DM Solutions Co., Ltd. Started selling the first product of the car care brand “RHET.”!

DM Solutions Co., Ltd.
Started selling the first product of the car care brand “RHET.”! Joint development of next-generation car coating agent containing carbon nanotubes

DM Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Takuji Hanaya), a direct mail business that provides one-stop direct mail and home delivery services, as well as an Internet business that includes SEO
consulting, content marketing, and management of its own media site. “DM Solutions” below) has launched a new in-house car care brand “RHET.” In November 2022, the project page of the next-generation car coating agent “RHET. We opened on the 21st.
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Car coating is now a royal road car care menu that has penetrated many users who use cars. RHET. is mainly targeted at “people who enjoy using cars” while capturing user needs from the car site “MOBY” ( operated by DM Solutions. You can enjoy your leisure even more by driving your beautiful car or going outdoors. However, in order to keep the coating applied to the new car clean, it is necessary to take care of yourself, and it takes time and effort to wipe it off after washing the car and then apply the coating agent. “RHET. CARBON NANOTUBE COATING” is a product jointly developed with Car Detailing Lab, which is highly trusted by professionals. The new material “carbon nanotubes” and ultra-high-density, high-hardness silicon are blended in an optimal ratio of gold calculated
independently, and we are particular about further “gloss”, “water repellency” and “durability”. Anyone can use it simply by spraying it on a wet car and wiping it off.
[Image 2d47389-45-2f65f3df74b360db4206-1.jpg&s3=47389-45-f38c7dd231f51a238a796ecb2d69b756-1200x800.jpg
“RHET.” is a brand that was born to attract people who enjoy leisure using cars. We propose to stop “rhetoric = decoration” and enjoy car life in a natural way.
This brand is a new car care item that solves the worries of people who enjoy using cars, such as “I want to enjoy my hobby to the fullest, so I don’t have much time to spend on car care” and “I wish there was a car care item with a simple and unadorned design.” will continue to be developed.
At DM Solutions, we are also focusing on developing services in the EC and mail-order business, making use of the knowledge we have cultivated in the field of online marketing and the know-how of advanced fulfillment. Aiming for further growth as the best solution partner for marketing strategies by capturing the rapidly growing demand for EC mail-order sales in the field of self-operated web media where we can make full use of our strengths in SEO and content know-how. I will come.
■Company profile
Company name: DM Solutions Co., Ltd.
Location: Crystal Park Building 2F, 1-1-3 Gotenyama, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0005
Established: September 2004
Securities code: 6549
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