e-Robotics Ibaraki Co., Ltd. Establishment of a transportation route over Lake Kasumigaura Successful drone flight test between Kasumigaura City and Miura Village

e-Robotics Ibaraki Co., Ltd.
Establishment of a transportation route over Lake Kasumigaura Successful drone flight test between Kasumigaura City and Miura Village
North-south traversing the Lake Kasumigaura flight route, 8 km one way between Kasumigaura City and Miura Village

On November 2, 2022, e-Robotics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minamisoma City, Representative Director: Masayuki Itaba) will use a large industrial drone to fly 8 km one way between the rooftop of the Rural Environment Improvement Center in Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki Prefecture and the Oyama Heliport in Miura Village. We conducted a public flight test for the press on the round-trip flight.
In 2021, the representative company of the “Practical distribution business using unmanned aircraft in depopulated areas (planning)”, which is a joint project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of the Environment, utilizing the sky above the lake of “Kasumigaura”. : e-Robotics Co., Ltd., Partners: Kasumigaura City and Miura Village tried to implement it, but due to radio wave interference, they had to turn back midway through the route and gave up crossing the lake.
In 2022, we made the following improvements and new initiatives, such as selecting aircraft and using LTE as a communication method, and again attempted to put drone logistics to practical use over Lake Kasumigaura.
1. Communication environment: Drone control and video transmission utilizing the “LTE sky usage plan” is adopted.
2. Airplane body: Eames Robotics Co., Ltd. adopted a large industrial cellular drone “UAV-E6150” manufactured in Fukushima Prefecture. 3. Unmanned aerial vehicle operation management system (UTM): In cooperation with Fukushima Innovation Coast Initiative Promotion Organization and Hitachi, Ltd., movement management by UTM at the Fukushima robot test field.
[Image 1d111861-1-dd10fe9a0a8f8809f4eb-1.png&s3=111861-1-08a63e086e04ef1b45e064b7d0d30cc4-1418x562.png
Eames Robotics “UAV-E6150”
4. Meteorological Observation: Real-time weather observation (temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure) of the Lake Kasumigaura flight route using a large industrial drone “ALTAX” equipped with a weather station with the cooperation of the Environmental Robotics Association. implementation. [Image 2d111861-1-ca0591cec8a8d36f8bc9-2.jpg&s3=111861-1-6f3c2aa0c64e0dc7190d7c640544e427-2620x1474.jpg
“ALTA X” manufactured by Freefly Systems equipped with a weather observation instrument on the upper part of the fuselage
In the flight conducted on November 2, the drone was loaded with 5 kg of simulated cargo and successfully flew between the two bases in about 13 minutes. In the future, we plan to use limited flight routes to interact between regions, solve regional issues, and develop new flight routes.
In addition, e-Robotics Ibaraki (Headquarters: Kasumigaura City) is currently planning a crowdfunding business for “flying sweets” that processes specialty products of Kasumigaura City and Miura Village and delivers them by drone. We are currently collecting funds for activities using CAMPFIRE.
CAMPFIRE Flying Sweets “Using a Drone Delivery Service to Create an Unprecedented Vibrant Town”
[Image 3d111861-1-70906d46e40212909269-0.jpg&s3=111861-1-7a9ddcf609896d41c444945cd8df205f-750x500.jpg
(until November 18)

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