doxr Co., Ltd. For those college students who have a lot of reports and can’t write them… Release of “classdoor” that supports report creation for college students with a patented algorithm

doxr Inc.
For those college students who have a lot of reports, can’t write them, and forgot about them! Release of “classdoor” that supports report creation for college students with a patented algorithm Recommend the appropriate type from 5040 report types with a simple question
doxr Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taiga Sakai, hereinafter doxr) is an alpha version of “classdoor”, a report creation tool for university students that proposes a sentence structure suitable for the task from 5040 report types. will be available on Thursday, November 17th.
“classdoor” recommends the appropriate report structure from 5040 types of sentence structures using its own patented logic. By simply answering simple questions about the report assignment, anyone can write a report with an appropriate sentence structure, enabling higher quality report creation.
In addition, by reducing the time spent worrying about sentence structure, etc., the time required to create reports can be greatly reduced.
The alpha version is equipped with report logic for humanities college students. Any university student belonging to a liberal arts department nationwide can use it completely free of charge.
(classdoor service site:×226283978422874500) *The alpha version supports smartphones only for some functions (task management/timetable). “Report function” supports PC.
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■ Background of “classdoor” development
Increase in reporting issues due to the impact of the new coronavirus Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, many university students are forced to live a completely different life from their usual student life. Due to the shift to online classes, the number of report assignments has increased, but due to the corona crisis, not only connections with classmates and seniors, but also contact points with professors have decreased, and many students have problems such as not knowing how to write a report. I feel
[Image 2d111611-1-dcf375951a443815329f-3.jpg&s3=111611-1-4712f0d7344e8f664272f2547db031b0-610x279.jpg
From Ozora Publishing “Online Classes” (https://www.ozorabunko.jpnews20210325) Universities’ perception of the quality of reports as an issue Not only students, but also the university side have problems with reports, and many professors are aware of the basic problem of “students’ reports are poorly written and cannot be evaluated.” In fact, 91.4% (*1) of universities are implementing “a program to acquire writing skills such as how to write reports and papers” in first-year education.
Challenges in “time management” due to early job hunting
In recent years, many university students have started their job-hunting activities in the fall and winter of their second year (*2) for 24-year-olds, and in addition to this, the number of interns is increasing. As a result, it has become a major issue for university students to “manage their time,” such as job hunting, schoolwork, and part-time jobs.
The “classdoor” approach
“classdoor” solves students’ problems such as “I don’t know how to write or I don’t know how to structure” by recommending an appropriate report structure from 5040 types of sentence structure just by answering a simple question about the theme. , by creating an environment where students can concentrate on the content of their reports, it helps professors and other universities to make accurate evaluations.
In addition to that, by reducing the time spent worrying about sentence structure, etc., the time spent on reports is reduced, creating blank time and supporting the activities of university students.
*1: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 2019 From “Status of Reform of Educational Content at Universities” ( *2: Intertour Co., Ltd.
“Comparison Survey of 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Job Hunting Schedules”
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■ “classdoor” overview and features
1. 5040 different sentence structures created from a patented original algorithm The “classdoor” algorithm, which supports academic writing related to student life, such as papers and reports, with its own logic, helps students with their reporting.
2. Anyone can quickly write a report with “report type diagnosis” that derives “type” from simple report questions
From the answers to questions about simple assignments, we will pick up the appropriate one from 5040 report types. After that, by answering the “report writing questions” according to the order presented by “classdoor”, not only can anyone write the report in the correct order, but also “I do not know the beginning of writing” It solves the problem of students who do not understand “, and makes it possible for anyone to write a “quick and appropriate” report. [Image 3d111611-1-0542a278d4f7b6b275c6-1.jpg&s3=111611-1-e65fdbe119b49b607c0b9b30b25190f8-1366x684.jpg
■ Future plans
In the future, “classdoor” will continue to add functions to support the lives of university students, while centering on the report function. In addition, we will expand the range of target students. By creating time for college students through the “classdoor”, we believe in the potential of young power and continue to open the door to unknown possibilities to maximize the power of young people who will lead the next generation.
■ About doxr Inc.
Mission: Be the door to maximize young power
[Image 4d111611-1-7f018a02bfcfe72e1f1a-2.jpg&s3=111611-1-ac521366ec19ecbf2f0df3469d6ac1c8-1175x669.jpg
We believe in the power of young people and will continue to open the door to unknown possibilities to maximize the power of young people who will lead the next generation. Also, we are a team of Gen Z members with different backgrounds.
 Always skeptical of what’s taken for granted in the world so far, and always keep the door open to make it a place where young people can play an active role.
■ Representative Director Profile
Taiga Sakai
He has been managing a gadget blog with a maximum monthly PV of 10,000 since he was in junior high school. After closing the blog, he belonged to the American football club when he entered Sophia University, but left the club due to a chronic illness in his second year. From there, he transferred to the Waseda University Exploration Club, where he was enthusiastic about excavating gold veins on the Kumano Kodo and walking across the Atacama Desert on foot for the first time in human history.
At the same time, I experienced an internship at AnyMind Group, which I started on the recommendation of a friend.
After that, when I was in my third year of university, I was invited by a friend to join BELLOWL Co., Ltd. as a founding member. At the time of graduating from university in 2022, he founded doxr Co., Ltd. with the desire to provide young people with the goodness of his environment, which he had felt for many years, and started operating the company’s service classdoor.
■ Overview of doxr Inc.
Trade name: doxr Co., Ltd.
Representative: Taiga Sakai
Location: Shinmakicho Building 6F, 1-8-17 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Business Transfer
Date of establishment: March 14, 2022
*Product and service names mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. *The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the announcement. Subject to change without notice.

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