East Japan Railway Company Win a total of 10 million points! We will carry out “Save and use JRE POINT campaign”!

East Japan Railway Company
Win a total of 10 million points! We will carry out “Save and use JRE POINT campaign”!

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Various menus will be available from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023! [Image 2d17557-546-63f24525857472a83318-1.jpg&s3=17557-546-5d5d807b96ac286056c9b9e29a301d0d-2527x1645.jpg
[Image 3d17557-546-3d4c227d81de233fa9cc-2.jpg&s3=17557-546-be0d5b0e5585dc1dc9044a49dbce4f01-938x55.jpg
1. Let’s go out on the Tokyo Monorail!
~Conditions met by using the Tokyo Monorail and JR East~
If you transfer at Hamamatsucho Station and use the “JR East Railway + Tokyo Monorail” IC fare of 628 yen or more (JR starting fare 136 yen + 492 yen between Hamamatsucho and Haneda Airport stations), you will meet the conditions!
If you go to Haneda Airport, you can enjoy the scenery on the Tokyo Monorail♪ *Eligible for use at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station, or Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station.
*Rides on Suica registered with JRE POINT are eligible. Monorail Suica and Rinkai Suica are not eligible for the campaign because points cannot be earned by using trains.
[Image 4d17557-546-6cd300ed30f1d42d8855-4.jpg&s3=17557-546-c7448eb9adb5cd73f8ffe939561e5edc-784x191.jpg
2. Go out comfortably in a green car or Gran Class!
~Conditions achieved with ticketless use through Ekinet Reservation~ You can fulfill the conditions by using either the green car of the Shinkansen, the Gran Class, or the green car of the conventional line limited express train without a ticket at Ekinet!
* Both purchase and point use (JRE POINT upgrade) are eligible. *It is necessary to complete the linking procedure between Ekinetto and JRE POINT during the period.
[Image 5d17557-546-9a5756d21f5632f00c3f-5.jpg&s3=17557-546-c2b37757f9ce3a61b972db5dd07ef5f4-484x176.jpg
3. Let’s go out with one smartphone!
~Leave transportation and sightseeing other than trains to us! Accomplish conditions by using JaM id related services
Of the JaM id related services, Ringo Pass, TOHOKU MaaS, Kaiyu Karuizawa, Hitachi no Kuni Kiko, Tabisuru Kitashinano, Izu navi, BUSKIP, Saphir Pay, any service that requires payment of 1 yen or more at each trip If you use it, the conditions will be met!
*Click here for details on JaM id related services (https://jam-id.jp) *Applicable to those who have registered as a member of JaM id and linked their JRE POINT account.
*Those who withdraw from JRE POINT or JaM id or who have canceled JRE POINT cooperation before points are awarded are not eligible. [Image 6d17557-546-dcf98ad4e5a6594f034d-6.jpg&s3=17557-546-877fbd19ca63fecd1b0b0633481287c5-937x105.jpg
4. Use points to shop at station buildings and more!
~Conditions achieved with 1,000 points or more~
The condition is achieved when you use a total of 1,000 points or more of JRE POINT for shopping at target stores such as station buildings! More! Every time you use 1,000 points or more in total, your chances of winning will increase by 1x.
*Applies to JRE POINT card and barcode presentation.
* Click here for target stores
[Image 7d17557-546-575399d7cbb6d12a8a16-7.jpg&s3=17557-546-e1626125432b3bbc7e586e9d4e17fafb-240x238.jpg
5. Let’s shop with Suica electronic money!
~Charge Suica with JRE POINT & fulfill the conditions by shopping~ If you charge a total of 500 points or more to the Suica registered with JRE POINT and purchase a total of 5,000 yen or more (tax included) at the target store, the condition will be achieved! *Applies to Suica registered with JRE POINT. JRE POINT card and bar code presentation are inapplicable.
* Click here for target stores (https://www.jrepoint.jp/point/append/suica/) [Image 8d17557-546-d0621517d589f0811544-8.jpg&s3=17557-546-0833a66adc5a37b76901f53321350a21-484x238.jpg
6. Enjoy shopping and hometown tax at JRE MALL!
~Conditions achieved by using JRE MALL, JRE MALL Furusato Nozei, Internet Ekinaka more than 2 times in total~
JRE MALL, JRE MALL Furusato Nozei, Internet Ekinaka, if you make a total of 2 or more payments (including donations) during the period, the conditions will be met!
(Example) 〇: 1 purchase at JRE MALL, 1 donation at hometown tax    ×: Buy 2 products at once at JRE MALL
*Click here for details of JRE MALL
* Click here for details on JRE MALL hometown tax
*For those who have registered as a member of JRE MALL and linked with JRE POINT.
* Those who withdrew from JRE POINT and JRE MALL before points are awarded are not eligible.
*If there is a return or cancellation, it is not included in the number of times of use.
*There are no usage conditions.
[Image 9d17557-546-2a3584325ea37eb3f62b-9.jpg&s3=17557-546-991248ce9f1a34403151f27127dd6673-548x211.jpg
7. Use JRE POINT at “STATION WORK” and “To Locca”!
~ Accomplish conditions by using 1 point or more in STATION WORK or To Locca ~ If you use 1 or more points of JRE POINT when paying for STATION WORK or To Locca, the conditions will be met!
* STATION WORK is for bases where JRE POINTs can be accumulated and used. * After registering as a member of STATION WORK or To Locca, cooperation with JRE POINT is required.
・ Click here for STATION WORK member registration:
・ Click here to register as a member of To Locca:
