Easy-to-understand technical documentation is the key to web service success! Jamstack for high quality and high cost performance!

Human Science Co., Ltd.
Easy-to-understand technical documentation is the key to web service success! Jamstack for high quality and high cost performance! ~ Approaches to solving technical document problems learned from overseas cases ~

Human Science Co., Ltd. (2-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo CEO Tsuyoshi Kumazawa) announced on Thursday, December 15, 2022, “Easy-to-understand technical documentation is the key to web service success! High quality and high cost performance.” If you want to make it, Jamstack! ~Learning from overseas cases, approach to solving technical document problems~” will be held.
The theme this time is “Approaches for improving technical documents published on the Web”.
As an example, consider an API reference.
As one of the important points in popularizing our own services such as SaaS, The point is “how smoothly users (customers and developers) can understand and utilize the API”.
The problem here is that simply publishing the technical documentation written by the engineers is not enough.
It must be “covering the information that users need and being easy to use”. Otherwise, even if you go to great lengths to publish technical documents, the unfortunate result will be that they will not be fully utilized (=the service will not spread).
How about your technical documentation?
Does it appeal to users?
In this seminar, about technical documents
1. How to make it easier to understand 2. We will explain what kind of platform should be used for management, with examples from overseas and demonstrations.
The technical configuration of this demonstration is as follows. ・Headless CMS: Storyblok
・Static site generator: Gatsby
・Web server: Netlify
The demonstration uses Storyblok as a headless CMS,
I will show you the series of steps to deploy to Netlify.
We will also introduce the ease of editing Storyblok.
We will also introduce performance security, which is a feature of Jamstack, and usability of headless CMS.
If you’re an engineer working on technical documentation, or someone in charge of marketing, please join us!
[Holding guidelines]
Date: December 15, 2022 (Thursday): 14:00-15:00 (60 minutes) Cost: Free
*This seminar is a web seminar by Zoom.
*Information on how to participate will be sent to those who have applied by email.
・Person in charge of updating corporate sites, etc.
・Engineers who develop web and smartphone applications
・ CEO and CTO of emerging SaaS companies
・Marketing/sales personnel
*Participation by other companies in the same industry and individuals may be refused.
[Seminar content]
– introduction
– Introduction of human science methods/services
– Introduction of overseas case studies demonstrating the superiority of Jamstack
– Demonstration of Jamstack configuration
*The program is subject to change without notice.
【way to participate】
Please apply from the URL below.
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