Dress Table Co., Ltd. “TruffleBAKERY” will open for the first time in Hokkaido! GRAND OPEN in the spring o f 2023 as a flagship store with a restaurant and delivering the deliciousness of Hokkaido to the world!

Dress Table Co., Ltd.
“TruffleBAKERY” opens in Hokkaido for the first time! GRAND OPEN in the spring of 2023 as a flagship store with a restaurant that delivers the deliciousness of Hokkaido to the world!

Dress Table Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / CEO Takeshi Maruoka signed a license agreement with Showa Jutaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture / President Masayasu Konaka). ° (Cynthia Node)” will be opened in the Hokkaido Ballpark in the spring of 2023. This store will be the 5th TruffleBAKERY store in Japan and will be the largest in the country.
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“TruffleBAKERY” with a restaurant is born in Hokkaido!

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TruffleBAKERY, which operates mainly in Tokyo, will open a special store in Hokkaido in the spring of 2023. Since this store also has a restaurant, it will be the largest TruffleBAKERY flagship store in Japan. With the theme of Hokkaido ingredients, which is a treasure trove of food, we will provide the deliciousness of Hokkaido not only to those who live in Hokkaido but also to everyone who visits there. [Image 4

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The bread that is baked every day incorporates the essence of Hokkaido, so you can encounter bread that can only be eaten here. We plan to challenge the classic white truffle salted bread that can only be eaten here. We will create new discoveries for visitors, such as baking white truffle salt bread for each type of Hokkaido wheat. We believe that we can provide the best bread by combining
TruffleBAKERY’s technology (aroma, lactic acid bacteria) with delicious wheat from Hokkaido.
“Sincere N°” (Sincere N°) with the concept of “Family meals and the joy of cooking once again”
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TruffleBAKERY aims to be a restaurant that is more than just a place to serve delicious food. In addition to being delicious, it is a place that provides a fun space. I would like to exist as a place that provides not only “eating” but also the enjoyment of being in that space by sharing the place and the food there with family and friends. The bakery restaurant Sincere N° is a one-of-a-kind restaurant with a bread workshop where you can enjoy everything from the morning, focusing on food + wine + bread. With the theme of Hokkaido food, we offer dishes that allow you to taste the deliciousness of local ingredients. Through cooking, we will convey the goodness of the world-famous northern ingredients to the whole world. In addition, you should be able to rediscover that familiar ingredients that are not high-end ingredients can be used to enjoy first-class taste casually, but that familiar ingredients can be so delicious.
A variety of dishes that are exciting from the appearance are produced by Chef Ishii of Michelin 1-star French restaurant “Cynthia”. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy not only the taste of the dishes, but also a variety of dishes that are beautiful to look at in a
sophisticated space. Chef Ishii’s cooking and TruffleBAKERY’s technology will be a challenge to make familiar things even more delicious. And we will continue to propose “delicious” that will motivate you to think about your eating habits for the future. Fully supervised by Chef Ishii of Michelin 1-star French restaurant “Cynthia” Chef Ishii of “Cynthia,” a Michelin-starred French restaurant in Kitasando, Tokyo agreed with the idea of ​​”I want to make Hokkaido more delicious” and “I want to deliver Hokkaido ingredients to the world.”
■ Comment from Shinsuke Ishii
Hokkaido is an attractive place with a rich natural environment, including the sea, mountains, and land.
N° (node). Hokkaido, on the same latitude as France, is also very suitable for French cuisine, so we are looking forward to having more people enjoy our cuisine, which we create with the northern land and nature by making use of that skill.
■ Profile
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Chef Ishii
Born in Tokyo in 1976.
Experienced famous French restaurants such as Yotsuya [Hotel de Mikuni] and Minami Aoyama [La Blanche] before moving to France. In 2004, he returned to Japan after training at an authentic
Michelin-starred restaurant. After that, after working at Shiodome [Fishbank Tokyo], he worked as a chef at [Restaurant Bakar] for 7 years from 2008. In April 2016, [Sincere] opened. Since 2017, his activities as “Chefs for the Blue” to protect marine resources have also attracted attention.
Store overview
Store name: TruffleBAKERY/Sincere N°
Opening date: Scheduled for April 2023
Location: Kyoei, Kitahiroshima City (in Hokkaido Ballpark F Village) Building area: 583.74 square meters
Store configuration: bakery shop/bread studio, restaurant with 116 seats, kitchen, etc.
Design: Seisei Kenchiku Kenkyujo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Toyoaki Kamimoto)
(Also in charge of designing the hotel villa of Fujii Building Co., Ltd., which is adjacent to F Village)
What is TruffleBAKERY?
[Image 7d93943-3-11b4d8c71d3d06d38493-8.jpg&s3=93943-3-1b80d1a7bc982aa939c6df2e781a108d-572x360.jpg
PURPOSE (Purpose)
Delicious ingredients and a little richness because it’s bread that you eat every day
Thorough pursuit of delicious ingredients, making bread that will continue to be loved for a long time beyond generations
Make bread more delicious with the power of ingredients, and create a third place through people, things, and basho.
Be original Provide the best store experience
■Company profile
Trade name: Dress Table Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director / CEO Takeshi Maruoka Location: 5F, 1-11-8 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 135-0033 Established: January 24, 2007
Business: EC business, overseas business, bakery business, license management business, food wholesale business
Capital: 3 million yen
URL: https://dresstable.site/
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