DISCO Seen from the Career Center, the 23rd-year job hunting front, feeling the recovery from the corona disaster

23 graduates job hunting front seen from the career center, feeling the recovery from the corona disaster
Survey on university employment and career support activities (published in November 2022)

DISCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Masao Shindome) surveyed the employment departments and career centers of universities nationwide to find out the job-hunting status of 2023 graduates and the employment of 2024 graduates. Regarding items such as the status of support, we investigated opinions on internships, etc. (Survey period: September 1st to September 24th, 2022, Valid responses: 448 schools).
[Main survey contents]
1. Job hunting status of 2023 graduates
[1] Unofficial offer status… Chart 1
[2] Changes in the recruitment situation…Chart 2
[3] View of new graduate recruitment market
[4] Inquiries from students … Chart 3
[5] Challenges for employment support for 2023 graduates
2. Employment support for 2024 graduates
[1] Implementation status of employment guidance ・Chart 4
[2] Implementation format of employment guidance
[3] Employment guidance implementation themes
[4] Participation in employment guidance
[5] Implementation status of industry research and company research seminars [6] Approach from companies
[7] Findings on students’ job awareness
3. Programs such as internships (*)
[1] Recruitment status for internships, etc.
[2] Student participation
[3] Views on internships, etc.
4. Career support for lower grades
[1] Implementation status … Chart 5
[2] Implementation details
Click here for the survey result report:
https://www.disc.co.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/dai_202211.pdf 《Survey overview》
Survey target: Departments in charge of employment and career support at universities nationwide
Survey method: Internet survey method
Survey period: September 1st to September 24th, 2022
Number of responding schools: 448 schools
*Inquiries were not limited to “internships (multiple-day programs with work experience),” but included programs of less than one day. * “University 3rd year” in the survey results includes 5th year students in the 6-year system and 1st year master’s students. “University 4th grade” is the 6th grade of the 6-year system Includes second-year master’s students.
Figure 1. Unofficial offer status
[Image 1d3965-612-427e2dc53a222f2c2c26-0.png&s3=3965-612-3219e45c331718f3c5f606abc4a2d330-1239x511.png
Chart 2. Changes in job offers
[Image 2d3965-612-46bf23a8e7bd7d6d9a01-1.jpg&s3=3965-612-68e46d95b69c7d5d99eb24e1d59b9ffb-1360x544.jpg
Figure 3. Consultations from students
[Image 3d3965-612-b524e940f943394b9214-2.jpg&s3=3965-612-64dfbd7cb35f2a5fdbb9ee609d9ee3ce-619x385.jpg
Figure 4. Implementation status of employment support and employment guidance for 24 graduates
[Image 4d3965-612-b0acc27c80571b399151-5.jpg&s3=3965-612-978bd24433eae3051e1581a8db86bda7-678x319.jpg
Figure 5. Career support and implementation status for lower grades [Image 5d3965-612-aec79b3e0fa78e66dbd0-4.jpg&s3=3965-612-d172d4f3ea028d502648ee34a33a7326-1396x550.jpg

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