EC-specialized no-code tool TēPs now supports “Shopify Flow” ~ Workflow can be started at a specified time ~

Tapes Co., Ltd.
EC-specialized no-code tool TēPs now supports “Shopify Flow” ~ Workflow can be started at a specified time ~

Tapes Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Kengo Tabuchi) has added a function to launch the workflow of the Shopify application “Shopify Flow” to the no-code tool “TēPs” specializing in EC. did. This makes it possible to periodically execute workflows with any date and time as a trigger, which was not possible with Shopify Flow.
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■ About the new function “Start Workflow”
You can trigger Shopify Flow on the date and time specified in TēPs, or the result of periodic execution at intervals of at least 15 minutes. At that time, it is possible to specify detailed conditions that cannot be achieved with Shopify Flow, such as passing a customer ID with a specific tag as a trigger.
Shopify Flow is Shopify’s automation platform, which can be used free of charge for stores on the Standard plan and above, and can automate processes between stores and various apps. However, the trigger that launches the workflow is limited to a specific event such as “when an order is created” and cannot be triggered at an arbitrary date and time. As a result, there are merchants who are manually carrying out such tasks because workflows such as “Get the previous day’s orders at 00:00 every day and link them to the app” cannot be started. By linking TēPs and Shopify Flow, you can specify the date and time and start the workflow with more detailed conditions. With Shopify Flow alone, you can do things like:
● Give points on your birthday in combination with the point app ●Once a month, coupons will be sent by e-mail according to membership rank. ● Send a follow-up LINE message 7 days after the initial purchase In this way, it is possible to automate measures that were difficult with the conventional Shopify Flow, so it is possible to reduce the burden on the person in charge by reducing manual work and increase sales by implementing new sales promotion measures.
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-Functions related to “Shopify” released so far-
Added “Shopify” as a new connection destination Released a function to automate “acquisition of order information”
Released 4 functions to automate order cancellation, inventory update, etc.
Released a function to search Shopify order information by “tag”
Released a function to automatically acquire the number of stocks of Shopify
■ About TēPs
TēPs can freely combine various services and functions used in daily work, such as EC malls, order management systems, Google Spreadsheets (*1) and chat tools, via APIs, without programming knowledge or experience. You can also create tools to automate your own business. feature
● Data can be handled freely without programming knowledge
● Detailed conditions can be set according to the operation of each EC site ● Implementation support via video conferencing and support via e-mail, Slack, etc.
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■ Tapes Co., Ltd.
We are developing services for the EC industry with the vision of “coloring work and enriching life.”
Company name: Tapes Co., Ltd.
Location: Southern Beach Hills 5F, 4-12986-52 Nakakaigan, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Kengo Tabuchi
(*1) Google Spreadsheet is a trademark of Google LLC
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