Digital Data Solution Co., Ltd. Digital Data Solution Co., Ltd. exceeded 250 inquiries from police and investigative agencies

Digital Data Solution Co., Ltd.
Digital Data Solution Co., Ltd. exceeded 250 inquiries from police and investigative agencies
Utilizing data recovery and digital forensics technology, we are working hard to solve violent incidents by analyzing smartphones and PCs.

Digital Data Solution Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiji Kumagai, hereinafter referred to as Digital Data Solution) has exceeded 250 consultations from police and investigative agencies in the cumulative number of consultations. I will.
In digital data solutions, we have three businesses, “data recovery business”, “forensics business”, and “security business”, based on the philosophy of “helping people in need, not creating people in need, and solving data problems around the world.” is expanding.
We are pleased to inform you that the total number of consultations from police and investigative agencies has exceeded 250.
The trend of using data extracted from personal computers,
smartphones, servers, etc. as evidence in investigations and trials is accelerating. The Ministry of Justice is also holding a legislative hearing with the aim of submitting a bill for the introduction of IT into criminal trials by the end of fiscal 2023, and it is expected that the movement surrounding the digital disclosure of evidence will continue to intensify.
At Digital Data Solution, which specializes in the recovery and analysis of digital data, we have cooperated in numerous
investigations of murder cases and trafficking of controlled substances.
Based on the philosophy of “solving data problems around the world”, we will continue to improve our technical capabilities and service quality, and strive to be useful in resolving violent incidents. About recovery business
[Image 1d17714-85-f993355a4c4dbef1cb4a-1.png&s3=17714-85-51396fd15992960485bd4e934f698ba6-650x254.png
Digital Data Recovery is the No. 1 (*1) data recovery service in domestic sales for 11 consecutive years. The highest data recovery rate is 95.2% (*2), and the cumulative number of consultations has exceeded 290,000 (*3). We actively develop data recovery technology, and have successfully recovered data from HDDs with scratches on the surface, which was considered impossible in the past.
Business description: Provision of data recovery services
*1 Based on a third-party survey of data recovery service sales. (Aggregation period: 2007-2017)
*2 Actual results for February 2018 Recovery rate = Number of data recovery cases / number of data recovery requests (highest monthly recovery rate from December 2017 to October 2020)
*3 Period: From January 1, 2011
About the forensics business
[Image 2d17714-85-8547ff443b01ad17acf4-3.png&s3=17714-85-ee179888767e4fd6fe963163ff34c187-650x254.png
Digital data forensics is a service that restores data deleted due to equipment failure, crime, unauthorized access, etc., investigates and analyzes evidence data and logs, and reports the results of the investigation.
Business description: Provision of digital data identification service URL:
About security business
[Image 3d17714-85-8f516afd457dedeb6e29-0.jpg&s3=17714-85-4162e9904992b72e0a1a0fdd0386e2e4-650x305.jpg
“DDHBOX” provided by Digital Data Solution automatically detects and blocks unauthorized communication to the C2 server used by hackers, preventing information leakage to the outside due to malware (malicious software such as viruses) after intrusion. prevent. By utilizing the list of C2 servers detected by Japan’s largest security monitoring center “JSOC”, we succeeded in automating communication monitoring at the same level as that used by government offices. We have achieved the highest level of “exit measures” at a low price. Company Profile
[Image 4d17714-85-8c4d75a79fffbf9e1bcb-2.png&s3=17714-85-7f541617bcc4fa9180d96eff2116e6d3-180x113.png
Based on the philosophy of “solving data problems around the world”, we are developing the data recovery business, which has the No. 1 sales record in Japan, the forensics business, and the security business. With firmware analysis and correction technology as the core, we handle more than 40,000 data and security incidents annually, including personal computers, mobile terminals, IoT devices, networks and data centers.
Name: Digital Data Solution Co., Ltd. ( Location: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 15th floor, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6115
Representative: Seiji Kumagai, President and Representative Director Established: June 1999
Business: Forensics business, data recovery business, security business Details about this release:


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