Doll Co., Ltd. Doll’s first! Introducing a fruit cup with a “new texture” that uses gold kiwi luxuriously “Fruit cup 300g kiwi & nata de coco” New release on November 7 (Monday)

Doll Co., Ltd.
Doll’s first! Introducing a fruit cup with a “new texture” that uses gold kiwi luxuriously “Fruit cup 300g kiwi & nata de coco” New release on November 7 (Monday)
~ A natural taste dessert with only 66kcal even though it is full of food ~
The processed food division of Dole Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Yosuke Watanabe, President & CEO, hereinafter referred to as Dole) has the slogan “Anytime, anywhere, all-out natural-full life-habit”, and “Natural full-fruit cup- With the theme of “full refreshment”, “Fruit Cup 300g Kiwi & Nata de Coco”, which uses gold kiwi for the first time as a doll, will be released nationwide from November 7th (Monday).
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■A fruit cup with a fun texture of gold kiwi and nata de coco used luxuriously! Doll’s “Fruit Cup” is a product that uses easy-to-eat cut fruit and fruit juice so that you can easily eat fruit every day. In the “Kiwi & Nata de Coco” that will appear this time, New Zealand gold kiwi is used luxuriously. A fruit cup where you can enjoy a “new texture” with crispy kiwi seeds and crunchy nata de coco.
In addition, this product was developed based on the Dole Purpose of “I want to support the intake of healthy nutrition through fruits”. [Image 2

[Features of the product]
1. Satisfying eating response with juicy sweetness of kiwi cut into chunks We used gold kiwi, which has bright yellow flesh and a tropical, juicy sweetness with low acidity. Carefully selected gold kiwis from New Zealand are used in 15mm square dice cuts so that you can feel the texture. The texture of the kiwi and nata de coco is exquisite, and it is a dish that you can eat until the end without getting tired of it. 2. Containing fruits and dietary fiber that Japanese tend to lack* A natural dessert where you can feel the deliciousness of ingredients with only 66 kcal
“The whole kiwi is used, so it’s healthy and satisfying.” It’s perfect not only for breakfast, but also for snacks when you’re feeling a little hungry, or when you want to refresh yourself during work. You can easily incorporate fruits and dietary fiber, which Japanese people tend to lack, into their daily lives.
*Reference: Lancet “Global Nutrition 10Y study” (2019.04)
3. Don’t just eat it as is! Enjoy with arranged recipes
We also recommend the fruit cup, which is delicious to eat as it is, and arrange recipes that make the most of the fresh taste of fruit. You can use it as a topping on yogurt for breakfast, or mix it with cider to make a cute looking fruit punch. From everyday life to parties, various scenes are colored with fruits.
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■ Product standard
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[Table 2: ]
■ What is a doll?
Company name: Dole Japan, Inc.
Founded: 1965
Established: December 28, 1982
Capital: 80 million yen
Representative: Yosuke Watanabe, President and Representative Director Number of employees: 188 (as of April 2022)
Business: Production, processing, sales and marketing of fruits and vegetables, etc.
Operating revenue: 56.3 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2022) ■ About Dole Purpose
Founded nearly 170 years ago on a small but mission-driven basis, Dole believes that nutritious, healthy food should be given equally to everyone, like sunlight.
That is why our slogan “Sunshine For All” is important not only for ourselves, but for all people around the world. We stand for a fair world where everyone has access to healthy nutrition regardless of age, income, location, race or gender, and this access does not come at the cost of the planet. I want to
■ “The Dole Promise A promise that dolls keep for a brighter world” Influenced by the Japanese concept of “sampo yoshi,” Dole has formulated “The Dole Promise, a promise that Dole will keep to realize a brighter world,” and conducts corporate activities based on this.
1. Access to nutrition for 1 billion people
2. Zero refined sugar
3. Zero fruit landfill disposal
4. Abolition of plastic packaging derived from fossil resources 5. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions from business activities 6. Shared value for all stakeholders

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