DyDo Forward Co., Ltd. From 12:00 on 11/11 (Fri.) “Favorite Registration Campaign” will be held on NY Online!

Daido Forward Co., Ltd.
【From 12:00 on 11/11 (Fri.)】”Favorite registration campaign” will be held on NY Online!
Daido Forward Co., Ltd.

Daido Forward Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo /
Representative Director: Hidetoshi Hagiwara), which plans,
manufactures, and sells apparel and accessories, as well as buying, selling, brokering, and leasing real estate, with a focus on NEWYORKER, the main brand of the apparel business. will hold a “favorite registration campaign” at the official online store. [Image

Favorite registration campaign held!
During the period, if you register 5 or more favorite products, you will receive 100 points at a later date!
This is your chance to get points and buy your favorite items at even better prices! Please use the favorite function.
▽ Click here for the campaign
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/pages/favorite_campaign.aspx?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr – Campaign Participation Flow –
■ STEP 1
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/3270/table/1069_1_92ba7a2ccbd287657f316f190ebb57d1.jpg ]
▽ Click here for how to use the Favorites function
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/pages/information-shopping_guide_favoritelist-.aspx?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr ■ STEP 2
100 points present! * Points will be awarded on November 17, 2022 (Thursday). After logging in, you can check from “Point History List” on My Page. Enjoy shopping with points!
▽Login here
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/customer/point.aspx?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr ■ About the membership program “NY.CLUB”
“NY.CLUB” is a membership program that can be used at the official online store “NY Online”, New Yorkers nationwide, New Yorker Outlets, and Atrael stores.
Various benefits are available, including points that can be accumulated by shopping.
▽NY.CLUB member page
■ About the New Yorker
“NEWYORKER” proposes a style that is basic yet has the essence of the times and trends against the background of high quality. The history and know-how of DyDo Limited, a company that manufactures and sells clothing in its own group, is used in its manufacturing attitude. It started in 1964 as a brand that proposes traditional styles that focus on comfort, appearance, and durability. With our original tartan = “house tartan” as our brand symbol, we will continue to evolve with our products, as well as our high-quality hospitality and services, and pursue a brand that will exceed and impress your imagination. ■ Company profile
Company name: Daido Forward Co., Ltd.
Established: August 22, 2007
Representative: Hidetoshi Hagiwara, President and Representative Director Capital: 100 million yen (100% owned by Daido Limited)
Business: Planning, manufacturing and sales of clothing and
accessories, real estate management, operation of commercial facilities, etc.
■ Contact information
DyDo Forward Customer Consultation
Toll-free 0120-17-0599
Reception hours 10:00-17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)

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