DREAMBEER Co., Ltd. The number of brands handled by DREAMBEER has exceeded 150 brands of 65 breweries!

The number of brands handled by DREAMBEER exceeded 150 brands from 65 breweries!
DREAMBEER Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takanori Yamanaka) is a membership-based beer delivery service “DREAMBEER” (hereinafter “Dream (referred to as “Beer”). This time, 2 new breweries and 6 brands will participate in Dream Beer. The number of breweries / brands that participate in Dream Beer, a platform where you can enjoy craft beer from all over the country as if you were traveling while staying at home, is now 65 breweries and 150 brands.
Dream Beer will help enrich Japanese beer culture and contribute to regional revitalization in Japan by letting many people know about the wide variety of beers made by brewers nationwide, along with their commitment and passion. We aim to
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[Newly participating breweries and new brands]
◆ GARCIA BREWING (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Garcia Brewing is a craft beer brewery established in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City in 2019.
All of our products contain the superfood quinoa, and we use rare secondary ingredients even from a global perspective. Based on the idea of ​​”revitalizing the region through craft beer!” I would like to send it to the world from Shimizu someday.
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British Pale Ale, a top-fermented beer style originating in England. We use East Kent Goldings and Simcoe hops. By using the superfood quinoa, the grain flavor increases and the rich aroma of malt drifts. A medium-bodied pale ale, this beer has a soft mouthfeel and a depth of bitterness with a hint of sweetness.
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Shimizu Lager
A bottom-fermented beer style wiener lager that originated in Austria. We use East Kent Goldings hops with over 300 years of history. By using the superfood “quinoa”, the grainy feeling spreads in your mouth after you put it in your mouth, giving it a new flavor. It features a rich aroma of malt and a scent reminiscent of pine needles. It’s a beer that is easy to drink for those who like craft beer and those who don’t like it.
◆ Wakayama Brewery (Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture)
Starting out as a liquor store, we have expanded into restaurants and brewpubs, and in response to requests from customers who wanted to drink beer made in Wakayama City, we are the first craft beer maker in Wakayama City. We are developing the “AGARA CRAFT” brand that makes use of Wakayama-produced materials. Based on the idea of
​​contributing to the revitalization of the entire region, we are also involved in the production of hops and barley, which are the main ingredients, and aim to make beer made entirely from Wakayama, including secondary ingredients.
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A new type of beer that suppresses bitterness and makes the most of the freshness of hops. The citrus scent from hops and the fresh scent of tropical fruits open up a new world of beer. Beer can be enjoyed on its own, so please enjoy a new way to enjoy beer.
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Yuzu Ale is a popular product of Wakayama Brewery and is sold all year round. We carefully process and use only the yellow peel of yuzu citrus harvested from Ryujin Village and Kozagawa Town in Wakayama Prefecture. For this reason, it is a refreshing beer that retains the refreshing aroma of yuzu and suppresses the bitterness.
[Newly added brand (existing brewery)]
◆Kohan no Mori Beer (Semboku City, Akita Prefecture)
[Image 8

Taste blessing
1st place in the 2019 Autumn National Liquor Contest (2015 Spring 1st place). Based on the philosophy that “sake is something that brews the climate”, we have been brewing beer using Akitakomachi rice from Akita prefecture for 23 years. It’s a beer that has been brewed since its opening, even though the name has changed. It can be said that the accumulation of many years of experience and achievements in having a saccharification facility dedicated to rice has refined the taste of this beer. It has a light texture that goes well with Japanese food. ◆Tsukiyono Craft Beer (Tone District, Gunma Prefecture)
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Yuhi no Tsukiyono Pilsner
Pilsner is a beer that originated in Pilsen (German name: Pilsen) in the Czech Republic. German-style pilsner is a pilsner that was developed from the Czech Republic to Germany. It is said that there are roughly four styles of Pilsner in Germany. Yuhi no Tsukiyono Pilsner is a style that is drunk in the southwestern part of Germany and is characterized by moderate bitterness and hop aroma. It can be combined with a wide range of dishes without disturbing the cooking. What is DREAMBEER?
Dream Beer is a membership-based beer delivery service that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of delicious beers and how to enjoy them with a full-fledged home beer server. With a professional double-tap beer server that allows you to compare drinks in the mood of a beer pub, you can connect breweries all over the country with your home, and deliver a variety of beer flavors and new beer experiences. As lifestyles change, we will provide our customers with a fulfilling home time by delivering unique beers from all over the country. By letting many people know about the deep taste of beer and how to enjoy it, we aim to enrich the beer culture in Japan and contribute to regional revitalization in Japan.
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company overview
Company name: DREAMBEER Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Takanori Yamanaka
Location: 1-4-10 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Rental of home beer servers, sales of alcoholic beverages Official website: https://dreambeer.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DREAMBEERINC
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreambeer_inc/
Contact: info@dreambeer.jp
* Reference materials [Breweries participating in Dream Beer / Brands handled (65 breweries 150 brands as of 11/9)] * Newly added breweries and brands are in the yellow frame
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