Digital Recipe Co., Ltd. 2nd popular apology Apologizing AI “Catchy” has released an apology guidebook f or free! Support for different occupations such as engineers and designers

Digital Recipe Co., Ltd.
[Very popular 2nd edition] Apology writing AI “Catchy” has released an apology guidebook for free! Support for different occupations such as engineers and designers
Catchy, an AI writing assistant service, will distribute a free “apology perfect guidebook” specializing in all 7 types of creators such as directors, engineers, and designers to members only.
Digital Recipe Co., Ltd., a technology startup aiming for “one-click innovation” (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinnosuke Ito), released the second edition of the “Apology Perfect Guidebook”, which became a hot topic on SNS last time, on November 18th. Released on (Fri). This time, “30 practical phrases for creators” are included. [Image 1d83539-26-9097bab9918d7314d9e9-4.png&s3=83539-26-21a4c19782125139d924d9a951a4b802-3840x2010.png
■What is the Apology Perfect Guidebook?
“Apology Perfect Guidebook” is a guidebook that assumes every apology scene. It covers everything from work use to daily life, and we plan to develop 100 selections of sorry phrases that can be used by clients, friends, and even aliens (?).
The first release, which was released on October 31, became a hot topic on SNS, mainly among creators, and received the following reactions on Twitter.
Start using today
very helpful
There seems to be a lot of creators who are struggling with this kind of apology The second installment, which is a sequel, has been upgraded to personalized content.
Covers “some apology scenes” that seven types of creators such as directors, designers, engineers, etc. tend to encounter, and includes “30 effective practical phrases”.
You can choose the balance between practicality and humor according to the usage scene, using the phrase level divided into 5 stages as a guide.
This book empowers the activities of all creators.
■ Background of issuing the Apology Perfect Guidebook
“Apology” that everyone has encountered once
I want to convey my sincerity and feelings more than just saying “I’m sorry.” When you can’t find the right words, or when you’re at a loss as to how much to convey, the mental burden builds up in proportion to the time it takes to come up with words.
The AI ​​writing assistant service “Catchy” boosts the level of such apology phrases and the feeling of sorry.
Use this book as a reference and actually use Catchy to find the perfect phrase for you and your relationship.
This is the way to apologize! There must be a discovery of
■Details of the Apology Perfect Guidebook
[Image 2d83539-26-f0dd7c3ea66eb09bef8a-1.png&s3=83539-26-c79b2e24d1b27bb84f19ac56de423732-2376x1854.png
-table of contents-
Producer Edition
Director Edition
Engineer edition
Designer Edition
Illustrator edition
Cameraman edition
Sound creator edition
■ How to download the Apology Perfect Guidebook
Please register for Catchy for free and download from the banner image on the dashboard screen.
[Image 3d83539-26-bed4342c127d9f2c5b76-3.png&s3=83539-26-48c64efae0ee88b30bef757e4eb8fd2f-2736x1484.png
▼ Free member registration / login page *Credit card registration is not required for free registration. About the AI ​​writing assistant “Catchy”
Catchy is an AI writing assistant tool that makes everyday writing easier. It can be used in over 140 different situations, from generating catchphrases and articles to planning proposals for videos and new businesses.
It is currently used by over 20,000 users and has been featured in TV programs such as TBS and TOKYO MX and various web media.
By using Catchy, it is possible to improve the efficiency of writing tasks such as creating materials, advertisements, emails, and articles, and to expand the range of ideas in planning.
▼ Service site ▼Member registration / login page *Credit card registration is not required for free registration. ■ Digital Recipe Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Management members who have founded multiple startups such as digital marketing business and corporate DX business have the idea of ​​“creating recipes that anyone can easily produce results if they follow them in the digital world, just like cooking recipes.” A technology startup that aims to make every job one-click based on. Company name: Digital Recipe Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-5-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2018
Representative: Shinnosuke Ito
Business: Development and operation of “Catchy” and “Slideflow”, DX consulting URL:
Catchy service site: Recruiting site: We are focusing on hiring engineers, customer support, etc.

Details about this release:


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