Eat Creator Co., Ltd. PAYSAGE New seasonal baked sweets created by patissier Hideki Eto appear at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store. Open for a limited time from November 23 (Wednesday).

Eat Creator Co., Ltd.
[PAYSAGE] New seasonal baked sweets created by patissier Hideki Eto appear at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store. Open for a limited time from November 23 (Wednesday).

The sweets brand [PAYSAGE] by Hideki Eto, who is active as an up-and-coming dessert patissier, will open a limited-time shop on the basement floor of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store from Wednesday, November 23, 2022 to Tuesday, November 29, 2022. I will.
This time, in addition to new products using seasonal ingredients such as chestnuts and apples, two types of galettes have been added to the popular sable can series.
Please enjoy PAYSAGE’s sweets, which are always full of new discoveries. “PAYSAGE” is created by Hideki Eto, who has worked as a chef pastry chef at many famous restaurants such as “DOMINIQUE BOUCHET TOKYO”, “SUGALABO”, “THIERRY MARX” and “unis”. It is a sweets brand that develops with the concept of “Together with your time.”
Although it is a brand that does not have a store, we have prepared all the new baked sweets, not to mention the classic Sable Classic, which is sold out when opening an event at a department store. Please use it not only as a reward for yourself, but also as a gift for your loved ones.
[Sales product details]
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Two types of galettes from Tokyo
■ Galette Casonade
Carefully baked galette dough using Casonade, which is characterized by the scent of honey and vanilla. A galette sticking to materials that make you feel nostalgic. Finished with a modest sweetness, the crunchy texture and cassonade flavor will make you addicted. Price: 180g ¥3,456 (tax included)
■ Galette Chocolat
A galette made with casonade, which has a characteristic scent of honey and vanilla, mixed with fragrant Ecuadorian cacao and baked to create a nostalgic galette. Finished with a modest sweetness, the crunchy texture and cacao aftertaste are addictive.
Sales price: 180g ¥ 3,780 (tax included)
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We also sell the standard Sable Classic
■ Sable Classic
Although it is simple, you can feel the texture and taste of ingredients such as cranberries, Earl Gray, chocolate chips, and maple. A luxurious sable for adults, carefully baked one by one with a focus on flavor and texture.
Types of cookies: cranberry, earl grey, chocolate chip, maple Sales price: 300g ¥ 4,428 (tax included)
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Chausson au pomme delivered freshly baked every day
Shosong au Pomme -Suda Farm-
A puff pastry made with AOC butter from France, wrapped in an apple and ruby ​​compote from Suda Farm in Nagano Prefecture. Tonka beans are used as accents.
Sales price: ¥702 (tax included)
[Image 4

A tart marron made with plenty of astringent skin marron
■ Tart Marron [Seasonal product]
Boiled Japanese chestnuts with astringent skin, paste, and almond powder are made into a tart and baked. A seasonal product with astringent marron on the surface.
Sales price: ¥ 810 (tax included)
[Image 5

Please enjoy the crispy texture and the moistness of the dough. ■ Cake marron glacé [Seasonal product]
The dough made from luxurious ingredients such as simmered Japanese chestnuts, paste, and almond powder is carefully and moistly baked. Chestnut cake decorated with sugar coating on the surface. The quality of the material is well expressed.
Sales price: ¥ 2,376 (tax included)

[Image 6

We also have a wide selection of baked sweets that are perfect for souvenirs.

[Image 7

(The image is an image.)
■ Set of 3 cakes
An assortment of cakes that use luxurious ingredients. The outside has the flavor of well-baked butter, and the inside is a moist and fluffy dough. A set of cakes that you can enjoy various flavors is perfect for gifts as well as for home use.
[Cakete Vert]
A cake that brings out the elegant flavor of matcha. Almond powder is added to create an elegant finish while retaining the mild bitterness of matcha.
[Cake chocolate fig]
We used plenty of Ecuadorian cacao and Camino Verde cacao powder to create a fragrant and moist texture. Mixed with fig pulp and baked. [Cake cranberry noir]
We added sweet and sour cranberries to the moist dough using walnut powder and baked it.
Selling price:
¥2,430 (tax included) for 6 ¥4,860 (tax included) for 12
■ Financier Maple
Made with maple sugar and almond powder for a moist finish. A financier with an irresistible scent.
Sales price: ¥ 324 (tax included)
■ Financier Garden
Black tea financier with original blend tea “Garden” added to the dough. The fragrance is outstanding. Moist and plump finish. Sales price: ¥ 356 (tax included)
■ Chocolate caramel noisette
Fragrantly roasted noisette coated with caramel chocolate.
Sales price: ¥ 1620 (tax included)
[Store overview]
Period: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday) to November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) Branch location: Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store B1
Business hours: 10:00-19:30
[Chef Eto’s store schedule (planned)]
Date: November 23rd (Wednesday) and 26th (Saturday)
[PAYSAGE Official Instagram]
■ Profile of Hideki Eto
[Image 8d57219-45-7066935ac84d89565bdc-0.jpg&s3=57219-45-596802b046f17e1309e88b46a9345fc3-1707x2560.jpg
Chef Hideki Eto
Born in Tokyo in 1985. Trained at L’OASIS in Lanapoule, France and Villa des Lys in Cannes. After gaining experience at “BEIGE Alain Ducasse TOKYO”, he has served as a chef pastry chef at many famous restaurants such as “DOMINIQUE BOUCHET TOKYO”, “SUGALABO”, and “THIERRY MARX”. Participated in Salon du Chocolat since 2018. In 2020, he was appointed as a chef pastry chef “Social Kitchen” producer of “unis”. In 2021, he will launch his own brand “PAYSAGE”. In 2022, the sister brand “LA NOSTALGIE” will be opened. We always aim to create the supreme sweets that bring joy and create special moments. In addition to the activities at the store, in addition to holding dessert courses that maximize the appeal of seasonal fruits at Toranomon Social Kitchen, we are also involved in a wide range of activities such as developing collaborations with companies and developing original products for VIP customers of overseas apparel maisons. there is

■ About Eat Creator
Eat Creator Co., Ltd. aims to “update society through food” and develops services that create opportunities for everyone involved in food to be surprised, entertained, and discovered.
・Business description / Development and operation of restaurant business, research and development / incubation, work related to improving food literacy
・ Head office / 5th floor, 11-8 Nihonbashi Koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ・Representative Director / Satoshi Nagasuna
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