ECC Co., Ltd. Established INEJA Enterprise Private Limited, a local subsidiary in India, to strengthen advanced IT human resource services

ECC Co., Ltd.
Established INEJA Enterprise Private Limited, a local subsidiary in India, to strengthen advanced IT human resource services
Full support from language education to cross-cultural understanding and settlement support. Aiming to be a bridge between India and Japan
ECC Co., Ltd. (head office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Masahiro Hanafusa), a comprehensive education and lifelong learning
institution, operates “ECC Foreigner Support” (Foreigner Support Business Promotion Office) in New Delhi, India. We have established a local subsidiary, INEJA Enterprise Private Limited.
– Origin of the company name “INEJA” –
It is a coined word combining IN from India, E from ECC, and JA from Japan, in the sense that ECC connects India and Japan.
★ “ECC Support for Foreigners” homepage [Image 1

 Industrial DX (Digital Transformation) is being rapidly promoted around the world, and the shortage of IT human resources is becoming more serious especially in Japan. Meanwhile, India, which is said to be one of the world’s leading IT powerhouses, is attracting attention, and many Indian human resources are expanding their range of activities in the global market. On the other hand, at Japanese companies in Japan, there is a current situation where recruitment is not progressing due to barriers such as Japanese language and cross-cultural understanding.
*Incorporated Administrative Agency Information-technology Promotion Agency Social Infrastructure Center “IT Human Resources White Paper 2020”
In 2019, in response to the problem of labor shortages, ECC launched “ECC’s Support for Foreigners” to support companies from accepting foreign workers to their retention. As a company that provides language education, we utilize the know-how we have cultivated over the 60 years since our establishment as a company to recruit foreign workers, and continue to support the growth of both foreign workers and Japanese people, leading to the development of the company.  In order to strengthen the Indian IT recruitment business, we have established a local subsidiary, INEJA Enterprise Private Limited, in New Delhi, India. Recruiting IT human resources through tie-ups with engineering universities. We will provide Japanese language education to them through ECC Nihongo, a Japanese language learning service for English speakers developed independently by ECC, and introduce them to Japanese companies.
– What ECC’s Support for Foreigners Aims –
Based on the concept of “Mutually utilize each other, mutually utilize each other”, we will not only solve the labor shortage, but also propose solutions that lead to the growth of both foreigners and Japanese and the development of the company.
Overview of INEJA Enterprise Private Limited, a local subsidiary in India [Location] Unit 102, Rectangle One, Saket District Centre, New Delhi – 110017 [TEL]+91 88829 09343
[Business description] Focusing on IT human resources, providing Japanese language education and operating introduction business to Japanese companies
Service features
1. Screening
In addition to ECC’s 60-year-old experience in recruiting foreign personnel, our experienced engineer recruiters will support the selection of difficult-to-identify personnel. One of our strengths is our connection with excellent IT human resources in India through our network with partner engineering universities such as Delhi Institute of Technology and Amity University.
2. Japanese language education “ECC Nihongo” An online lesson with a unique program specialized for English speakers. In Indonesia (for university students), we have a track record of acquiring Japanese language skills that allow you to get a job at a Japanese listed company from zero in half a year.
[Image 2

●Simplify necessary points in English
By explaining Japanese concepts in English, it will be easier to understand more smoothly and accurately.
●Lessons that focus on “using” Japanese
In a learner-participatory lesson, the instructor’s utterance is set at 10% and the learner’s utterance is set at about 90%. At the end of the lesson, the goal is for learners to be able to express their own opinions in Japanese.
Reduce lesson time with original teaching materials
Lessons mainly focus on “listening” and “speaking”, and practice “reading” and “writing” skills through preparation and review. In the case of general teaching materials, approximately 528 hours* of lessons are required from those who have never studied Japanese to mastering N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, but ECC’s original teaching materials require 400 hours of lesson time. *Research by ECC Co., Ltd.
★ You can take Japanese language training before coming to Japan or after joining the company. You can further improve your Japanese skills necessary for daily life and work.
3. Support for activation of foreign human resources (support for cross-cultural understanding and settlement)
In addition to providing support services that encourage foreign workers to smoothly start and settle in Japan, we also provide training to facilitate communication between different cultures. ● Service for foreign human resources “Startup”
・New life basic training: A program to start a new life smoothly ・Manners and etiquette training: A program centered on business manners and etiquette
● “Diversity” service for Japanese companies
・Communication training: A program to learn about communication tips ・Mutual understanding training: A program useful not only for understanding others but also for self-understanding
・Cross-cultural understanding training: A program to deepen
understanding for smooth communication between people with different cultural backgrounds
・ Support for creating an environment for accepting foreign human resources: Training for creating an environment for accepting foreign human resources, regular interviews, etc.
Service flow
[INEJA] Recruiting: Pre-interview by ECC → 7 months of Japanese study online (ECC Nihongo)
↓ Introduction
[Japanese companies] Selection/recruitment

[INEJA] Visa application

[Japanese company] Employment procedures
*We provide support even after employment, such as cross-cultural understanding training, settlement support, language training, etc. *In addition to Japanese training, we can also provide English training (IT English) for Japanese staff.
What is ECC’s support for foreigners? 1. Solving language and communication problems professionally  When hiring foreign personnel, language and communication problems are inevitable. At ECC, various approaches are possible, such as a plan to continuously improve Japanese language skills not only before entering Japan but also after entering Japan, and training to improve the English skills of Japanese people.
2. Providing the “approach that turns cultural barriers into strengths” cultivated by ECC
At the same time as creating a global environment, it is also important to convey the goodness of Japanese management to foreign personnel. We will relatively understand each other’s cultural gaps and propose ways to further develop your company’s strengths together with foreign human resources.
3. Utilize our global network to make proposals that meet your needs  Utilizing ECC’s global network, we propose hiring a diverse range of foreign personnel. We flexibly respond to needs such as hiring personnel that match the corporate culture and hiring highly skilled personnel.
[Service overview]
● IT human resource introduction Most of them are from top overseas universities and have experience in international projects. We are also focusing on introducing Indian IT human resources. We will achieve high communication through Japanese education for foreign personnel and English education for Japanese staff.
● Nursing care personnel introduction
Even companies that are new to hiring foreigners can feel at ease hiring caregivers introduced by ECC. Human resources are mainly from Myanmar and the Philippines. We will provide full support for hiring, Japanese language education, and building an acceptance system. ● Support for foreigners with specific skills:
 Supporting the acceptance of foreign personnel as a registration support organization. ECC, which has a wealth of acceptance know-how, will smoothly implement the support plan for specific skilled workers. ― What is a Specified Skilled Foreigner?
In order to respond to the country’s worsening labor shortage, we will start accepting foreign human resources who are ready to work in specific industrial fields from 2019. Specific skill foreigners are required to have a certain skill level and Japanese language proficiency level. In addition, there are 1 and 2, and when accepting a specific skill 1 foreigner, it is obligatory to create and implement a support plan consisting of 10 items.
★PDF version release: ■ ECC Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1962, ECC celebrated its 60th anniversary in June this year. Since its founding, it has developed various educational activities. We have introduced unique curricula and teaching materials to achieve the goals of each age group, from infants to seniors, and are producing solid results. Through language education, ECC’s mission is to nurture human resources who possess the qualities of a “true global citizen” that meets the needs of the times.
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