Dirt Freak Co., Ltd. Camping gear series of “MIGRATRAIL”. The first is a super lightweight peg for camping! !

Dirt Freak Co., Ltd.
Camping gear series of “MIGRATRAIL”. The first is a super lightweight peg for camping! !
An ultra-lightweight camping peg “HEXA STAKE” that creates comfort with abundant functions is now available.

From the outdoor life gear brand “MIGRATRAL” developed and designed by DIRTFREAK, an off-road bike parts manufacturer, we have a lineup of ultra-lightweight camping pegs “Hexasake” as the first in the “camping gear series”. did. [URL] https://migratrail.jp/
[Image 1d89278-5-ce234b3655d42f5f04c1-14.jpg&s3=89278-5-b21f4ac62cd716fd7dbe4a4b403deecf-900x400.jpg
The ultra-lightweight camping peg “HEXSA STAKE” has been added to the “Camping Gear Series” that combines functionality and design to enhance your trip.
[Image 2d89278-5-a22bf9d5f830cbc83c65-12.jpg&s3=89278-5-b03e6664672875d9cf095eeba8fb9b86-950x1000.jpg
[Image 3d89278-5-d7dc1d015025ba83a539-13.jpg&s3=89278-5-ae5f412c9fd56185047d0093c89e3bb1-950x1000.jpg
[Image 4d89278-5-3ac4adb85d98857ced5d-4.jpg&s3=89278-5-b20ec485b46b976c253aac4cf4302335-950x1000.jpg

[Image 5d89278-5-965ea26672ce71ceb4d9-3.jpg&s3=89278-5-cac50ed0d67e51f9eddda6163b3af5f3-950x1000.jpg

[Image 6d89278-5-6838278f4cd24fc6a97e-5.jpg&s3=89278-5-1980d986bc11e8bcdcfbb872419e7b64-950x1000.jpg
[Image 7d89278-5-752dcb9af9c3ea369006-9.jpg&s3=89278-5-301f86232c231982dfb50d8ef834b4e1-950x1000.jpg
[Image 8d89278-5-40a5a7d438e43b50470b-8.jpg&s3=89278-5-64eacdbd0c6b3a27769300a1040a3bce-950x1000.jpg
An ultra-lightweight peg for camping that creates comfort with abundant functions
Camping pegs used when setting up a free-standing tent or lightweight tarp. Uses CFRTP material, which has two characteristics: high strength that can be used on hard ground and ultra-lightweight. The overwhelming lightness of 30g per stick is indispensable for camping that involves movement. Due to the unique shape of the sub-stake design, the total length is short, but it exhibits a firm fixing force. Lighter than metal pegs, maintenance-free specifications that do not rust even when wet. The stacking function makes it highly portable, and the hexagon shape of each part can be used as a hexagon wrench. High-precision and high-performance gears made in Japan increase the convenience and mobility of travel.
Product number: MT20-0101 (1 piece) – ¥858 (tax included)
Product number: MT20-0104 (4 pieces) – ¥3,300 (tax included) Color: Black
Size: Length 190mm x Width 40mm x Thickness 13.5mm
Weight: 30g each
Production: MADE IN JAPAN
[Image 9d89278-5-75517b1ad09e85ffe033-10.jpg&s3=89278-5-703801de35313cfd9ca1becd7402868d-900x400.jpg
substake design
Designed to drive the hook part as a stake.
Although the total length is as short as 190mm, the shape with increased frictional resistance demonstrates firm fixing power. The cross section of the pile adopts a cross shape to improve frictional resistance.
Both the long and short stakes firmly grip the ground to prevent troubles such as rotating pegs.
*Before driving the sub-stake part into the ground, hang a guy rope or the like. – Design registration pending –
[Image 10d89278-5-fb1de6af914381184dff-2.jpg&s3=89278-5-ae9bcd4d44b64b406f11051ba3c0c75b-900x400.jpg
Stacking function
The stacking function is realized only by resin molding.
Multiple pegs can be stacked and fixed together, and can be carried together securely when carrying.
– Design registration pending –
[Image 11d89278-5-29165ef2533a3f7fb7fd-0.jpg&s3=89278-5-b010e06b2fca4abbba6e3c6d502f329f-900x400.jpg
With emergency hex wrench
Comes with an 8mm and 10mm hex wrench that can be achieved with high precision. Useful as a tool in an emergency.
8mm: Maximum torque 10N・m / 10mm: Maximum torque 15N・m
【Please be careful】
・Excessive torque may cause damage.
・The above torque may not be applied depending on the hex accuracy of the bolt. ・Since the surface hardness is close to that of resin, it is easy to deform, so please be careful when using it.
[Image 12d89278-5-0e81c26834642396ee38-6.jpg&s3=89278-5-27ef6fec904c28fac41df6c0434b5e05-900x400.jpg
Hexagonal hole
The stake part of the peg can be inserted and pulled out easily. Also supports peg hammer. Convenient for attaching carabiners, etc. Dirt Freak Co., Ltd.
Website: https://www.dirtfreak.co.jp/moto/
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