Edible Flower Research Institute The second gourmet menu of the real store “Branch Park” of TBS TV “King’s Bru nch” and the Edible Flower Research Institute! Started selling “Rose Chocolate” and “Flower Cookie” in collabora tion with two sweets brand

dot science Inc.
The second gourmet menu of the real store “Branch Park” of TBS TV “King’s Brunch” and the Edible Flower Institute! Started selling “Rose Chocolate” and “Flower Cookie” in collaboration with two sweets brands Collaboration between sweets specialty media “ufu.” and regular snack service “snaq.me”

The Edible Flower Research Institute, which creates a “delicious flower experience” that goes beyond decoration (operated by Ryo Ozawa, a 100% chemical pesticide-free edible flower specialty store EDIBLE GARDEN) and a shop produced by the information program “King’s Brunch” The second collaboration of the restaurant “Branch Park”. We will sell take-out menus of “flower sweets” in collaboration with two sweets brands. The sweets media “ufu.”, which disseminates information on the latest sweets trends nationwide, is a chocolate made with seven colors of rose flowers. Snaq.me, a snack subscription service, has developed cookies with flowers in seven colors. Sales will start around December.
Edible Flower Laboratory Official Website: https://eflab.jp/ Branch Park Official HP: https://brunchpark.jp/
Sweets media ufu.: https://www.ufu-sweets.jp/
Snack regular service snaq.me: https://snaq.me/
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Flower sweets inspired by the 7-member idol group “8LOOM”
8LOOM is appearing in the Tuesday drama “Kimi no Hana ni Naru”. The Edible Flower Research Institute selects edible flowers that match the theme colors of each member. Using it, two popular sweets brands made delicious flower sweets. “8LOOMY 7-color rose chocolate” and “8LOOMY 7-color flower cookie” will be sold as take-out at Branch Park. 8LOOMY 7-color rose chocolate
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[Image 3

Chocolate made in collaboration with sweets media “ufu.” Supervised by Miho Sato, a female chocolatier, the beautiful and gorgeous chocolate was completed.
[Image 4

The edible rose used for the main dish is “NICO ROSE”. Grown without the use of chemical pesticides at one of Japan’s largest production bases. Due to the rich variety of varieties, we have achieved 7 color variations.
8LOOMY 7-color flower cookies
[Image 5

[Image 6

A cookie made in collaboration with Snack Me Co., Ltd., which operates the snack subscription service “snaq.me”, using flowers in seven member colors of “8LOOM”. A different kind of edible flower is used for each color, and it is a sweet that you can enjoy the scent. [Image 7

The main edible flower used is “OSHIBANA”. Can be stored for more than 1 year. House-grown edible flowers are hand-picked, freshly pressed, and further dried. Cultivation of edible flowers is a sustainable method for the global environment that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. By uniquely blending multiple soils and cultivating in soil rich in fertilizer components, we basically grow flowers without using fertilizers. Because it is basically tasteless and odorless, it is used as a decoration.
About the edible flowers used in the collaboration menu
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All 100% chemical pesticide free. There are also edible flowers that can contribute to the SDGs
Edible flower research institute is operated by “Edible Flower Shop Edible Garden”, the only pesticide-free edible flower specialty store in Japan. We have more than 30 kinds of edible flowers (raw edible flowers and dried flowers) that are loved by restaurants with Michelin Guide stars, including the highest quality edible roses in Japan. In addition, we aim to realize a delicious flower experience by actively cultivating new flower varieties that are delicious to eat.
“Branch Park” store overview
[Image 9

Store name: Branch Park
Official website: https://brunchpark.jp
Access: 5-4-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 THE HEXAGON 1F Business hours: 10:00-17:00
*Until 17:00 on Sundays
Regular holiday: Irregular holidays
■Profile of stakeholders
E.F.Lab (Edible Flower Laboratory)
[Image 10

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/e.f.lab/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/E_F_Lab
Edible flower shop “EDIBLE GARDEN”
[Image 11

The only 100% chemical pesticide-free edible flower specialty store in Japan. Supervised the cultivation of various edible flowers, including the world’s first year-round edible roses, at welfare facilities for persons with disabilities that meet “hygienic standards more than 1,000 times the standard” and “maintain freshness for more than twice as long”. They are also used by Michelin Guide star restaurants, and the wages for users of welfare facilities for the disabled are twice the national average. In addition, while researching the nutritional value and aroma components of edible flowers with the university, I am challenging the development of flower food culture.
Edible flower shop EDIBLE GARDEN official website: https://ediblegarden.flowers/ Sweets specialty media “ufu.”
[Image 12

Specialized media that handles all kinds of sweets, from restaurants such as cafes and patisseries to trendy afternoon teas and sweets cocktails. Influencers serve as writers and disseminate information, and distribute articles from various angles such as “chocolate”, “sweets buffet”, “order”, etc. is accessed by
Sweets specialty media ufu. Official website: https://www.ufu-sweets.jp/ Regular delivery of delicious snacks “snaq.me”
[Image 13

snaq.me official website: https://snaq.me/
BAKERU Co., Ltd.
In charge of producing Branch Park. In order to expand the
possibilities of editorial and design, a creative professional group centered on the creative company “Tokyo Pistol” established in 2006 and a professional group of place creation will join in 2020 to make a new start. A “creative company that sets the stage”. By “creating a place full of originality + multiplication of creativity”, we aim to grow not just as a production company but as a comprehensive entertainment creation company that includes community formation, branding, and PR.
Company name: BAKERU Co., Ltd.
Representative: CEO Hajime Kobayashi
Established: 2006
Head office location: 1-20-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo co-factory Shibuya 402 Phone number: 03-6427-7145
Official website of BAKERU Co., Ltd.: https://bakeru.co.jp/
-About the operating company of Edible Flower Research Institute- Edible Flower Research Institute is operated by dot science, a group of experts who work on solving problems in the food field, mainly consisting of chefs, marketers, and scientists. The future of our “food” is what we are looking at from the social environment where various things change from moment to moment. We will explore such a future where producers who make good things can continue their business for 100 years.
■ Ingredient analysis branding https://rebranding.science/
■ E.F.Lab (Edible Flower Laboratory) https://eflab.jp/
■ EDIBLE GARDEN, a flower shop that you can eat https://ediblegarden.flowers/ ■ Fraglace Eating Ice Cream https://fraglace.jp
■ Atarashii Himono with updated dried fish https://himono.design/ ■ Ultimate Mochi THE OMOCHI https://theomochi.com/
Company name: dot science Co., Ltd.
Capital: 2,900,000 yen
Address: 12-29 Yochomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0055
Phone number: 03-4540-4271
Representative Director: Ryo Ozawa

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