Digital Garage, Inc. Developing a full lineup of fraud detection services that meet the diversifying fraud prevention needs of e-commerce businesses

Digital Garage, Inc.
Developing a full lineup of fraud detection services that meet the diversifying fraud prevention needs of e-commerce businesses ~ Addition of Fraud Detection Service “Forter” to Fraud Detection Service Lineup ~

DG Financial Technology Co., Ltd. has partnered with Forter, Inc., a fraud countermeasure platform that uses machine learning, to launch the fraud detection service “Forter ” will start handling.
DG Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO and Co-COO: Hiroshi Shino; hereinafter: DGFT), a subsidiary of Digital Garage, Inc. (hereinafter: DG), is engaged in the payment business. In partnership with Forter, Inc. (Headquarters: New York, USA, Co-Founder & CEO: Michael Reitblat), a fraud countermeasure platform company, the fraud detection service lineup of VeriTrans4G, a comprehensive payment service provided by DGFT (https://www. will start handling the fraud detection service “Forter”.
This time, we have newly added “Forter”, which has a strong track record in the world, such as being adopted by global brands, to the fraud detection service lineup, and by developing a full lineup, we have decided to meet the diversifying fraud prevention needs of e-commerce businesses. We will respond carefully.
■ “VeriTrans4G” fraud detection service lineup
DGFT combines seven types of fraud detection services that have a proven track record in the area of ​​fraud detection so that EC businesses using the comprehensive payment service “VeriTrans4G” can implement fraud countermeasures according to their own circumstances. We provide a “fraud detection service lineup” that can be selected according to the occurrence situation and budget.
Of the lineup, “ACI Red Shield” and “CAFIS Brain” are standardly implemented in “VeriTrans4G” and are automatically linked with the payment system. As a result, businesses using “VeriTrans4G” can easily introduce a fraud detection service by simply applying for the service, which will automatically link the transaction information and notify the judgment result at the same time as the payment processing result. In addition, even for services that are not linked to “VeriTrans4G”, the latest fraud detection rules and detection engines that have an extensive track record of introduction in Japan and overseas, such as “Forter” and “Sift” that utilize AI and machine learning. In addition to reducing fraud damage and chargeback risks for e-commerce business operators, we also contribute to reducing the cost and burden of fraud countermeasures.
[Fraud detection service lineup]
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■ Fraud detection service “Forter”
“Forter” is a SaaS solution that detects fraud such as credit card fraud, account takeover and promotion abuse in online businesses. Our proprietary judgment platform provides more accurate transaction judgments than conventional anti-fraud solutions and real-time judgments that eliminate the need for visual confirmation of suspicious transactions.
[Image 2

1) Increase sales by reducing losses such as chargebacks and improving false positives for legitimate users
A machine learning model that utilizes a unique global identity graph and behavioral data determines legitimate users and fraudulent users with high accuracy. Compared to conventional rule (condition)-based fraud detection, the detection accuracy is greatly improved, and false positives for legitimate users and fraudsters are improved.
2) Reduce operational costs such as visual inspection man-hours and rule updates In principle, the transaction judgment returns OK/NG in real time. By eliminating the need for visual confirmation of suspicious
transactions, it reduces operational costs such as visual inspection man-hours and reliance on individual skills. It also eliminates the need for operations such as updating rules.
3) In addition to fraud detection at the time of payment, judgment is also provided for account hijacking and countermeasures against resellers
“Forter” customizes the model for each business operator and builds a model that fits the business type and individual needs of the business operator. Individual customization improves judgment accuracy and reflects the individual needs of business operators.
■ Future development
With the advance of cashless payment, more advanced security measures are required for e-commerce businesses to realize safe online transactions. In terms of measures to prevent fraudulent use, in addition to fraud detection solutions such as “Forter”, which will be launched this time, it is also recommended to use EMV3D Secure (3D Secure 2.0)* as a new mechanism for online identity authentication in credit card payments. Since its founding, DGFT has built the advanced security environment and management system required of financial institutions, and has provided safe and secure payment solutions for both businesses and consumers. Going forward, we will continue to support the business growth of e-commerce businesses through partnerships and co-creation with domestic and overseas solutions that make full use of cutting-edge technology.
The DG Group is promoting the group strategy “DG Fintech Shift” that fuses payments and data. We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by co-creating business not only within the Group but also with partners in various fields, with DGFT, which operates the payment business, at the core.
[About Forter]
Forter provides highly accurate transaction decision solutions in digital commerce. Forter detects fraud with real-time accuracy at every step of the buying journey. Identifying fraud and protecting consumers, Forter is trusted by industry leaders such as Nordstrom, Sephora, Instacart, Adobe, Priceline and more to process over $500 billion in transactions. Through our deep understanding of
authentication and the use of automation, we help our customers prevent fraud, maximize revenue and provide a superior consumer experience.
[About DG Financial Technology]
A payment provider that provides comprehensive payment services to online businesses such as EC and face-to-face businesses such as stores. Payments can be made at 880,000 non-face-to-face and face-to-face locations, and the annual transaction volume exceeds 4.8 trillion yen (as of the end of September 2022). In April 2021, the company name was changed from VeriTrans Co., Ltd. to DG Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (DGFT). As a core company of the DG Group’s group strategy “DG Fintech Shift,” which integrates payment and data, we support the cashless and DX promotion of businesses in the fields of payment and finance. We will provide highly convenient functions and services to our member stores and end-users, consumers, and contribute to the development of a sustainable society as a useful infrastructure business by providing a safe, secure, and comfortable payment experience. will continue to contribute to
* EMV3D Secure (3D Secure 2.0): A security feature that prevents fraudulent use of credit cards online. “Risk-based authentication” is adopted to determine risk based on the user’s terminal information, purchase history, etc., and personal authentication is performed using one-time passwords etc. only when identity verification is requested. Details about this release:


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