Dolive Jeep thinks about housing design for the first time! The first CG house project “Dolive (C) ️” to cre ate a digital house with free ideas has started!

Jeep thought about housing design for the first time! The first CG house project “Dolive (C) ️” to create a digital house with free ideas has started!
That Jeep thinks! What is a digitally expressed “Traveling House”? ?
“Dolive” (Operating company / BETTSUDAI Inc.TOKYO, Betsudai Co., Ltd. Tokyo branch office: Minato-ku, Tokyo), which proposes and
disseminates the concept of housing design with new ideas, is a CG that creates a digital house with free ideas. As the first project of the house project “Dolive (C) ️ (Drive Marcy)” project, we
collaborated with Jeep (R) ️ (Stellatis Japan Co., Ltd.: Minato-ku, Tokyo) to create a housing design image that follows the brand identity. Release as app content.
[Image 1

So far, Dolive has been disseminating ideas for home building and living as a “media”, and based on the ideas born from that, we have proposed standard housing designs. And in November 2022, we will release the “Dolive App” as an idea and tool to enjoy building a house more easily. We provide hands-on home building services with media content as a collection of home building ideas and a housing simulation function that visualizes the image you want to live in. To commemorate the release of the app, we have collaborated with the SUV manufacturer “Jeep”, which has gained overwhelming support from various generations, as a special project.
What is Dolive(C)️?
A CG house project that creates a digital house with free ideas. A special collaboration project that makes use of the strengths of digital with its originality that expands the imagination and leads to hints for ideas, and the entertainment that attracts people. We will strive to attract attention as an unprecedented initiative with brands and creators that can only be realized digitally, and will disseminate Dolive’s philosophy to a wide range of users.
[Video 2:] Dolive (C) image video
The memorable first collaboration is “Jeep”! The theme is “Traveling House” Dolive(C)️ The theme of Jeep’s first project is “Traveling House”. Based on the brand concept of “Go Anywhere, Do Anything.”, the housing design expresses “Go Anywhere, Live Anywhere, Do Anything.” by adding lifestyle elements. You can go anywhere, you can live anywhere, you can do anything… We propose an extremely simple container house that realizes such a world view.
[Image 2

The roots of the Jeep are military vehicles for the US military that were born in 1941. Its major features are its robustness that allows it to run in a variety of fields, and its functionality that allows for easy repairs and replacements. In addition, it is loved by many people for its sophisticated design that shines in the cityscape of the city. The Dolive (C) project “Tabi Suru Ie” released this time fully follows the charm of such a brand. Galvalume is used for the outer wall. Express toughness. In addition, we adopted a container house that can be dismantled and assembled freely from the Jeep-like idea of ​​being able to move freely.
[Image 3

In addition to robustness and functionality, sustainability is also one of Jeep’s characteristics. In addition to being designed on the premise that it will be used for a long time while repairing and replacing parts, it is also possible to use iron materials and recyclable materials that can be enjoyed over time even in Jeep’s home because of the background of putting effort into the development of electric vehicles. Use plenty of wood. In addition, a solar panel is installed on the roof. I thought of a house that would enable a comfortable life while generating its own power even in the wilderness where there is no electricity.
Because it is a prefabricated container house, you can freely increase or decrease the number of rooms. Add more units as the number of children increases. When the child leaves the nest, the child will take over the unit and move to a free town … It is also possible to arrange how to use it according to the life stage of the family. It also reflects Jeep’s idea of ​​a sustainable lifestyle, where materials are not wasted.
[Image 4

A CG house packed with Jeep’s view of the world, such as toughness, freedom, and sustainability.
Click here for the full story of Dolive(C)️「Dolive×Jeep」
■ Jeep’s idea of ​​a digitally expressed “traveling house”
[Image 5
In addition, an interview article that led to the realization of the collaboration is also posted. Please take a look at it.
■Dolive meets ≪ Car ≫
Jeep brand manager Hiroki Shinkai and art director Takayuki Koizumi think of a house with a facade like this.
[Image 6
And Jeep’s official web magazine “RealStyle by Jeep(R)” also introduces it as a [Jeep x House] article.
[Image 7d15251-80-7ed3a5a82206d882b1f6-6.png&s3=15251-80-f9035ee4fee325f63f82e9e0189f8a7b-637x185.png

Dolive(C)️ plans to collaborate with various brands and creators in the future. Press release regarding this matter
■ The stance of residential sales will change! The Dolive app, which expands the user’s image and visualizes the design, is released!

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