Dynac’s new business “Ganso Shrimp Dashi Monja no Ebisen”, which handles the popular bar “Junkei Yakitori Nido Sand” that requires reservations, will open on November 30 (Wednesday) at the deep gourmet spot Uratenma.

Dynac Holdings Co., Ltd.
Dynac’s new business “Ganso Shrimp Dashi Monja no Ebisen”, which handles the popular bar “Junkei Yakitori Nido Sand” that requires reservations, will open on November 30 (Wednesday) at the deep gourmet spot Uratenma.

Dynac Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takeshi Akiyama), which has developed one after another such as “Junkei Yakitori Nido Sand”, “& BEEF”, and “THE R.C.” will open on November 30th (Wednesday) in Uratenma, one of Osaka’s leading drinking districts, which has been attracting attention as a gourmet spot in recent years.
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Under the slogan of “dynamically creating the joy of food,” we are working to create a diverse range of food and beverage business formats. In response to the changes in life due to the corona disaster, from this spring, “Yakitori Haretsubame”, “Tsuriyado Sakaba Mazume”, “Kokugoku to Milk”, “Sushi Tozake Hibi Haruhi”, “Junkei Yakitori Nido Sand”, “& BEEF”, “THE R.C.”, and “Asian We have launched brands such as Night Market New Hanoi.
“Ganso Shrimp Dashi Monja no Ebisen” is a specialty of the one and only, secret Ganso Shrimp Dashi Monja. In addition to arranged monja that incorporates Japanese, Western, and Asian elements, we have a variety of bar menus that go well with sake and modern teppanyaki dishes. In addition, we have prepared cute and colorful desserts and frozen drinks that can be enjoyed by Generation Z and millennials. We recommend the [Ganso Shrimp Dashi Monja Special], the [Shrimp Dashi Squid Ink Risotto], and the [Shrimp Dashi Quattro Formaggi], where you can enjoy a different flavor with honey. In addition, we have a lineup of arranged monja such as “Korean seaweed pork kimchi pokka”, Thai curry ramen flavored “Khao Soi” with coconut milk, and “Italian camembert and avocado”.
In addition to the bar’s standard menu items such as homemade shrimp senbei (which is the name of the restaurant), simmered dishes and potato salad, guests can also enjoy teppan-style dishes such as “Tamago-yaki” and “Shrimp Toast with Chili Sauce Whipped”. We have dishes. Desserts include “Oiri Soft Cream” topped with cute
pastel-colored “Oiri” popular in Kagawa and Ehime Prefectures, and Monjaya’s classic sweet “Anko Roll”.
As for drinks, the specialty is “Mizore Sour,” which is topped with plenty of frozen and uses lemon and ginger homemade syrup. You can enjoy “Mizore Junsei Lemon Sour” and “Mizore Spicy Ginger Sour”. In addition, the lineup includes “Ebisen no Jumbo Freshly Squeezed Pineapple Sour” and “Kamkamu Sour” that boldly use half of the pineapple. In addition, we have a wide range of soft drinks for those who can’t drink or eat, such as “Cola Float” and “Caramel Hojicha Latte Float” topped with Oiri soft serve ice cream.
The store design incorporates a modern Western-style taste based on a Showa nostalgic design. placed symbolically. The interior of the store is finished in a warm and modern atmosphere using mortar, old materials, and tiles. There are counter and table seats on the 1st floor, and sofa seats on the 2nd floor, which can be used according to the usage scene and number of people. Under the slogan of “dynamically creating the joy of food,” we will continue to create diverse food and beverage business formats.
FOOD menu
[Image 2d20835-103-6b45ddbb37dcf7a5ba4c-0.jpg&s3=20835-103-1aafe34ad3ee2ffc8eda043bf4202615-1280x1280.jpg
Original Shrimp Dashi Monja Special 1,749 yen
The one and only, secret original shrimp soup monja. You can enjoy the rich shrimp flavor and umami.

[Image 3d20835-103-fd316971c3d37a653ee5-1.jpg&s3=20835-103-a87ff012d69ba8be04332a0ec3f50b27-1280x1280.jpg
Original Shrimp Dashi Quattro Formaggi 1,419 yen
Monja with 4 kinds of cheese in shrimp soup stock. You can change the taste with honey, and it’s a new sensation monja that tastes twice as good.

[Image 4d20835-103-ad401f31b6093cbb9141-2.jpg&s3=20835-103-4e5460288fc6b1038dff9b0b35c05fb7-1280x1280.jpg
Khao Soi ¥1,089
Reproduce the curry ramen that is popular in Thailand. Mild Asian curry-flavored monja with the scent of sweet and milky coconut milk.

