ecbeing Co., Ltd. Ping Golf newly builds Japan’s first direct sales EC site with ecbeing-improving customer satisfaction with the concept of fan marketing-

ecbeing Co., Ltd.
Ping Golf newly builds Japan’s first direct sales EC site with ecbeing-improving customer satisfaction with the concept of fan marketing-

ecbeing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaya Hayashi, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is the EC construction platform “ecbeing”, which has the No. 1*1 share of the EC construction platform for 14 consecutive years, has been launched by Pin Golf Japan. Adopted and introduced to build a new EC site for BtoC EC site “PING ONLINE SHOP” operated by Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, President: John K. Solheim, hereinafter “Pingolf Japan”) We will announce that
* 1 “2021 EC site construction package solution market share survey” (Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute)
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Background and purpose of launching the EC site
Ping Golf Japan has been selling golf-related products at actual stores, but it has been recognized that it has not been able to sufficiently provide an experience that can raise customer
satisfaction to customers nationwide. .
Therefore, we adopted ecbeing because of its excellent scalability, and built a new EC site with the aim of improving customer
satisfaction based on the concept of an EC platform that allows fan marketing.
1. Cross-sectional use of Pin Golf Japan website by linking member information In order to increase the satisfaction of the tens of thousands of existing members who have contact with the brand site “CLUB PING” that Ping Golf Japan has been operating since before the construction of the official EC site “PING ONLINE SHOP”, By linking the EC site and the core system, we have built a mechanism that allows existing members to use the site without newly registering for the EC site. In addition, by linking member information, it is now possible to use the EC site login function for campaigns implemented on brand sites and various member-participation measures. As a result, we were able to unify the member login lead online and improve convenience. 2. Site design that focuses on how products are displayed
Ping Golf Japan, which has many fixed fans, attaches great importance to the brand image it has built up so far. Therefore, we adopted an image that conveys a sense of luxury for the top of the “PING ONLINE SHOP” site, aiming for a design that does not impair the brand image of PING Golf Japan that fans want.
In addition, some of the products handled by Pin Golf Japan are series products that span categories such as bags, caps, and accessories. In order to convey that the product is a series, we use ecbeing’s unique event function to arrange the product. By utilizing ecbeing, which has a wide range of expression options for basic functions, we were able to realize product placement that Pin Golf Japan was particular about. [Image 3d7074-102-3a0205211ca1c0db7865-2.png&s3=7074-102-8ce494ddfc539575460dc74639863659-2444x1002.png
3. Overseas limited products are now available through EC sites PING, the parent company of Ping Golf Japan, is a global company headquartered in the United States that sells products in multiple countries. Until now, there have been many overseas limited products that are not sold in Japan, but with the release of the official EC site “PING ONLINE SHOP”, it is now possible to obtain these overseas limited products that were difficult to obtain. It’s easier. Comment from Pin Golf Japan
We were able to realize our image because the functions of the package software are substantial for both CRM and CMS.
In addition, by migrating existing member data to the EC site, existing members can use the service without re-registering. In the future, we would like to realize better service development while utilizing the experience and knowledge that ecbeing has cultivated in order to realize the services we aim for.
Ping Golf Japan Co., Ltd.
Ping Golf Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of golf manufacturer PING, which was founded in 1959 in the United States. I’m here.
In addition, events such as rental club services and fittings and trial hitting events are held nationwide.
・ PING official site “CLUB PING”:
About EC site construction platform “ecbeing”
The EC construction platform “ecbeing” is an EC construction platform that has been introduced to more than 1,500 sites, mainly large and medium-sized companies, since its service sales started in 1999, and is a comprehensive solution*2 that boasts the top share in Japan. “ecbeing” can provide a one-stop service from strategy planning to digital marketing, site creation, system construction, operation, and data center, regardless of industry or business type.
We build EC sites that are easy to operate and increase sales by supporting marketing, as well as providing omni-channel compatible EC sites and smartphone apps that utilize member data to link stores. These are made possible by the nation’s largest human resources system of 500 development, 200 marketing, sales and data centers.
Click here for details ( * 2 “2021 EC site construction package solution market share survey” (Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute)


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