Direct Tech Co., Ltd. Misako Uno (AAA) produced cosmetic brand “U / CHOO” (Yu Chu) Highly moisturizing lip balm “YES! LIP” will be on sale sequentially

Direct Tech Co., Ltd.
– Cumulative series sales exceeded 400,000 – Cosmetic brand “U / CHOO” produced by Misako Uno (AAA) Highly moisturizing lip balm “YES! LIP” will be released sequentially
From November 11th (Friday) on the official website and at variety shops nationwide

BRANDING PRODUCE COMPANY Direct Tech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuki Mori, hereinafter referred to as Direct Tech) is a design consulting firm, Anais Company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kami Yoshihiro Tsuma, hereinafter Anais Company) and Misako Uno, a mixed-gender performance group AAA (triple A) member Co-produced cosmetic brand “U / CHOO” (Yuchu), a highly moisturizing lip balm that moisturizes with a single application. “YES! LIP” will be on sale from Friday, November 11th on the official website and variety shops nationwide (*).
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Misako Uno (AAA), who made her debut in 2005, is active in a variety of scenes, including not only her activities as a solo artist, but also appearances in dramas, movies, and stages, as well as many works as a model. . In January 2022, she launched the cosmetic brand “U/CHOO”, which she produces with the desire to create cosmetics that combine both trendiness and individuality. It has been well-received as “good color and really hard to remove” and “easy to use because there is no color to throw away”, and the total number of sales has exceeded 400,000.
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“YES! LIP”, which will be released this time, is a highly moisturizing lip balm that moisturizes with just one application. With a smooth texture and a natural sheen, a single swipe will keep your lips moist and vibrant for a long time. There are three colors available: “BABY PINK” with a slight pink, “MERMAID PEARL” with a delicate pearl, and “BRIGHT CLEAR”, a versatile clear that can be used regardless of the occasion. Also, on the official website, it will be released in a limited design container that is different from the store. In addition, those who purchase 3 or more “YES! LIP” items on the official website will receive a “U/CHOO Original Mirror” as a limited novelty on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy “Pururun lips” with “YES! LIP”, which is packed with Misako Uno (AAA)’s commitment.
*Some stores do not carry this item.
*Please contact your nearest store for the products we handle. [U/CHOO official website]
Product Summary
Moisturizes instantly with a single application
Pururun Highly Moisturizing Lip Balm
[Image 3d54399-133-8ad3d09a64773c8b4f8b-0.jpg&s3=54399-133-05b7afc7c005dd5ac6639604cb9dbe40-1581x1186.jpg
▪ Product name: YES! LIP
▪Price: ¥1,100 (tax included)
▪ Color development: 3 colors
▪ Release date: Friday, November 11th
add a complexion
faint pink
-Store design-
[Image 4d54399-133-0b54ac2652ffa1a532f3-5.jpg&s3=54399-133-06cea1281288dbcf9892bbbfd7f3634c-1080x1080.jpg
-Official site limited design-
[Image 5d54399-133-41e8bb65c38502704f40-6.jpg&s3=54399-133-48c9ccf5ad1a89de2e587930dbb2652b-1080x1080.jpg
Unusual impression of an adult
delicate pearl
-Store design-
[Image 6d54399-133-8f63eddf19399c58021c-9.jpg&s3=54399-133-a37b90dc581cf296cd9c4e30e1e56946-1080x1080.jpg

-Official site limited design-
[Image 7d54399-133-e376252bd290c0dcec6a-10.jpg&s3=54399-133-627b207ceb173ce5f2f1732121959c27-1080x1080.jpg
Can be used regardless of the scene
all-purpose clear
-Store design-
[Image 8d54399-133-15362c69d4b2c63382ec-8.jpg&s3=54399-133-20abd814e5f479e7d17184c4e2196f1d-1080x1080.jpg
-Official site limited design-
[Image 9d54399-133-bd3cca618ac38782ec95-7.jpg&s3=54399-133-66d40b7c48045b32eee4f7dcd735ed9c-1080x1080.jpg

Product features
1. Highly moisturizing
Blended with coconut oil
Makes dry lips less noticeable and makes them plump.
2. Keep for a long time
With a smooth texture
Keeps a natural finish without stickiness.
3. Sustained luster
I am familiar with the bare face straight
Natural coloring.
Official site limited novelty
[Image 10d54399-133-ffa703b90a4adb30c091-4.jpg&s3=54399-133-9313c90e424d70a340b2cf91e0615e0c-1000x1000.jpg
For those who have purchased 3 or more YES! LIPs on the official website “U/CHOO original mirror” as a first-come-first-served limited novelty I will give you a present.
* Only one gift will be given per order.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
* The presence or absence of novelties will be replaced when the product is shipped.
brand concept
Attract many women as an artist
“U/CHOO” by Misako Uno (AAA)
Cast a long-lasting “cute” spell on your everyday life.
“Cute” has no limits.
“U/CHOO” combines both trendiness and individuality
We will continue to bring out your own “cuteness”.
[Image 11d54399-133-c30335c60b98d278cc3f-18.png&s3=54399-133-3e1afdf2ee0c93fc33ae0a17eb78173b-911x155.png

Profile of Misako Uno
Misako Uno (AAA)
[Image 12d54399-133-ed0236e9ecfaebbe29c8-11.jpg&s3=54399-133-5f1a2c7561e6efc15ccfa1a3046f31ad-3900x2600.jpg
Birth Date: 7/16/1986
Birth Place: Tokyo
Height: 160cm
Blood Type: Type O
Debuted in 2005 as the main vocalist of the mixed performance group “AAA”. He made his solo debut in 2018.
In July 2021, all of AAA, such as “All AAA members, fans who support AAA, and staff who support AAA”, along with “Attack All Around”, “All ) Announced a project to deliver “Appreciate (gratitude)”.
Released 2nd album “All Appreciate” on April 6th.
Then, the nationwide tour “UNO MISAKO Live Tour -All AppreciAte-” with the album will be held at Zepp venues nationwide from April 8th. Furthermore, on July 16th, she will hold her first birthday event “Misako Uno Birthday Event 2022”.
In addition, additional performances that will be the final of “All AppreciAte Project” will be held at Pia Arena MM in Kanagawa Prefecture for 2 days on October 8th and 9th.
Currently, in parallel with his solo activities, he also directs his own apparel brand “LAVANDA” and fragrance “BRING ME.”
YouTube: Instagram:
Direct Tech Company Profile
Direct Tech is a BRANDING PRODUCE COMPANY that grows the D2C brand with its own method. Based on the know-how of our own brands that are developed in various fields, we also provide one-stop support for brand growth as an agent.
Company name: Direct Tech Co., Ltd.
Address: Akasaka Garden City 17F, 4-15-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: November 2018
Representative: Yuki Mori
Business: D2C business, D2C brand consulting business, D2C agent business URL:

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