DIOR Harrods’ special Christmas spent at “Dior Fabulous World”

Christian Dior K.K.
[DIOR] Harrods’ special Christmas spent at “Dior Fabulous World”
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To celebrate the 70 years of friendship between the Maison and Harrods, Dior is launching “The Fabulous World of Dior”, a spectacular presentation that will illuminate the hallowed halls of the legendary Harrods department store. Standing at 17 meters high, the largest dome ever built has an irresistibly attractive Shepherd Star at its center, dancing inside the weightless dome. , invites visitors inside. Opening the magical door reveals two pop-up stores inspired by beautiful Christmas fairy tales, where many original works specially designed for this purpose invite customers into a world of surprises. From Granville, 30 rue Montaigne, then La Cornoir castle. Enjoy an enchanting moment full of hidden surprises, including a poetic* exhibition that reproduces the architecture of Dior’s iconic locations in miniature by making full use of scale and proportions. To cap off a dreamy trip to Dior, the Maison opens Café Dior in Harrods. It is a tribute to British culture and embodies the joy of hospitality that Monsieur Dior loves.
*Online reservations are required for this exhibition.
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