DMM Oncre Co., Ltd. 14 kinds of exquisite cakes supervised by famous stores in Tokyo will appear for the first time in the prize of DMM Oncre!

DMM Oncre Co., Ltd.
14 kinds of exquisite cakes supervised by famous shops in Tokyo will appear for the first time in the prize of DMM Oncre!
Deployment starts from November 16 (Wednesday)

DMM Oncre Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Matsunawa, hereinafter referred to as DMM Oncre) will offer frozen cakes (14 types in total) from famous stores in Tokyo from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday). will be developed as
This is the first time that DMM Oncre handles cakes.
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■ Cake first appeared in DMM Oncre
From November 16th (Wednesday), DMM Oncre, which develops an online crane game service, will start handling frozen cakes supervised and developed by a chef from a famous store in Tokyo as a prize. (Premium provided by Netch Co., Ltd.)
Housewives account for 20% of users of DMM Oncre, and prizes for food and daily necessities are becoming more popular. Therefore, we are expanding our food lineup, and this is the first time we handle cakes. The cake developed as a prize is supervised by a famous chef who has a restaurant in a prime location in Tokyo. We will deliver delicious cakes from famous stores in Tokyo to people all over the country through online crane games.
Deployment start: November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) 19:00-
Cake size: 11.5-12 cm in diameter (depending on the type)
Delivery method: Frozen delivery
Expiration date: 90 days
[Prize information (partial excerpt)]
〇 Aoyama “Lance” chocolate cake
In the 1990s, Isao Yanagidate, the owner of the famous French restaurant Lance Yanagidate in Aoyama, Tokyo, appeared in many mass media such as “Iron Chef” and served as the chairman of Club Mistral since 1998. Supervised by a chef. A full-fledged chocolate cake made with plenty of couvert chocolate.
〇 Nishi-Azabu “Alport” Uji Matcha Tart
Supervised by Mamoru Kataoka, chef of Alporto, who is still active at the forefront of the world while taking the world by storm as a heavyweight in the Italian cuisine world. A soft-boiled cheesecake made into a matcha-flavored tart, topped with bean paste cream and matcha cream.
〇 Takanawa “Danoi” Italian Double Cheesecake
Supervised by Chef Ono of the famous restaurant Danoi, who has won first place in the Italian category of Tokyo’s best restaurant (published by Pia) three times. Luxurious 2-layer cheesecake with smooth soft-boiled cheesecake and mascarpone. You can enjoy a wide range of people from children to adults.
〇 Omotesando “Cafe Le Pommier” Belize Cheesecake
Cafe Le Pommier offers a relaxing space while pursuing deliciousness, beauty and health. Developed in collaboration with Mr. Madeleine, a chef from Normandy, France. Belize cheesecake, which is a rare cheesecake topped with lots of berries, brings out the rich cheese flavor with the acidity of the berries.
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[List of prizes (14 types in total)]
〇 Aoyama “Lance”
・Soft-boiled cheesecake
·Chocolate cake
〇Nishi-Azabu “Alport”
・Chocolate nut tart
・Berry’s tart
・Mont Blanc Tart
·Mont Blanc
・Strawberry tart
・Uji matcha tart
〇 Takanawa “Danoi”
・Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc
・Italian double cheesecake
〇 Omotesando “Cafe Le Pommier”
・Orange chocolate
・Berry’s Cheesecake
*The number of prizes may be limited.
*The development date is subject to change without notice.
■ About Lance
“Restaurant Reims YANAGIDATE” is located in a quiet place just one step away from Aoyama Street. “Reims” is the center of the Champagne region and is also the village where “Boyer”, where chef Isao Yanagidate trained, is located. “Restaurant Reims YANAGIDATE”, named after this memorable place, has a wine cellar and a large selection of champagne.
■ About Alporto
Alporto means “at the port” in Italian. Mamoru Kataoka’s Ristorante Alporto, a master of the Japanese and Italian cuisine world, is the beginning (departure) and the end (return) of one thing, which is symbolized by the word “minato”, which is the origin of Ristorante “Alporto” in Milan. is a venerable, orthodox Italian restaurant whose name was officially transferred due to its meaning of the beginning and end of life.
■ About Danoi
“Danoi” means “home” in Italian cuisine. This name was given because we want you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere as if you were at home.
As the name suggests, the interior of the store is comfortable, and the service is attentive and you can spend a pleasant time.
Although it is an orthodox dish, it is a restaurant that is worthy of being called a long-established restaurant because it is made without cutting corners, sticking to the best ingredients such as meat and vegetables.
■ About Cafe Le Pommier
Chef Frederic Madeleine from Normandy, France opened his first boutique, Le Pommier, in Higashi-Kitazawa in October 2005, followed by a second shop in Azabu Juban in September 2009, and a third shop. opened as Cafe Le Pomier in Omotesando in December 2014.
Frédéric Madeleine, who makes sweets that are faithful to the basics of traditional French sweets, fills the hearts of those who eat them with a nostalgic feeling that makes them smile naturally.
What is DMM Oncre?
“DMM Oncre” is a service that allows users to remotely operate a real crane game machine using a smartphone and enjoy crane games from anywhere 24 hours a day. We have more than 800 types of prizes, including original items, and the prizes you win will be delivered to your home at a later date. There are plenty of ways to play and an assist function that supports the acquisition of prizes, so even beginners can enjoy it with confidence.
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・Android version ・iOS version ■ About LLC
Operates, a comprehensive service site boasting 39.14 million members (*). Since its founding in 1998, it has developed more than 60 services such as video distribution, FX, English conversation, games, and 3D printing. We have been involved in various businesses such as entering the aquarium business in Okinawa and running a soccer club in Belgium. In addition, since 2018, we have strengthened our support for young entrepreneurs, actively developing investment through “DMM VENTURES” and M&A. Going forward, we will continue to take on the challenge of new businesses while repeating change and evolution with our corporate message, “A future that everyone wants to see.” *As of February 2022
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