Earthside, aiming to reform the distribution of fruits and vegetables, concludes a sustainable evaluation loan agreement with Shiga Bank

Earthside Co., Ltd.
Earthside, aiming to reform the distribution of fruits and vegetables, concludes a sustainable evaluation loan agreement with Shiga Bank
Earthside Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President: Mari Inada, hereinafter “Earthside”), Shiga Bank, Ltd. (Headquarters: Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, President: Shojiro Takahashi, hereinafter “Shiga Bank”) ) and on November 18, 2022 (Friday), we signed a contract for “Shigagin” sustainable evaluation loan of 200 million yen. This is the first loan related to fruit and vegetable
distribution in the Shigagin sustainability evaluation loan. [Image 1

■ Efforts of the Earthside Group in contracts
“Shigagin” sustainable evaluation loan is a loan that supports the improvement of corporate value by setting goals that lead to the sustainable growth of the user company and society, and monitoring by Shiga Bank to achieve them. .
The Earthside Group is a corporate group consisting of a holding company, Earthside, and three main operating companies.
Founded in Kyoto in 2001 with the aim of structural reform of fruit and vegetable distribution, we have taken on the challenge of optimizing the value chain from vegetable production to distribution and sales, and building a new fruit and vegetable distribution system that will lead to a prosperous future.
The theme of this loan is “construction of fresh and sustainable food infrastructure”. We have set sustainability goals.
[Sustainability target]
・Theme: Building a fresh and sustainable food infrastructure [Image 2

・Main SDGs to contribute to
[Image 3

■ Background of the initiative
Traditionally, the wholesale market has played an important role as a core infrastructure in the distribution of fruits and vegetables. It is said*1.
In addition, with the corona crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “food security” has been attracting attention in recent years, but domestic farmers who are responsible for food production are facing a remarkable aging and decrease, and the sustainability of agriculture is becoming difficult. For sustainable development and stable food security, it is a challenge to continue the management of existing farmers and secure and settle new farmers such as young people * 2. [Image 4

■Details of KPIs for problem solving
[KPI 1] Trade, which is responsible for transactions between wholesale markets, will improve the supply and demand balance of fruits and vegetables by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables handled per employee, contributing to the leveling of prices, as well as stopping the decline in the rate of passing through the wholesale market. It is expected that this will help support the revitalization of the market.
[Image 5

[KPI2] Through efforts such as our own Kyoto vegetable brand “Rakuichi”, we not only purchase agricultural products from contracted farmers at stable prices, but also create opportunities for producers to share information and collect shipments. We are supporting people. We believe that this will contribute to the stabilization and sustainability of the management of agricultural producers, as well as regional revitalization.
[Image 6

[KPI3] Represents the increase and diversification of business partners for deals that are responsible for transactions between producers, intermediate wholesalers, and food processors within the group, and provides agricultural producers and shippers with a variety of options. We aim to streamline the entire fruit and vegetable distribution and optimize transactions.
[Image 7d112174-1-f5453046144870e24876-12.jpg&s3=112174-1-38d87cd4bd2ea6230caa18fa8672436e-1600x814.jpg
■ Future prospects
[Image 8d112174-1-55efce0de95890cfae01-5.jpg&s3=112174-1-e4df8b4f1881eecd70fb71b928009b87-3900x2162.jpg
In the midst of drastic changes in social conditions, Earthside sees change as an opportunity. We will establish a competitive advantage through a growth strategy that achieves both economic and social benefits.
Through our business activities, we would like to contribute to society by building a distribution system that can provide safe and secure food to all people and realizing a prosperous future. *1 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Wholesale Market Data Collection” 2021
*2 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “White Paper on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas” 2021
・Summary of contract for “Shigagin” sustainable evaluation loan [Image 9d112174-1-4bb1a2646c3ec92ee742-10.png&s3=112174-1-4e21b79d1671c3041eea92d0d69049d6-2314x368.png
・Overview of Earthside Group
[Image 10d112174-1-138a08d549a66eaf91b7-11.png&s3=112174-1-d1e50594eb925deeaa882e02715bebae-2344x618.png

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