EC Pro 11/29 (Tuesday) 12:00 “Free webinar for beauty/cosmetics EC business owners aiming for annual sales of 1 billion”

WUUZY Co., Ltd.
[11/29 (Tue) 12:00] “Free webinar for beauty / cosmetics EC business owners aiming for annual sales of 1 billion”
~ Experts in pharmaceutical affairs, EC site operation, and
organization formation will tell you how to maximize EC sales based on successful cases ~

WUUZY Co., Ltd. (Uzi, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Seiya Takenaka, hereinafter referred to as WUUZY), which operates “EC Pro”, is “for beauty / cosmetics EC business owners aiming for annual sales of 1 billion We are pleased to announce that a free webinar will be held on Tuesday, November 29th at 12:00.
This webinar is the first co-sponsored webinar hosted by our company, and three professional companies, RCT Japan, future, and EC, will discuss “the latest cases of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law”, “EC site management to increase sales”, and “maximizing sales from an organizational perspective”. I will talk about. Based on actual success and failure cases, it is recommended not only for know-how that can be immediately put into practice as field knowledge, but also for those who want to input the latest EC industry trends and service trends. Even if it is difficult to watch on the day, you can also watch the archive.
You can watch it completely free of charge, so if you are an EC business owner aiming for annual sales of 1 billion yen in beauty / cosmetic products, please feel free to apply.
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speaker profile
◆ Part 1 Presentation (12:00~12:30)
Kiichiro Mochida, President and CEO, RCT Japan Co., Ltd.
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After working for IBM Japan → Nippon Broadcasting System → Station Gaia → J-WAVE → NOTTV →, became independent as a pharmaceutical mail-order consultant in 2014. In 2016, he established the Foods with Function Claims Testing Association. We will provide education and notification support for the new system “Foods with Function Claims”. In partnership with BSCG in the United States, we are providing anti-doping certification “CERTIFIED DRUG FREE” for food and cosmetics. In addition to importing and supporting the sale of medical equipment, he established the influencer marketing business “Beauty, Health and Food 1,000 Committee”.
[Publication theme/title]
Updated pharmaceutical regulations for cosmetics advertisements and health food advertisements. Introducing the latest cases of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law and the Landscape Law. ◆Part 2 (12:30~13:00)
Daichi Shiki, Head of Marketing, Co., Ltd.
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Joined Kora Co., Ltd. as a new graduate in 2015. After working in the solution sales department, first engaged in the launch of the web advertising operation department. After that, he launched the marketing department, the Fukuoka branch office (Fukuoka branch manager), the marketing department manager, and the CS sales manager of the company’s SaaS-type product, etc. before his current position. From now on, he will be in charge of all marketing areas and inside sales of the company. In addition, as an EC consultant, he has been involved in supporting over 300 EC sites in total, and has experienced marketing from the launch of EC business to the scale of billions of annual sales.
[Publication theme/title]
Public disclosure of know-how and case studies that improve results by 150% while supporting 2,000 companies
◆Part 3 (13:00~13:30)
Seiya Takenaka, CEO of WUUZY Co., Ltd. (EC Professional)
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Serial Entrepreneur / Representative Director of aedi works Co., Ltd. / (Former) Employee of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo
Established aedi works Co., Ltd. when he was a student. In 2019, he became a staff member at the University of Tokyo Graduate School AI Laboratory. In order to efficiently circulate the knowledge possessed by professional human resources, he founded WUUZY Co., Ltd. and entered the HR industry. WUUZY operates a multi-business matching service “EC Professional” that registers more than 1,500 people with EC experience alone.
[Publication theme/title]
Important things for increasing EC sales / Disclosure of success cases ~ Winning organizations and important pieces ~
Overview of the seminar
Title: Free webinar for beauty/cosmetics EC business owners aiming for annual sales of 1 billion
~E-commerce sales maximization know-how explained by experts in pharmaceutical affairs, EC site operation, and organization formation based on successful cases~
Date and time: 11/29 (Tue) 12:00-13:30 (archive viewing available) Viewing method: Online distribution via Zoom (We will inform you of the viewing URL separately by the day before the event.)
Cost: Completely free
-Recommended for people like this-
・Persons aiming for annual sales of 1 billion yen in the
beauty/cosmetics EC/mail order business
・ Those who are thinking about new product development / planning ・ Those who want to know the basic idea of ​​the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and how to incorporate it into product planning
・Those who operate web advertisements, but sales have hit a ceiling or want to expand
・Those who want to start web advertising ・Those who do not know what to do first ・ Those who want to know whether their company’s results are good ・Those who have been appointed to a new position or person in charge of the EC/mail order business
・Those who are considering launching a beauty/cosmetics EC/mail order business ・Those who have not found the next step in building an organization to increase sales
Easy 1 minute! Please apply here!
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What is an EC professional?
More than 1,500 EC professional registrants are subdivided into 84 types of skill tags, and their achievements and strengths are visualized. It is a service that allows you to match EC experts who cannot be found in the recruitment market with an initial cost of 0 yen and a minimum of 2 days.
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