Dr.Ci:Labo (R) For high-quality glossy skin like bare skin full of transparency! Moist and light face powder “Grow Loose Powder” will be released on November 17th.

Dr. Ci:Labo
For high-quality glossy skin like bare skin full of transparency! Moist and light face powder “Grow Loose Powder” will be released on November 17th.

Skin troubles such as spots, wrinkles, dullness, and pores. Face powder “Grow Loose Powder”
(https://www.ci-labo.com/shop/item/FounDation/Facepowder/00121660.html) that can express transparency and three-dimensionality while covering such troubles has appeared. In order to achieve a transparent feeling like bare skin, we focused on the fact that although it had coverage, it was light and did not leave a white residue. The soft, light powder that blends well with the skin removes dullness and keeps the skin translucent and glossy for a long time. Contains 6 free formulations such as no synthetic coloring, and also contains moisturizing ingredients. In today’s world, where people tend to have more sensitive skin in daily life with masks, this is a face powder that is gentle on the skin and gives an elegant impression that only Dr.CiLabo, the No. 1 doctor’s cosmetic, can do. .
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Light pink powder removes dullness and creates a natural complexion Adopts a light pink powder that blends well regardless of the base color. The slightly pink color removes the dullness of the skin and gives it a natural complexion. It also contains fine pearls to create a natural, glossy skin that looks as if it is emitting light from the inside without leaving a white cast. It gives a bright and gorgeous impression.
Fluffy, light, and smooth to wear, realized by “platy” and “spherical” powder A unique combination of 2 types of plate-shaped powder that adheres to the surface of the skin and 1 type of highly slippery spherical powder that achieves a smooth feeling. Pursuing a fluffy lightness, it spreads easily even though it has adhesion.
The olive squalane powder is wrapped in a moist feeling that melts into the skin.
Formulated with olive squalane, which has a high moisturizing power and an emollient effect that softens the skin. The powder is coated with squalane oil, which is an ingredient contained in the sebum film, making it a moist and smooth powder that blends smoothly into the skin.
No. 1 Doctor’s Cosmetics Realizes 6 Free
Fragrance-free, synthetic coloring, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, talc-free. In addition, it is a prescription that considers the skin even when applying makeup.

glow loose powder
[Image 2d2961-569-0029e525f01bbe08f0dc-0.jpg&s3=2961-569-4b6f5c195771c9140892a9e7289ab604-3900x3208.jpg
Product name: Grow loose powder
      https://www.ci-labo.com/shop/item/FounDation/Facepowder/00121660.html Price: 4,400 yen (tax included) for 15g
Release date November 17, 2022 New release
Amount used Appropriate amount
Usage period about 1.5 to 2.5 months
How to use: Soak the included puff in plenty of powder, lightly brush off excess powder with the back of your hand, etc.
                   、Mixing gently on the entire face.
Free label No fragrance, no artificial coloring, no mineral oil, no paraben, no alcohol, no talc
      Allergy tested (not all people are allergic)
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No.1 Doctor’s Cosmetics: 2021 research by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd., share (money) by doctor’s cosmetics company “plate-like” and “spherical” powders: synthetic fluorophlogopite, cellulose, calcium carbonate (skin conditioning ingredient) Olive squalane: squalane (moisturizing ingredient) Pearl: mica, titanium oxide, dimethicone (skin conditioning ingredient)

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