Dream Factory Co., Ltd. Gold Plaza Second Twitter project! Limited to corporate official accounts! Doctor air product gift campaign! !

Dream Factory Co., Ltd.
[Gold Plaza] Second Twitter project! Limited to corporate official accounts! Doctor air product gift campaign! !
☆ Held on Twitter from November 21st to November 29th at 17:00 ☆
At Gold Plaza, developed by Dream Factory Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka, CEO: Kaoru Inoue), more than 560,000 customers have used precious metals, branded goods, jewelry, etc. at the industry’s highest level of peace of mind. I’m here. In addition, we also support purchase methods tailored to various customers, such as purchases at stores, LINE assessments, home delivery purchases, etc. From November 21, 2022, Gold Plaza will hold a “Limited to Corporate Accounts! Doctor Air Product Gift Campaign” at stores nationwide.
Campaign URL: https://goldplaza.jp/front/discount-information/twitter-present-campaign2 [Image 1d13584-428-a2fda398cc5e604a73c7-4.png&s3=13584-428-18c3dcb5ca578c6eb5784b3e0ca6a0c4-1272x681.png
◆ Campaign background
Always like Golpiyo’s tweets! Thank you to everyone who has retweeted and replied. The second Twitter project will start soon. This time, only for corporate accounts! This is a Doctor Air product gift campaign. Please receive a gift from Golpiyo-chan who is working hard to manage Twitter as part of public relations activities every day. ◆Follow Twitter and retweet to receive a Doctor Air product “Exagan Hyper”! Exagan Hyper is a compact size body care product that has been a hot topic in TV commercials. It has been introduced in variety shows and magazines, and in the SNS area, photos of regular users are often posted, mainly on Instagram. We have prepared 10 of this Exagan Hyper, which is attractive for its power and abundant coloring that you cannot imagine from its appearance. Feel free to use it while you are at work, on the move, while watching TV at home, or while traveling. I would appreciate it if I could support your public relations activities in the future.
◆ Campaign overview
⑴ Please follow the Gold Plaza official Twitter account
Retweet the corresponding tweet
Dr. Air product “Exagan Hyper” will be presented to 10 people by lottery [Image 2d13584-428-796cc547ff40d23ed580-2.jpg&s3=13584-428-d0b0e97540b6a31bb60147d7460503f7-2025x2700.jpg
[Image 3d13584-428-a3ca21dcc150e2530f40-3.jpg&s3=13584-428-734331bffe8b96f377024b96b5191170-1280x720.jpg
(2) Target period: From 11/21 (Mon) to 11/29 (Tue) 17:00
◆ Notes
(1) Only corporate accounts are accepted.
(2) Follow only and retweet only are not eligible
◆What is Gold Plaza?
Gold Plaza is capable of “speedy cashing even for high-priced purchases” and has the highest level of purchase amount in the industry, with a cumulative total of over 560,000 users. (*) In addition, we have received peace of mind and satisfaction with our abundant purchase service that can be selected according to customer needs, such as the proximity to the station, speed assessment, careful explanation and trustworthy appraisal, and those who are using the purchase service for the first time. But you can use it with confidence.
(*) As of November 2021 | In-house research
[Image 4d13584-428-1f6aec77cf6e7e4cb2a4-0.jpg&s3=13584-428-c0cfb8a765b917c722f051833be9bd75-600x450.jpg
■ Currently open at 11 stores nationwide
Gold Plaza Umeda Main Store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/osaka Gold Plaza Namba Shinsaibashi: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/namba Gold Plaza Tennoji Abeno: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/abeno
Gold Plaza Senri Chuo store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/senri Kanto
Gold Plaza Ginza Main Store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/ginza Gold Plaza Kichijoji store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/kichijoji Gold Plaza Ikebukuro West Exit: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/ikebukuro Gold Plaza Machida store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/machida
Gold Plaza Yokohama store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/yokohama Gold Plaza Chiba store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/chiba
Gold Plaza Omiya store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/omiya
■ Why you can use Gold Plaza with peace of mind
1. Fulfilling purchase service… Free assessment is possible anywhere in the country because we are doing home delivery purchase.
2. All stores are within a 5-minute walk from the station … There is no such thing as being far from the station. Also, if you come by car, we offer a parking lot service.
3.Each booth is assessed by experienced staff…Each store’s private and semi-private booths allow assessment without worrying about the public eye.
4. Anti-infection measures are being implemented… In addition to ventilation and wearing masks, acrylic plates are also installed to prevent splashes.
[Image 5d13584-428-3fa6ac2c2e1d13342713-1.jpg&s3=13584-428-8602b291825b521b33712bff483de862-650x347.jpg
◆Corporate information
Company name: Dream Factory Co., Ltd.
Address: 16F Umeda Square Building, 1-12-17 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0001
Representative Director: Kaoru Inoue
URL: http://goldplaza.jp/
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