Dive Co., Ltd. Dive, which operates a specific skill human resources service, supports changes in status of residence A Chinese woman who is active at “Hagi Kanko Hotel (Kintetsu Group)” in Yamaguchi Prefecture, acquired the first specific skill

Dive Co., Ltd.
[Dive, which operates a specific skill human resources service, supports changes in status of residence] A Chinese woman who is active at “Hagi Kanko Hotel (Kintetsu Group)” in Prefecture has acquired the first specific skill
-This is the first case in the Chugoku/Kyushu region where a Chinese human resource acquires the specified skill No. 1 in the accommodation industry and works.

Dive Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kiyoshi Shoji, hereinafter referred to as Dive), which operates a staffing and introduction business to about 4,600 accommodation facilities nationwide, will support Dive’s qualification application procedures, etc., and Hagi Kanko Hotel (Kintetsu) Group), we would like to inform you that on November 9th, we were granted a status of residence for Specified Skilled Worker No. 1. The status of residence will be changed from “Specified Activities”, which is a status of residence for studying in Japan, to “Specified Skilled Worker No. 1”, which is a status of residence for employment. This is the first case of Chinese human resources in the accommodation field in the Chugoku/Kyushu region (*note: as of the end of June 2022).
URL: https://japan-kyujinnavi.com/biz/
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(*Note) Immigration Services Agency
https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/policies/ssw/nyuukokukanri07_00215.html?fbclid=IwAR2SNpl1t3V5qEn1bqkCRu9CwIMP2WfiS8J9LbeRtrvP6q9fdsmkD8wqgwE ■ Hagi Kanko Hotel Employee Comment from Mr. Yang, a Chinese Human Resource with Specific Skills No. 1
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▼Yang Yue (28 years old)
・He came to Japan in August 2019.
・Obtained a visa for “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” and worked at a hotel, but when employment was stopped due to the corona crisis, I obtained a “Specific Activities” visa to improve my Japanese language skills and went to a Japanese language school. go to After graduating from a Japanese language school, he got a job at Hagi Kanko Hotel. Mainly working as a waitress.
・In order to continue working in Japan, I received support from diving and changed my status of residence to Specified Skilled Worker No. 1. Qualifications: Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 / Accommodation Skills Test Qualification

▼Why I decided to work in Japan
I started working in Japan in August 2019 when I was working as a hotel front desk employee in China, when a friend living in Japan recommended Japan for its safety and the excellent service provided by accommodation facilities. When I actually worked in Japan, I found that the work environment was good, and I was able to study
high-quality hospitality, which was very fulfilling.
▼Reasons for obtaining Specific Skills No. 1
Attracted by the treatment as a regular employee and the length of the period of stay that can be renewed for a total of 5 years, I acquired the specific skill No. 1. In the future, I would like to live and work in Japan with my family, and the stable system of Specified Skilled Worker No. 1 suited me as I wanted to live in Japan for a long time. ▼ How do you want to be active at Hagi Kanko Hotel (Kintetsu Group) in the future?
First of all, I would like to further improve my Japanese language skills so that I can work at the same level as the Japanese staff. Also, when I work as a waitress who is close to customers, I can understand the difference in the way of thinking between myself, a Chinese person, and Japanese customers. When the number of foreign customers increases in the future, I would like to respond to the needs that I am aware of because I am a foreigner and provide better services.
■ Comment from Mr. Takashi Isomura, personnel manager at Hagi Kanko Hotel (Kintetsu Group)
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▼ Attractiveness of human resources with specific skills
First of all, in terms of language proficiency, the specific skill cannot be certified unless a certain level of Japanese proficiency is demonstrated, so the Japanese proficiency is high. Many people have good personalities, and many of them have a strong sense of
responsibility and awareness that they are working as regular employees, so they are very attractive when considering long-term human resource development and retention.
In addition, foreigners are brave, perhaps because of their national character, and their ability to open up to customers is astounding. In that sense, I think that hiring specific skilled workers is an option that will lead to improved services in the accommodation industry.

▼What kind of activities do you expect from Mr. Yang in the future? First of all, I would like you to learn more about your work and not only improve your skills, but also grow so that you can provide more detailed services. Also, since the period of working in Japan after acquiring specific skills has been extended, I would like you to play a central role in building a community where you can help other foreign human resources working at our company.
■ Dive’s Specified Skilled Worker Service Points of “Foreigner Recruitment Navi for Specified Skilled Workers for the Accommodation Industry”
Service site: https://japan-kyujinnavi.com/biz/
1. 20 years of experience in the temporary staffing and referral business for the lodging industry
Since our founding in 2002, we have been connected to approximately 4,600 lodging facilities nationwide (from Rebun Island in Hokkaido to Yonaguni Island in Okinawa), and we have a large number of dispatch and introduction results. In addition, we have a track record of over 2,000 foreign workers introduced in the working holiday business. *Specified skilled workers in the lodging field are basically directly hired, so they are handled by employment placement business instead of dispatch.
2. One-stop support from recruitment of foreign human resources to necessary support after employment
Recruitment of foreign personnel requires special support such as visa application, securing housing, and regular reports after employment in addition to the normal recruitment flow. At Dive, we will accompany you from recruitment matching to support after employment. You can also choose a plan such as recruitment only, support plan support only, support only for changing status of residence, etc. We have plans and options that meet your needs.
3. Operates Japan’s largest specific skill-related Facebook community About 24,000 people participate in the “Specified Skilled Worker Visa Community”, a community that exchanges information on general employment and employment for foreigners in Japan, centering on the status of residence “Specified Skilled Worker”. We provide
opportunities to interact with Japanese people.
There are many cases where participants in the community apply as job seekers and are hired, and it is a base for introducing a wealth of human resources introduced by Dive.
Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1168835896656600 ■ Hagi Kanko Hotel Overview
Company name: Hagi Kanko Hotel Co., Ltd.
Founded: July 1, 1967 (Showa 42)
Representative Director: Toshio Fujimoto
Head office location: 1189-541 Tsubakito, Hagi City, Prefecture 758-0011
Site: https://www.hagikan.com/
■ Dive Co., Ltd. Overview
Company name: Dive Co., Ltd.
Founded: March 2002
Representative Director: Kiyoshi Shoji
Head office location: 10F Shinjuku Seven Building, 2-8-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Corporate site: https://dive.design/
Service site: https://japan-kyujinnavi.com/biz/
Dive Co., Ltd. is a startup that develops temporary staffing / introduction and settlement support services with the mission of “supporting all people who are trying to jump into a new world”. Since its founding in 2002, the resort temporary staffing business has a track record of many temporary staffing and referrals and a track record of dealing with about 4,600 companies nationwide.
Utilizing that know-how, we are developing a wide range of businesses such as “Navigation for Foreign Human Resources for Specific Skills for the Accommodation Industry” launched by Foreign Employment Expert Hajime Suganuma, director of the Foreign Employment Council. increase. We will continue to work on solving the social issue of the lack of human resources in the accommodation and tourism industry in Japan by supporting specific skilled workers.
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