracleave at the Sado base. After completing the training, you will participate in our remote project and work as an engineer.
■ Training content
Basic training (Python (Django), React.js, GitHub, HTML/CSS, databases, etc.) Applied training (creation of sample applications, etc.)
Practical training (creating an original application based on what you have learned so far)
It’s not like I’m going to do it all by myself.
Any doubts can be resolved immediately.
▼ Click here for the official page where you can see the recruitment details and the charm of Sado ▼
About miracleave Co., Ltd.
miracleave Co., Ltd. is engaged in DX consulting and IT solution service business.
In addition, for companies that want to promote the use of IT, we are IT generals who support both operation (attack) and maintenance (defense) with the necessary IT knowledge (literacy) and personnel (resources) of engineers, creators and marketers. We provide services. Click here for details ↓

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