Double Score Co., Ltd. “The Hive” (Toyama) won the Hokuriku first prize in the “Sauna Shuran 2022” ran king of “Sauna facilities nationwide to visit now”

Double Score Co., Ltd.
“The Hive” (Toyama) wins Hokuriku’s first prize in “Sauna Shuran 2022” ranking of “Sauna facilities nationwide to visit now”
The space experience with an overwhelming presence in the foothills of Mt. Tateyama and the experience of sharpening the five senses in an immersive world view that invites a sense of art has won high praise.
Double Score Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakanichu Ueno, Tateyama-cho, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture, Representative Director: Daisuke Maeda) will hold an event in June 2022 in Healthy-wood, Tateyama-cho, Toyama Prefecture. We opened the retreat sauna hotel “The Hive” The Hive (hereinafter referred to as this facility) with the theme of “stay design to encourage”. And for the 5th time this year since 2018, we have been nominated and awarded at “SAUNACHELIN 2022”, which announces the sauna you should go now.
This facility has been well received by many customers because it allows them to experience a sauna in overwhelming nature, and the number of repeaters is already increasing. Above all, the point that you can freely go back and forth between two unique sauna rooms according to your mood and purpose and with friends, and the close distance from the sauna room to the infinity cold bath and open air bath, etc. It is popular due to its high value. KUROFUNE Design Holdings was in charge of designing a unique facility where you can experience being buried underground, and the sauna was supervised by Mr. Naoki Kawata.
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An infinity cold water bath with a view of the herb garden and the majestic Tateyama mountain range
■ Points of this facility
・Unique design that invites immersion in nature
・A scent and sound sauna that designs transcendental senses
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It is buried in the original scenery and has a high degree of privacy, and is linked with the facilities in Healthy-wood.
From the glass-enclosed sauna, you can see seasonal herbs and medicinal herbs, the unspoiled landscape of fields, and the vast Tateyama mountain range, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in nature. By adopting a hexagonal structure with the motif of a bee’s nest (Hive in English, which means a hideout), we have realized a rational structural beauty and an optimal space for sauna thermal and sound environments. In addition, it is a semi-underground structure, and the soil and flowers that are piled up in the mound part provide a heat insulation effect that is cool in summer and warm in winter, making it a building that utilizes natural principles. The
semi-underground hexagonal exoskeleton, which is highly private and shields against electromagnetic waves, prepares the autonomic nerves and creates an optimal environment where you can detox both physically and mentally.
The Hive will focus on hearing and smell, and will contribute to the retreat of visitors through scent and sound design, and will challenge efforts to bring out even creativity. In particular, regarding fragrance, we will contribute to the creation of a sauna space that is unprecedented in Japan and the world by utilizing the various products and services that use aroma oils and herbs that Maeda Pharmaceutical has cultivated over the years and its know-how.
A full-fledged sauna retreat facility with 8 guest rooms that can be rented out, a glamping site and a dining room can be used as a place for individual creative activities, or as a place to immerse yourself in nature with close friends. .
In addition, this project will be led by Maeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and will form a mutually complementary relationship with the beauty and wellness village “Healthian-wood” that is being developed in Tateyama Town.
■ Facility overview
Facility name: The Hive (inside Healthy-wood)
Theme: “Invitation to immerse yourself in nature” Stay design that encourages awakening
Location: 18 Nakaueno, Tateyama-cho, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture Overview: Total area about 120 square meters 8 accommodation rooms Private group sauna, solo sauna (Finnish style)
   Equipped with a glamping site (4 sections)
[From Toyama Station] Car: about 25 minutes
[From Tateyama Station] Car: about 15 minutes
[From Kanazawa Station] Car: about 1 hour
■ “The Hive” award summary
A “sauna hotel in the earth” opened in “Helzian Wood”, a complex facility with the theme of beauty and health at the foot of the Tateyama mountain range. A hexagonal semi-underground structure with the meaning of HIVE = beehive gives off an overwhelming presence. In addition to the kitchen/dining room and 3 bedrooms, there are 2 sauna rooms with different temperatures and styles. At the end of the large water bath filled with natural water is a hexagonal cut-out of soil, greenery, sky, and mountains. The sky is reflected on the surface of the water, creating an art-like world. Experience a one-of-a-kind sauna where you can sharpen your five senses in the soil and forget you are human.
Part of the sauna enlightenment activities of TTNE Co., Ltd., which operates the sauna specialty brand “TTNE PRO SAUNNER”. Michelin in the sauna world ranks and awards sauna facilities nationwide that you should visit now that year. 11 facilities were nominated by “Pro Saunas” from various industries who agreed with the award. Among the 5,000 sauna facilities nationwide, evaluations are made from the perspectives of water baths, resting (outside air bathing) spaces, hospitality, gender, price setting, cleanliness, entertainment, innovation, etc. A revolutionary sauna that creates a new value of sauna from the traditional Japanese image of “patience, pain, uncle” through new attempts without being bound by existing frameworks, and prepares more saunas through love for saunas. The facilities are ranked and commended as “the best sauna facilities in Japan to visit now”.
SAUNACHELIN Official Website:
■Comment from Daisuke Maeda, President of Double Score Co., Ltd. / President of Maeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d112131-2-b73a8026a6e34d938eba-5.png&s3=112131-2-4506015873db993be5a83edac4323f01-208x266.png
Now, the sauna is gaining attention and popularity worldwide for its health benefits for the mind and body, mindfulness, creativity, and team building.
A pharmaceutical company in Toyama, the medicinal capital, has been working on aromas and herbs for the past few years as a new
innovation, and in collaboration with Healthy-wood, which has already opened, you can enjoy a retreat sauna with “fragrance and sound”. I would like to have We hope that The Hive will bring a lot of creativity, teamwork, and self-reawakening to everyone.
■ Comment from Director of Double Score Co., Ltd. / Representative Director of KUROFUNE Design Holdings Shinji Ueda
[Image 7d112131-2-3bd2abf123f56a508d05-6.png&s3=112131-2-bd80e630075be60484c89c2b6af9de9b-315x328.png
In order to generate seeds (ideas) for creative activities and new businesses, you first need a place where you can reset yourself to “nothingness” and become zero.
Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, eliminate excessive information, sensations, and thoughts, adjust your autonomic nerves, and face yourself and nature with a clear sense. The creations that will be produced after that will probably be of overwhelming quality. We hope that as many people as possible will be able to create “nothingness” at The Hive, which combines the environmental beauty of the unparalleled Tateyama Healthy-wood with the
architectural beauty that provides a unique immersive experience. increase.
■ Sauna Producer
Co-representative of JAPAN SAUNA-BU ALLIANCE / Sauna Idea Naoki Kawata (Kawa-chan) / First-class architect
KOKUYO Secretariat/Innovation Center
Finnish Sauna Ambassador (certified by the Finnish Tourism Board) KOKUYO Sauna Department Manager
[Image 8d112131-2-c36b75fa9787cfa0fdf3-7.png&s3=112131-2-504d2cb887f949b146c21a2860ef3733-232x282.png
Time to relax and talk with your spouse while lying down in the engawa sauna. A hearth sauna where you can spend time with your friends around the stove with a smile. An infinity water bath with natural water that resets you, and finally an open-air bath on the soil and grass where you are sprawling while being blown by the wind. All of these are private experiences just for you. The person who used it was described as “paradise”. I would be happy if you could enjoy the infinite scenery that matches the four seasons through the sauna experience, in the magnificent nature that you do not see in your busy daily life or city life. We hope that people living in the Hokuriku region and people visiting Toyama from all over the country can spend the best sauna time with their friends, family and loved ones in this special space.
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