[Image 10d17557-546-b047ab77fd9323d8ef65-10.jpg&s3=17557-546-8ff4ad6df74a58dc13cac60448e97d16-268x458.jpg
8. Let’s link LINE My Card and JRE POINT!
~If you newly link JRE POINT to LINE My Card, the conditions will be met~ When linked, the JRE POINT barcode will be displayed on LINE, allowing you to accumulate and use points.
*LINE My Card is a service that allows you to manage store point cards and membership cards on the LINE app.
*If you are not a JRE POINT member, you will need to register as a new JRE POINT member.
* Click here for details: https://www.jrepoint.jp/point/append/line/ [Image 11d17557-546-9621734ca198b68be90a-11.jpg&s3=17557-546-28b4550c39158410986367101500e9d9-384x264.jpg
9. Let’s register the regional cooperation IC card with JRE POINT! ~If you newly register a regional collaboration IC card (named type) with JRE POINT, the conditions will be met~
*In addition to the function of regionally unique services such as commuter passes and various discounts for buses operated by regional bus operators, regional collaboration IC cards can be used in Suica areas and areas where Suica and Suica are mutually used. A 2-in-1 card that can be used for Suica services such as tickets and electronic money.
Click here to enter the “Accumulate” menu:
[Image 12d17557-546-b988871ee9a82df80db9-12.jpg&s3=17557-546-0e7fbc04d76a114e91d62217cc6053cd-938x61.jpg
1. 300 points one way! Let’s go out with the Tokyo Monorail “Haneda 6 ticket”! For a limited time and in limited quantities, you can redeem the “Haneda 6 Ticket” (1,800 points per set), a set of 6 one-way tickets that allows you to use any section of the Tokyo Monorail. Each ticket is worth 300 points, so if you travel alone between Hamamatsucho Station and Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station (normal one-way fare: 500 yen for adults), you will save 200 yen one way! Since it is a set of 6, you can save up to 1,200 yen.
* Click here to apply for exchange:
https://www.jrepoint.jp/item/22033216/ (Open on December 1st) [Image 13d17557-546-02009b3ea5915241dd45-13.jpg&s3=17557-546-7d4e2bf7ae3b39ca82eccad64afb27d6-248x363.jpg
2. Earn and save JRE POINT! Rent a car at the station!
You can redeem 4,500 points for a 5,000-yen electronic ticket that can be used at any Eki Rent-A-Car sales office in the JR East area, saving you 500 yen! If you use the “Ekinet + Station Rental Car Plan neo” currently on sale, you will earn JRE POINTs equivalent to 10% of the amount you use on the target trains, so the more you use it, the more JRE POINTs you will earn! Get on a station rental car, save JRE POINTs, and try using them.
* Click here to apply for exchange:
https://www.jreastmall.com/shop/g/gS193-RL-001-1004/ (Open on December 1st)
[Image 14d17557-546-61cce55679f2e46d7129-14.jpg&s3=17557-546-1f879ae78d4fa499f2d66c37637455c4-244x245.jpg
3. Let’s exchange “Ekitoma Ticket” for a great deal!
Ekitoma Ticket is an electronic ticket that can be used at various stores mainly in the JR East area. During the period, you can exchange it for JRE POINT, so please take advantage of this opportunity! -Redeem at JRE MALL-
5 Ekitoma tickets (2,500 yen worth) can be exchanged for 2,000 points! * Click here to apply for exchange:
https://www.jreastmall.com/shop/g/gS195-0005/ (Open on December 1st) * Membership registration with JRE MALL and cooperation with JRE POINT are required to purchase and use Ekitoma tickets. For other notes, please check the product purchase page.
-Exchange with Tabi-CONNECT-
Every time you redeem 5 Ekitoma tickets (2,500 points), you will get 500 points back!
* In addition to the 50 points normally granted at the time of exchange, 450 points will be returned for this campaign, for a total of 500 points.
* Click here to apply for exchange:
https://maas-portal.com/ekitomaticket/tickets/1022 (smartphone site) * To exchange for Ekitoma tickets, you need to register as a member of JaM id (free) and link with JRE POINT.
*For details, please check the product purchase page.
[Image 15d17557-546-b58451d499b1ffbfe42f-15.jpg&s3=17557-546-661c0e6475872f8bc15a6cf2f77733aa-372x341.jpg
4. You can ride with 400 points! Let’s go out with “(for JRE POINT) Suica green ticket”!
(Exchange application period: December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023) You can redeem 400 points instead of the usual 600 points for a Suica Green Ticket (for JRE POINT).
* Click here for the exchange procedure:
[Image 16d17557-546-64175619e7e8c32e3122-16.jpg&s3=17557-546-21ac8dcb44d7f3927afdcec7b9905942-228x236.jpg
5. Let’s exchange shopping tickets for mail order “Belle Maison” even more! The “Belle Maison Shopping Voucher” that can be used for shopping at the official Bell Maison online shop “Belle Maison Net”
(https://www.bellemaison.jp/) can be exchanged for a limited time offer.
*Exchange points*
Belle Maison shopping voucher (10,000 yen) Normal 8,400 points ⇒ 8,000 points Save 2,000 yen!
Belle Maison shopping voucher (5,000 yen) Normal 4,500 points ⇒ 4,200 points Save 800 yen!
*Please see the exchange page for details such as exchange applications. URL (for 10,000 yen): https://www.jrepoint.jp/item/22132213/ (Open on December 1st)
URL (for 5,000 yen): https://www.jrepoint.jp/item/22087212/ (Open on December 1st)
[Image 17d17557-546-d2b78f421f2f777322a9-17.jpg&s3=17557-546-9f6403f0e52e4bac3c773add6ea29e15-564x126.jpg
Click here for a list of “use” menus:

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