“Drinking Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria” Wins Gold Award at Japan Food Selection 2022!

Funabashiya Co., Ltd.
“Drinking Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria” Wins Gold Award at Japan Food Selection 2022!

Funabashiya Co., Ltd. (Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kyoko Kamiyama) is the first consumer-based comprehensive evaluation and certification system specializing in food and ingredients, “Japan Food Selection”. Lactic acid bacteria” won the gold prize.
■ Award-winning products
Gold Award: “Drinking Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria”
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Kuzumochi, Funabashiya’s flagship product, is the only fermented Japanese sweet that has been around since Edo. Drinking Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria is a body-friendly drink that uses “Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria (R)” discovered in the fermentation tank of kuzumochi. The raw materials are only rice, water, and kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria because we want to deliver something that is gentle on the body. Delivered without sugar and preservatives. The slightly fragrant sweetness comes from breaking down the starch in the rice. Kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria are fermented in the bottle and completed by producing 494 kinds of ingredients such as amino acids. With just the right amount of sweetness and fermentation, the fermentation was stopped by heat treatment before bottling.
●Evaluated points
・Ingredients are only rice, water, and lactic acid bacteria, so it is safe and secure.
-Naturally sweet enough without the use of sweeteners
・Smooth and easy to drink than amazake
・Because of the fermented food boom, it is easy to accept
・It goes down cleanly, has a pleasant mouthfeel, and has a pleasant aftertaste. ・The package has a retro design and conveys the feeling of a long-established store.
・Beverages suitable for health consciousness
■ Product overview
・Product name: Drinking Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria
・Price: 348 yen (excluding tax)
・Contents: 150g
・Stores: Funabashiya, Funabashiya Koyomi, all BE:SIDE stores *520g is also available.
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■ What is Japan Food Selection?
“Japan Food Selection” is Japan’s first food and ingredients evaluation system. Food analysts, who are consumers with professional knowledge, take into consideration the delicate tastes, preferences, sensibilities, and food culture of the Japanese people. Food analysts are qualified people who have studied “food information” in detail and passed a rigorous examination, and are available in 47 prefectures nationwide. Experts in this food information form the core of the judging committee, and the title is determined by judging. This is an epoch-making product evaluation system that achieves a high level of 10,000 people’s “evaluation axis from the consumer’s perspective” and “evaluation axis from food experts”.
-Japan Food Selection Homepage-
■ About Funabashiya
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Founded in 1805 during the Edo period, this Kanto-style kuzumochi shop will celebrate its 217th anniversary in 2022. Funabashiya’s kuzumochi is made by fermenting “wheat starch” with lactic acid bacteria for 450 days and steaming it [the only fermented food in Japanese sweets]. A unique chewy texture and elasticity is created by fermenting with lactic acid bacteria for a long period of time. In addition, we continue to stick to natural manufacturing methods that do not use preservatives because we want to deliver natural products to our customers as they are. Traditional Japanese sweets, which are fermented food and additive-free, are now attracting attention from health-conscious people.
-Funabashiya Official Homepage-

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