DL E Co., Ltd. Total distance traveled over 1,300 km? ! DLE, Shinagawa Ward, Kochi Prefecture, and Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture will produce a sightseeing event using an AR stamp rally that spans Japan with the cooperation of Sega XD.

D.L.E. Co., Ltd.
Total distance traveled over 1,300km? ! DLE, Shinagawa Ward, Kochi Prefecture, and Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture will produce a
sightseeing event that utilizes an AR stamp rally that spans Japan with the cooperation of Sega XD.

DLE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoto Kohama, hereinafter referred to as DLE) is SEGA XD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO), which develops gamification business. Executive Officer and CEO: Hidetaka Tani), Shinagawa Ward, Kochi Prefecture, and Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as Sakai City) will jointly implement from November 17th (Thursday), using the GPS function AR Developed and produced the stamp rally event “Ryoma the Hatachi, a trip connected with a smartphone, a gift rally with Kuroshio-kun and Shiromaru-kun.” [Image 1

Website: https://3city-tsunagaritabi-rally.arounz.jp/
For this event, Shinagawa Ward called on Kochi Prefecture and Sakai City in Fukui Prefecture, which each have a cooperation agreement, to watch the sightseeing PR video “Hatachi’s Ryoma Tsunagari Journey with Kuroshio-kun and Shiromaru-kun” and to visit spots in each
municipality. You can participate by reading the two-dimensional code on the installed character panel, and the participants will be entertained by the appearance of the characters of each municipality in AR, and it is a project where you can win selected gifts from each municipality by lottery ( A smartphone is required to participate in the event, and a Twitter or Instagram account is required to apply for gifts).
■ [Implementation information]
・Implementation period: November 17th (Thursday) to February 12th (Sunday) ・Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dLBkPOGxNM
・ QR code reading spots in various places
Shinagawa Ward: “info&cafeSQUARE” 4-5-28 Ebara, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 143-0063 Square Ebara 1F
Kochi Prefecture: “Kochi Prefectural Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Hall” 830 Urato Shiroyama, Kochi City, 781-0262
Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture: “Ippitsu Keijo Chaya” 3-1-3 Kasumi-cho, Maruoka-cho, Sakai-shi, Fukui Prefecture 910-0231
■ [Present list]
There are two types of gift application methods: one in which you enter the keywords that appear in the video, and the other in which you can apply according to the number of two-dimensional codes that can be read at designated locations in the three municipalities. There are plenty of prizes such as special products and character goods related to each region. You can apply for gifts without necessarily visiting all the spots.
● “Thank you for connecting” set
The conditions were met by entering keywords in the video. 50 people by lottery. ・Shinagawa Souvenir Certified “Arigato”
・ Assortment of Shinagawa tourism ambassador goods
・ Assorted Kuroshio-kun goods
・Original Tojinbo Eco Bag
● “Connection order sweets set”
The condition is achieved by reading one QR from one of the three municipalities. Distributed to 20 people by lottery.
・ Coneri Shinagawa 3 types of assortment
・Assorted Shinagawa souvenir sweets
・Tanoya Shiojiro Petit Chou Rusk (Petit size 11 pieces included) ・Scorched milk steamed buns Tsunetaro
● “Connection pair enjoyment set”
The condition is achieved by reading two QRs from any of the three municipalities. Distributed to 2 people by lottery.
・Lacquer bamboo cutlery pair set
・A strap pair of Shina fins
・A pair set of eating and drinking at home
・Lantern pair kit
● “Tsunagari Priceless Memories Set”
The conditions were met by reading the QRs of all three
municipalities. Distributed to one person by lottery.
・Are you the main character? ! Hatachi no Ryoma and anime co-star rights ・Delivering this feeling from Kochi! Video message from Kuroshio ・Short video from Shiromaru-kun
[Image 2d26677-84-31ea321f06f219ab1038-1.png&s3=26677-84-57f18fe53cf1dcec513cc38916b38bd2-800x334.png
*Present contents are subject to change without notice.
■ Inquiries
Hatachi no Ryoma Present Secretariat
■ Function introduction
・AR stamp rally
By visiting the spot set up in each municipality and reading the QR code at the checkpoint or entering the keyword that appears in the video, you will be able to apply for a lottery for luxurious gifts prepared by each municipality.
[Image 3d26677-84-7d42749e8afaacebc7cc-2.png&s3=26677-84-94e69dd8b5419be0fcf888ece423c8da-800x320.png
・ AR hand-held character
In addition to being able to check the character profile from the picture book, you can display it in AR and take a commemorative photo at a tourist spot or your favorite place.
[Image 4d26677-84-672662e5bd56b0d026e3-3.png&s3=26677-84-dcbc44c1f1a93c904bdeb645250693cc-343x519.png
*The image is under development.
-SEGA XD Company Profile-
SEGA XD combines technology, design, and the ability to create worldviews centered on gamification methods that captivate people, and the latest technologies such as AR / VR, which are being researched and developed every day, to move people’s emotions. ”Using our know-how as a strength, we are working to solve corporate and social issues in a consistent manner.
Company name Sega XD Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hidetaka Tani, Representative Director, President and CEO Location: 6-18-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Central Park Tower 20th Floor
Established August 1, 2016
Business description Gamification business
URL: https://segaxd.co.jp/
-D.L.E. Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
A comprehensive entertainment company that develops and acquires IP (intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights) and provides services to a wide range of business areas. In May 2019, it became a consolidated subsidiary of Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and comprehensively owns entertainment content that Japan is proud of, such as anime characters (secret society hawk claws, panpaka pants, shellfish employees, etc.), regional
revitalization, Actively promote overseas expansion.
By providing marketing services such as video advertisements, planning and development of smartphone applications, and video content production such as movies, TV, and Internet media, etc., we have rapidly provided services that keep up with the times, and moved to the TSE Mothers in 2014 and the First Section of the TSE in 2016. Listed.
*Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
The information contained in this document is current as of the date of publication.

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