Dynam Co., Ltd. Continuation of sponsorship contract with professional squash player Chinatsu Matsui

Dynam Co., Ltd.
Continuation of sponsorship contract with professional squash player Chinatsu Matsui

Dynam Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Akira Hosaka), which operates pachinko halls in 46 prefectures nationwide, is a sponsor with professional squash player Chinatsu Matsui (Affiliation: Special t-hank.s). We would like to inform you that the contract has been renewed as of November 1, 2022. The sponsorship contract with Matsui has been ongoing since 2015, and the current contract period is one year from November 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023.
As an official partner of the Japan Squash Association since 2014, we have been supporting the popularization and development of squash competitions by sponsoring the Dynam Cup and holding squash experience events.
DYNAM will continue to support the development of sports that bring dreams and excitement to the world.

(From right) Chinatsu Matsui, our CEO Hosaka
Name: Chinatsu Matsui
Date of birth: August 8, 1977
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Squash experience: From 18 years old
Affiliation: Special t-hank.s
Major achievements: All Japan Championship 4 times in total
Official blog: https://ameblo.jp/matsuichinatsu/
[Comment from Matsui]
We have decided to continue our sponsorship contract with Dynam Co., Ltd. Although the corona crisis continues to be a difficult situation, we are sincerely grateful for the corporate attitude of DYNAM, which supports not only the activities of athletes but also the spread and development of squash competitions. From next fiscal year, we will be based in the new squash court facility “THE SQUASH” in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Thanks to all of you who support me, I am able to take on new challenges in my 27 years as an athlete. At Shintenchi, I would like to create opportunities for people who have not yet encountered squash to learn about it, and to tell many people that squash is a wonderful sport that anyone can enjoy at their own pace and be healthy both physically and mentally. increase. Thank you for your continued support.
What is Squash
Squash is a racket sport that originated in London, England. It is a sport in which two players enter a court surrounded by walls on all four sides and alternately hit a rubber ball against the wall in front of them with a racket to decide the winner.
About 100,000 people play in Japan, and about 20 million people in 185 countries around the world play it. It can be said that it is a sport loved all over the world.
Dynam Co., Ltd.
We are developing chain-type pachinko halls all over Japan with the aim of reforming pachinko so that it can be enjoyed by everyone casually, and aiming to become a pachinko that lives in harmony with the city. As of November 2022, we have 396 stores in 46 prefectures nationwide, and we are promoting store development centered on low ball rental sales such as 1 yen pachinko.
・Dynam official website: https://www.dynam.jp
・Dynam Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/dynamjp
・Dynam Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dynamjp Dynam Japan Holdings Co., Ltd.
A holding company that owns three pachinko hall management companies, including DYNAM Co., Ltd., which operates pachinko halls throughout Japan, and other group companies, with a corporate philosophy of 100-year challenge to nurture trust and dreams.
Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in August 2012 (Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board/Securities Code: 06889)
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