Digital human resource development program utilizing the regional revitalization cooperation system offered in Higashi Kaguracho, Hokkaido

Digital human resource development program utilizing the regional revitalization cooperation system [offered in Higashi Kaguracho, Hokkaido]

IRODORI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takahiro Yatsu), which creates businesses that lead to solving social issues with local governments and companies nationwide, is Modis Co., Ltd., a Japanese subsidiary of the Adecco Group that develops technology solution businesses. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenichiro Kawasaki), and will start introducing a digital human resource development program that utilizes the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer system in Kagura-cho, Hokkaido (Mayor: Susumu Yamamoto). . It is rare to introduce a program that uses the same system to develop digital human resources and aim to settle down, and we will promote it as an initiative that will lead to solving the shortage of digital human resources in rural areas. [Image 1d106438-3-9143f00ecf8d01924e93-3.png&s3=106438-3-6532e53b7fa6c7361b4f96df1301c893-1129x391.png
“Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers” move from urban areas to areas where population decline and aging are progressing
remarkably, and support regional revitalization such as development, sales, and PR of local brands and local products, and engage in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. It is an effort to settle and settle in the area while conducting “regional cooperation activities” such as resident support. Approximately 6,000 members are active nationwide in 2021, but we have set a goal of increasing the number to 8,000 in 2024, and are working to strengthen the regional
revitalization cooperation team.
However, when recruiting volunteers for regional revitalization, there are problems such as a mismatch between the skills expected by the local government and the skills and wishes of the volunteers, and the planned measures do not proceed smoothly due to insufficient participation in the region. However, there are many challenges to being active in the region. Also, the key to whether or not you can settle down after your term ends is whether or not there are abundant employment opportunities in the area. It is also a system to encourage entrepreneurship, but the current situation is that it is difficult even to start a business in a business targeting the local area due to the small population in depopulated areas.
Therefore, we have developed a system where urban residents who are interested in moving to rural areas can earn income as digital human resources and become independent as a member of the local community by receiving ICT education and practical support in rural areas for three years. build the By doing so, we can accelerate the migration of people who want to acquire digital technology while living in urban areas to rural areas, and furthermore, we can make it a measure that leads to an increase in the shortage of digital human resources in rural areas. increase.
[Image 2d106438-3-a0ff6e7cf547de0bdba6-2.png&s3=106438-3-d7c8c3026e4211be316878b7760338c6-936x321.png
In this project, IRODORI Co., Ltd. and Modis Co., Ltd. will work together to support the establishment of a regional acceptance system before the arrival of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers, support the recruitment of cooperation teams, support the formulation of activity plans, support local activities, ICT education, and cooperation. We provide total coordination, including work support and regional cooperation after the members’ term ends. Company Profile
[Image 3d106438-3-c07a2d2833cb9fba3b91-1.png&s3=106438-3-25670a26b273f34ce4c654f2a86bdb6a-1105x193.png
IRODORI Co., Ltd. has a vision of “creating a city where everyone can take on a variety of challenges by making the most of their unique colors.” We are developing a mechanism that leads to a solution. Administrative support that utilizes the “Local Dialogue” tool, a tool for creating opportunities for citizens to enjoy engaging in policy formulation and dialogue, is provided as a new mechanism for citizens to be involved in the formulation of various policies, such as the formulation of comprehensive plans for municipalities nationwide. In addition, “Wagamama Lab,” a system for citizens living in the community to develop their own smartphone apps to solve regional issues, “Digital Human Resource Development Support,” which nurtures engineers who will take on the challenge of solving social issues in the community as a field, and the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer. We are developing a number of regional revitalization projects such as “Regional Living Lab”, “Internship before joining the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps”, and “Training after joining the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps”.
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