Distribution of 200 free gacha lotteries Notice of exhibition at Design Festa vol.56 Haragatatsu T-shirt

Haragatatsu T-shirt
[Distribution of 200 free gacha lotteries] Notice of exhibition at Design Festa vol.56 [Haragatatsu T-shirt]
Event exhibition for the purpose of expanding brand recognition. We will carry out an unusual product free distribution.

Apparel brand Haragatatsu will exhibit at Design Festa vol.56, the largest art event in Asia. At the event, we will not only sell products, but also exhibit art events, guerrilla bingo competitions, and unprecedented free product distribution.
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About our brand Haragatatsu
Our brand Haragatatsu is an apparel brand with graphic T-shirts as the main item. The Haragatatsu T-shirt, which is the main item, is a graphic T-shirt that cuts out the angry moments hidden in everyday life.
[Image 2d102378-3-1f5dfa40af4ebcaba885-5.jpg&s3=102378-3-227e6857ee5939c03428005518300b9c-1200x1200.jpg
[Image 3d102378-3-527bacd2add2b1c57cc4-1.jpg&s3=102378-3-c26699ed87976bb7c71ec6fae35a0edf-1200x800.jpg
In addition to graphic T-shirts, we also develop brand logo items. [Image 4d102378-3-983b5728a529ad32d13b-2.jpg&s3=102378-3-6632831267582041c9a7b539073f3399-1080x1080.jpg
About free distribution of 200 gacha lotteries
At Design Festa, 200 gacha lotteries will be distributed free of charge. (100 per day)
The conditions for the one-time free gacha lottery are to follow Instagram, follow Twitter, and retweet fixed tweets on Twitter. Official Instagram▼
Official Twitter▼
If you meet these conditions, you can draw the gacha lottery for free for the first time.
[Image 5d102378-3-9473eb9e86f14a3890de-3.jpg&s3=102378-3-ece44d6e6d3c7abd0f7527b16664381e-2048x2048.jpg
The gacha lottery offers small hits, medium hits, big hits, and super jackpots. ・ Small prize (logo sticker, logo tin badge)
・ Hit (logo sticker, logo can badge, logo key chain)
・Big win (logo sticker, logo can badge, logo key chain, logo coin case) ・ Super jackpot (logo sticker, logo can badge, logo key chain, logo coin case, Haragatatsu T-shirt)
Exhibition overview
Free gacha lottery: Limited distribution of the first 200
Guerrilla Bingo Tournament: Bingo cart distribution for 7 people only, up to 3rd prize
Sales: T-shirts, coin cases, various key chains, can badges
Exhibition: Exhibition of 8 Haragata art photographs
Event overview
Event name: Design Festa vol.56
Date: November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022
Holding time: 11: 00-19: 00 (both days)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight South Building 1F (Booth number: H145.146) [Image 6d102378-3-3d8fe6b63d6491812d7f-8.jpg&s3=102378-3-6bc8d274af302338b817e68f99e21044-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 7d102378-3-dcd89bfa2ed0746e6d9c-7.jpg&s3=102378-3-881ba2bc6785da112e32b3b1e37bbffc-1200x900.jpg

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