[Image 5d20835-103-dab1b3b84eab8689c3ce-3.jpg&s3=20835-103-fc79b8988929c30cd4fac42d27edfab7-1280x1280.jpg
Leek tempura 1,089 yen
With plenty of green onions and beef tendons, you’ll be addicted to the umami and texture of the beef tendons and the flavor of the green onions!

[Image 6d20835-103-259c91c7564d23cd4ec2-4.jpg&s3=20835-103-57b741c8c719e108dedd9942bb00daa0-1280x1280.jpg
Tamagoyaki ~ almost crab tartare ~ 649 yen
A dish that you can bake and enjoy yourself. In addition to crab tartare, we also offer kimchi, mentaiko, cheese, and a variety of toppings.

[Image 7d20835-103-e300ca3179bc3a469334-5.jpg&s3=20835-103-f3210c351f659ab16746f0adee71c107-1280x1280.jpg
Stewed beef tendon ¥539
A classic bar stew with beef tendon and konnyaku. You can warm it up on the iron plate and enjoy it hot.

[Image 8d20835-103-da57559cab95f7148451-6.jpg&s3=20835-103-1b653aa730e0116b9eef499fd655b66d-1280x1280.jpg
Red bean paste roll 539 yen
The standard sweets of monjaya. A hot dessert that you make yourself. It’s even more delicious with ice cream!

DRINK menu
[Image 9d20835-103-ad892f27693249505299-7.jpg&s3=20835-103-e89317afed805e84493a811b6cb61100-1280x1280.jpg
Specialty sleet
Homemade syrup with soda and topped with Kin Kin’s frozen
It is a sour full of originality.
Pure Lemon Sour ¥539 / Jumbo ¥869
Kodama Vice Sour ¥539 / Jumbo ¥869
Homemade Dry Ginger Sour ¥649 / Jumbo ¥979
Caramel Hojicha Latte Ha ¥649 / Jumbo ¥979
Bomb sleet beer 759 yen
[Image 10d20835-103-0b3e354066db9ea08267-8.jpg&s3=20835-103-74d90239fa4236be8bb5e963c77cfe89-1280x1280.jpg
Ebisen Jumbo Freshly Squeezed Pineapple Sour ¥979
An impactful sour made by squeezing a whole pineapple in half. You can enjoy the fruity texture and aroma of fresh pineapple.

*Price includes tax. The photograph is an image.
store information
Store name: Original Shrimp Dashi Monja no Ebisen
Address: 6-6 Ikedacho, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Phone: 06-6867-7760
Business hours: Weekdays 16:00-24:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 12:00-24:00 (food last order: 23:00, drink last order: 23:30) No regular holiday
Store size: 78 seats inside, 3 seats on the terrace, total 81 seats / 43 tsubo Opening date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022
URL: https://www.instagram.com/ebisen.tenma/
[Image 11d20835-103-39980121eea446255d54-9.jpg&s3=20835-103-a53f9fff507f57f330938edeb6038d85-959x586.jpg

About Dynac Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1958 as Shinjuku Tokyo Kaikan Co., Ltd., a restaurant management business, currently, with the corporate philosophy of “dynamically creating the enjoyment of food”, management of various types of restaurants and planning of party and catering services.・We are in charge of management and promotion, and outsourced operation of restaurants and drink corners in cultural facilities such as theaters and music halls. Utilizing the know-how of the bar restaurant business, we are expanding our business to contract management of restaurants such as facilities and planning and management of various events and parties. Directly operated food and beverage business that develops into a super-dominant multi-sector business, and consignment business that expands with experience and know-how as weapons. One of our strengths is our business model of building a business portfolio on two wheels and expanding the scope of our business. In particular, the strength of the bar restaurant business is its business model of expanding its business scope. In particular, in the bar restaurant business, we operate more than 50 diverse brand stores, including the high-priced Japanese restaurant Dynamic Kitchen & Bar Hibiki, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai regions. (As of November 25, 2022)
Company name: Dynac Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location: Suntory World Headquarters, 2-3-3 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takeshi Akiyama, President and Representative Director Business description: Management of multi-business restaurants such as “Dynamic Kitchen & Bar Hibiki”, “THE R.C.”, “Wine Club”, planning, operation and progress of party catering services, restaurants in cultural facilities such as theaters and music halls・Commissioned operation of drink corners
URL: https://www.dynac.co.jp/

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