Ecobacs Japan Co., Ltd. Windows automatically shine with one touch! Ecovacs introduces new automatic window cleaning robot “WINBOT W1 PRO”.

Ecovacs Japan Co., Ltd.
Windows automatically shine with one touch! Ecovacs introduces new automatic window cleaning robot “WINBOT W1 PRO”.

Ecovacs Japan Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo/President Fumiyasu Sakanashi), a comprehensive manufacturer of household robots that integrates robot research and development, production, and sales, has released the latest automatic window cleaning robot “WINBOT W1 PRO ( Winbot W1 Pro)” will be on sale at the official Amazon store from today.
Ecovacs has expanded the WINBOT series lineup to introduce the all-new WINBOT W1 PRO.
The WINBOT W1 PRO is the first model in the Ecovacs Robotic Window Wiping series to adopt cross-auto spray technology, achieving higher cleaning efficiency with a simple method. The Steady-Climbing system allows you to drive without slipping even on wet windows. In addition, the upgraded 2800pa adsorption force firmly sticks to the window, sprays moisture more evenly, improves safety, and adds an automatic voice guidance function in the user’s native language. With these new features, WINBOT W1 PRO will revolutionize your window cleaning experience.
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■ Product overview
[Table 2: ]
*Limited to Ecobacs official Amazon stores.
■ Official Amazon store release privilege
1.10% OFF discount coupon
*Please check the coupon information on the Amazon product page. 2. Present an ECOVACS original gift set
*Please purchase both the robot vacuum cleaner and the gift set in the cart. Limited to the first 100 people and will end as soon as the stock runs out.
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■Main features of the product
[Outstanding detergency]
Equipped with innovative cross-auto spray technology, when WINBOT is attached to the glass and starts cleaning, it sprays fine water particles from the left and right. In addition, stubborn stains can be removed by using the included special cleaning agent. The 60ml large capacity water tank enables continuous cleaning of up to 20 square meters without the need for frequent water replenishment.
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[Smooth cleaning without skidding]
Equipped with a Steady-Climbing system for smooth and stable movement. The drive pedal material has been improved for better grip, and the drive wheels have been placed on the outside to keep them dry. An intelligent gravity compensation function also applies the necessary upward pressure to keep the robot firmly on the glass as it moves laterally.
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[Advanced navigation, smarter cleaning rules]
WINBOT W1 PRO uses the latest robot navigation “WIN-SLAM 3.0” and an optical sensor to determine an efficient cleaning path according to the shape of the window, further improving cleaning speed. The robot reciprocates in a U-shape or N-shape to remove dirt. The cleaning time of 1 square meter is about 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and the cleaning is completed with smooth operation.
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[Enough protection, no worry about falling]
WINBOT W1 PRO has various safety measures to prevent accidents when cleaning windows. The upgraded suction power of 2,800 Pa firmly adheres to the glass without damaging it. The automatic air pressure correction function keeps track of the suction force and corrects air leaks within 0.04 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about falling. It also features power failure protection and a safety rope to ensure user safety and give a sense of security.
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[One touch to a shiny window]
After attaching the main unit to the window, automatic cleaning starts with just one touch of the start button. You can also download the dedicated app and operate it from your smartphone. In addition, it is equipped with an automatic voice guidance function, and even while driving, it will notify you of the state of the main unit and the cleaning status in a timely manner. It is now possible to continue individual work while being conscious of what the robot is doing. [Image 8d17926-54-ce6102fea7539e3e5249-3.jpg&s3=17926-54-5d5af27afa241c6a9e3df54e85d2b79e-750x770.jpg
[Image 9d17926-54-e195369d1d99e0920057-4.jpg&s3=17926-54-7bbd5889d774680b8cb8e64ff252f66d-750x770.jpg
■ Product specifications
Body weight: 1500g
Body size (W x D x H): 270*77.5*270mm
Rated voltage: 24V
Rated output: 96W
Power interruption protection: Yes
Glass material that can be cleaned: Flat glass with no unevenness (thickness of 3 mm or more)
Cleanable window frame: with or without frame
Cleanable glass size: 30x40cm or more
Cleaning time (1X1 square meter): about 2 minutes 50 seconds Safety rope length: 3.3m
Degree of vacuum: 2800Pa
Continuous cleaning area: 20 square meters
Body water tank capacity: 60ml
Backup battery charging time: 135 minutes
What is Ecovacs
[Image 10d17926-54-b2c45af7144e32239c52-6.jpg&s3=17926-54-625fba54f3f1fda48969a031a8146d09-640x311.jpg
Ecobacs has won many internationally prestigious awards, has been researching and developing products that can only be made with Ecobacs for more than 20 years, and has the second largest share in the world with more than 22 million users worldwide. Home robot manufacturer. To ensure the quality of our products for our customers around the world, we have expanded our intellectual property portfolio and today hold 345 trademarks and over 1,000 patents worldwide. Launched the world’s first robot vacuum cleaner equipped with Ecovac’s unique
high-performance laser mapping and navigation technology that applied LDS technology. We have also developed the OZMO mop system, which simultaneously sucks up dust and wipes with water while adjusting the amount of water. In addition to robot vacuum cleaners for floors, we have developed robot vacuum cleaners for windows, robot air purifiers, etc. Through robots, we will provide everyone with a safe and comfortable life.
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