Echigo Yakuso Co., Ltd. Started Japan’s first joint research through industry-academia collaboration! Echigo Y akuso Co., Ltd. × Niigata University of Pharmaceutical Sciences × Niigata Bio Research Park Co., Ltd.

Echigo Yakuso Co., Ltd.
Japan’s first joint research through industry-academia collaboration started! Echigo Yakuso Co., Ltd. × Niigata University of
Pharmaceutical Sciences × Niigata Bio Research Park Co., Ltd.
Echigo Yakuso Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Joetsu City, Niigata
Prefecture, Representative Director: Kazushi Tsukada, hereinafter Echigo Yakuso) and Niigata Institute of Science and Technology Niigata University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Location: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, President: Fumitake Shimojo, hereinafter Niigata Pharmaceutical University) , Niigata Bio Research Park Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, Representative Director: Hiroshi Goto, hereinafter NBRP) aims to create new value with the theme of “fermentation” and develop products that support health. We have concluded a joint research agreement for
industry-academia collaboration and will start humanities and science integrated research related to “fermented plant extracts obtained from 80 kinds of raw materials, mainly wild grasses”.
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Joetsu City, where the head office of Echigo Yakusou is located, is a city of fermented foods, and many fermented foods such as sake, wine, miso, and soy sauce have been manufactured since ancient times. One of the factors is the locality of Joetsu City. In the summer, the average temperature is close to 30℃, but the humidity is high and the temperature is high and humid. Due to the high temperature difference in Joetsu City, only strong bacteria can survive.In addition, the humid environment throughout the year increases the activity of fermenting bacteria, so it has a climate suitable for “fermentation”. Due to this climate, fermented foods have been manufactured in a cottage industry for a long time, and research on fermentation and brewing has been actively conducted. “Fermentation” has been integrated into the culture of Joetsu City, such as the world-famous Kinichiro Sakaguchi and Zenbei Kawakami, who is called the father of Japanese wine. Echigo Yakuso also operates a food manufacturing business that utilizes fermented plant extracts, which are obtained by fermenting and maturing 80 kinds of raw materials, mainly wild herbs, for one year.
However, “fermentation” in the manufacturing process has many unknown parts, and by studying the mechanism of this “fermentation”, we aim to comprehensively analyze and build evidence. In addition, through joint industry-academia research with Niigata University of Pharmacy and NBRP, by linking the strengths of the three companies, we will pursue new possibilities for “fermentation” and contribute to the regional revitalization of “Fermentation Town Joetsu”. We will continue to. 【research summary】
We conduct component analysis and comprehensive analysis of microbial communities in fermented plant extracts, and utilize the evidence obtained to plan brand strategies for existing and new products. [Image 2

【research content】
-Elucidation of major components and microbial communities in fermented plant extracts-
 Constructing a microbial community analysis method in the
fermentation/aging process of fermented plant extracts,
We aim to elucidate things.
-Branding design and new product proposal for kimchi-
 Reorganize the points of differentiation from existing products, devise new concepts, and collaborate with the fermented plant extract manufacturing business
We aim to create a synergistic effect. Furthermore, in order to rebuild and strengthen the kimchi brand, we will redesign the existing concept.
“Evaluation will be carried out.”
-Examination of new manufacturing process-
Based on the evidence obtained from this research, we will strengthen the management system for safety and quality by reviewing the existing manufacturing process and making the manufacturing process more efficient.

[About Niigata Pharmaceutical University]
Niigata University of Pharmacy has two faculties: the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which has cultivated specialists in medicine and health for 40 years, and the Faculty of Applied Life Sciences, which conducts cutting-edge education and research in the fields of food, biotechnology, and the environment. It is one of the leading life science universities in Japan, aiming to scientifically explore “life and health” from all aspects including “food, bio, and environment” as well as “medicine”.
[About Niigata Bio Research Park Co., Ltd.]
In addition to evaluating the effectiveness and safety of functional foods/ingredients through non-clinical studies (animal experiments, etc.) and food human clinical studies, we also conduct commissioned research and joint research and development utilizing our know-how and personal connections such as researcher networks. We provide detailed user support and facility management of the Niigata City Bioresearch Center through technical collaboration with universities such as (URL)
【Company Profile】
Company name: Echigo Yakuso Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 73 Kozaruya, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
Representative: Kazushi Tsukada, Representative Director
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